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Monday, 18 August 2014

I FEEL HURT. Liberate Palestine!

Can These People
Liberate Palestine ?

(M. Javed Naseem)

(In Jalasat, men dance when a woman sings)
World Conscience Is Dead,
And So Is Arab Conscience!
 Is There Any Hope?

Woman is a magic word. And when she puts on some sexy dress and starts singing or dancing, she can turn any man into a ‘damned fool’. The video-links below are the proofs (popular Arab singers Myriam Faras and Douniya Batmah):

(Singer Myriam Faras)
These are from Wanasah/MBC TV channel, one of the hundreds of Arab TV channels that telecast only music/dance (‘Kanjarkhana’) videos 24/7 for the Arab world. All of these channels are owned by the wealthy Arabs (Saudis & Emiratis) who operate from off-shore or from the Emirates. All these ‘Kanjarkhana’ channels were established after the Arab-Israel war of 1969, in England, Europe, Egypt or any other off-shore country, but a few years later they moved to the Emirates, Egypt, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries. The biggest of them is the MBC (more than 30 channels) that was established in London and now relocated to Dubai.

(Arab heart-throb, singer Haifa Wehbey)

Wanasah is owned by a millionaire Saudi singer, Raashed al-Majid, who is settled in Bahrain but his channel is run by the MBC from Dubai. This way, Saudi Arabia can claim that there’s no such thing on Saudi territory.
(Raashid al-Majid)
When you look at their productions and programs, you don’t see any remarkable source of income (advertisements or commercial productions) that can finance these channels. A normal regular TV channel, if run on a very tight economical budget, requires at least $100,000 per month. In Pakistan, it requires Rs.One-crore or more per month. Who can afford that and how?
A few years ago, when Pervez Musharaf, surrendered to the US-European pressure and allowed private TV channels & radio stations and more newspapers to function in Pakistan (in the name of democratic freedom of press), they popped up like mushrooms or like ‘Monsoon frogs’ (‘Barsati maindak’) in the country and started singing the tunes of their foreign masters. But with the exception of Geo and ARY, almost all of these channels/journals were having financial problems. They did not pay their employees for months (this continues even today).

In 2012, Obama administration announced $50 million assistance/aid for the “media development” in Pakistan. That was ‘free’ money and it was given to some selected channels/newspapers to do the job. Every Pakistani knows well which of the channels got foreign money to do the ‘dirty’ job (because the job shows).

(Singer Nawal el-Zoghbi, Lebanon)
(Singer/actress Rania el-Hussein Ruby, Egypt)

In Pakistan, there’s a lot more awareness and freedom than any other Muslim country in the world. In Arab countries, whatever comes from ‘above’ is good and cannot be criticized, challenged or objected to. Therefore, there is no resistance or opposition. And because of that, there’s no hope either. They wait for Allah to fix their problems. They ignore the fact mentioned in the Quran that Allah helps those who first try to help themselves.

For the last few years, Muslims are being massacred in many countries of the world and the international organizations including the world powers, are watching silently. America has recently ordered aerial attacks on ISIS to help the Kurds in Iraqi-Turkish region; and to stabilize the Maliki government in Iraq, but they never did such a thing for the Palestinians. Israel keeps killing the innocent children, women and the elderly without any reservation. The world has become a silent spectator in their case. We don’t see any reaction from any quarters. The world conscience is dead. And so is the Arab conscience!
(Zahia Dehar, Algeria)
Now, watch these video clips and ask yourselves: Can these Muslims liberate Palestine?
On a second thought: Are these people really Muslims? Not all Arabs are Muslims though.
People kiss their hands when they come to India, Pakistan or some African countries. They have ‘petrol dollars’ but do they have anything else? Do they have any substance or they are just shallow? No, they are not shallow. They are full – full of  S – H – I – T.
That is why they stink!
(A woman sings and the men dance in Jalasat)
Moral of the story: No morals. This is a story of ‘immorality’.

The video links:

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