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Friday, 15 December 2017

YES TO GRAPES BUT NO TO WINE: The Colonization Continues In One Form Or Another.

Colonization Continues
In One Form Or Another

Yes To Grapes But
No To Wine

(M. Javed Naseem)

“Thus says the Lord GOD, ‘Enough, you
princes of Israel; put away violence and
destruction, and practice justice and
righteousness. Stop your expropriations
from My people,’ declares the Lord GOD.”
– (Ezekiel 45:9)

That was a quote from the Bible. It shows that things were not different during the age of the Prophets Moses and Jesus. Has the House of Israel improved on morals and ethics and its treatment of others? No; not at all. On the contrary, it has gone from bad to worse and still worsening by the day.
It does not matter how far Syria, Iraq or Libya is from America, Britain or France; how far India is from Britain; or how far Middle Eastern oil-rich countries are from America and Europe, they are always easy targets. Those countries were always attacked, invaded and colonized by the white Americans and Europeans under one pretext (excuse) or the other. The history of the last two centuries tells the bloody stories of invasions, occupation and colonization. When the occupied nations show some resistance, they are labeled ‘terrorists’ and bombed. You are held prisoner in your own homeland and are not allowed to raise voice in protest. By the way, yesterday (December 14) was the anniversary of the Iraqi ‘flying shoe’ that George Bush was lucky to escape from.

Mosul (Iraq) and Aleppo (Syria) were forever under fire during the last 200 years, even before. The ancient Babylonian history tells us that one of the greatest battle between Good and Evil was fought between Nimrod and Prophet Abraham in the region which is called Iraq today.

The modern history of the world tells us that so-called Terrorism, Islamic Extremism, WMD, Taliban, Boca Haram, Al-Shabab, ISIS/ISIL/IS, Daesh, etc., are all lame excuses fabricated to invade the oil-rich Islamic Middle East – especially Iraq, Syria, Libya. The Anglo-American West invaded or attacked these countries in every century (many times in 20th & 21st centuries) with no mention of terrorism! There were always political and economic considerations. The region has been the battleground of Good & Evil for centuries. How ironic that in those conflicts, one party was always the arrogant white man of either Europe or America!

In the 20th century, the arrogant white man nurtured a bully (Israel) in the Middle East to plunder the petrol, gas and other natural resources of the region; and at the same time keep the region under political control.

Allah told the believers in the Quran (1400 years ago) that unbelievers had joined hands together and were constantly working against them. They (the forces of Evil) would continue spreading corruption, injustice and violence unless the forces of Good unite against them and try to stop their onslaught. Justice is the only way to peace. No justice, no peace! There is no other solution to peace!

“The unbelievers are protectors, one of
another. Unless you do this, (protect each
other), there would be tumult and oppression
on earth, and great mischief.”
(al-Quran 8:73)

In his book about People of Shaam (Syria & Lebanon) Prof. Adil Abu Shanab tells the story of an Arab sheikh who got into a discussion with one of the French occupation officers during the French occupation of Syria (The French, the Americans and the Europeans are in Syria again!). The French officer had invited some Syrian dignitaries to a dinner. One of the invitees was an old sheikh with his white beard. When the French officer saw the old sheikh eating with his fingers, he asked him:
“Why are you not eating like us?”
The sheikh replied: “Do you see me eating by my nose?”
The French officer sheepishly answered: “I mean, why don’t you use fork and knife?”
The sheikh replied: “I am sure of the cleanliness of my hand, but are you sure of the cleanliness of your fork and knife?”
This shut the French officer up, but he made up his mind to get vengeance on the old sheikh.

At the feast, the wife of the French officer was sitting to his right and the daughter to his left. The French officer, to spite the man of God, asked for wine to be brought, and proceeded to pour for himself, his wife and daughter. He started to drink in a way to annoy the sheikh. But the old man did not show any reaction. Then the French officer asked him:
“Listen O sheikh! You like grapes and eat them, don’t you?”
To which the sheikh replied in the affirmative.
The French officer pointed towards the grapes, hoping to beat the old sheikh, and said: “This drink is from these grapes, so why do you eat the grapes, but keep away from the wine?”
All the guests looked at the old sheikh, feeling that he would have no answer to that.
The sheikh calmly replied:
“This is your wife, and this, your daughter, is from her, right? So how is it that your wife is legitimate (Halal) for you and your daughter is not?”
It is said that the French officer immediately ordered for the wine to be removed from the table.


Friday, 8 December 2017

THE REAL TERRORISTS: The Richest 1% of The World Control Mankind.

The Real Terrorism
Injustice, Greed and Corruption
Created Unfair Distribution of
Wealth Which Is The Cause of
All The Problems of The World.

(M. Javed Naseem)

When people react against injustice
and aggression, they are labeled ‘terrorists’
by the elite mafia, and are punished,
even killed.

There cannot be peace without justice! Social justice is the core of any economic system in a society that enjoys peace and prosperity. The world has seen the Free Market Economy (the Capitalism) as well as the Socialism (or Communism). And they have both failed mankind miserably. One is accused of too much freedom while the other is criticized for too much control. There is a limit to everything and there is no such thing as ‘total’ freedom. The lines are drawn and laws are made to enforce those lines or limits. Both economic systems (Capitalism and Communism) looked good on paper (in theory) but both brought crisis after crisis for the lower and middle classes. Only the rich could benefit from them and became richer; the millionaires became the billionaires and they still want more. There is no end to it.

There are 36 million millionaires
in the world today and their number
is expected to grow to 44 million
by the year 2022.


On the other hand, the poor are getting poorer; the middle class is disappearing and the society can easily be categorized as the rich or the poor. The question is: Why did both systems failed? The answer is very simple but the so-called experts don’t want to admit it. They find faults in the other system. The truth is that the CORRUPTION caused both systems to crumble. Corruption means injustice; it means dishonesty and disparity; it means lawlessness; it means no discipline, no competent accountability; and eventually it means unfair distribution of wealth which results in poverty for the majority and riches for a very small minority. The man is getting more and more greedy. And more greed means more and more corruption.

The Real Terrorists:
When the richest 1% owns more
than half of the world’s wealth;
when the 1% controls the lives of
the 99%; when the 1% enjoys happy
lives and bring misery and poverty to
the majority of the people, they are the
real terrorists with no compassion.
It also means that the system is not
working and needs immediate reforms.

The wealthy or the super rich are known for their hidden wealth in Swiss banks or the off-shore foreign havens. According to a report published by the famous bank of Switzerland, Credit Suisse, the world’s five richest men own more than half of the world’s wealth. In other words, each one of those five people owns more wealth than 750 million people of the world together. Amazing, isn’t it?

Richest 1% now owns
half the world's wealth
By: Robert Frank (CNBC Reporter and Editor)

o:- The wealthiest 1 percent of the world's population now owns more than half of the world's wealth, according to a Credit Suisse report.

o:- The total wealth in the world grew by 6 percent over the past 12 months to $280 trillion, Credit Suisse said.

o:- That was the fastest wealth creation since 2012.

The wealthiest 1 percent of the world's population now owns more than half of the world's wealth, according to a new report.

The total wealth in the world grew by 6 percent over the past 12 months to $280 trillion, marking the fastest wealth creation since 2012, according to the Credit Suisse report. More than half of the $16.7 trillion in new wealth was in the U.S., which grew $8.5 trillion richer.

But that wealth around the world is increasingly concentrated among those at the top. The top 1 percent now owns 50.1 percent of the world's wealth, up from 45.5 percent in 2001.

The world's millionaires are expected to do the best in the coming years. There are now 36 million millionaires in the world, and their numbers are expected to grow to 44 million by 2022.
The U.S. still leads the world in millionaires, with 15.3 million people worth $1 million or more.

Japan ranks second with 2.7 million millionaires, while the U.K. ranks third with 2.2 million. China ranks fifth with 1.9 million millionaires, but its millionaire population is expected to hit 2.8 million by 2022.

Now Just FIVE Men Own Almost as Much Wealth
as Half the World’s Population
By: Paul Buchheit (Guest writer for Wake Up World)

Last year it was 8 men, then down to 6, and now it’s around 5.

The super-rich are absconding with our wealth, and the plague of inequality continues to grow. An analysis of 2016 data found that the poorest five deciles of the world population own about $410 billion in total wealth. As of June 2017, the world’s richest five men owned over $400 billion in wealth. Thus, on average, each man owns nearly as much as 750 million people.

Why Do We Let a Few People Shift Great Portions of the World’s Wealth to Themselves?

Most of the world’s super-super-rich are Americans. We the American people created the Internet, developed and funded Artificial Intelligence, and built a massive transportation infrastructure, yet we let just a few individuals take almost all the credit, along with hundreds of billions of dollars.
Defenders of the out-of-control wealth gap insist that all is OK, because, after all, America is a ‘meritocracy’ in which the super-wealthy have ‘earned’ all they have. They heed the words of Warren Buffett: “The genius of the American economy, our emphasis on a meritocracy and a market system and a rule of law has enabled generation after generation to live better than their parents did.” 
But it’s not a meritocracy. Children are no longer living better than their parents did. In the eight years since the recession the Wilshire Total Market valuation has more than TRIPLED, rising from a little over $8 trillion to nearly $25 trillion. The great majority of it has gone to the very richest Americans.

In 2016 alone, the richest 1% effectively shifted nearly $4 trillion in wealth away from the rest of the nation to themselves, with nearly half of the wealth transfer ($1.94 trillion) coming from the nation’s poorest 90% — the middle and lower classes. That’s over $17,000 in housing and savings per lower-to-middle-class household lost to the super-rich.

A meritocracy? Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos have done little that wouldn’t have happened anyway. ALL modern U.S. technology started with — and to a great extent, continues with — our tax dollars, our research institutes and our subsidies to corporations.

Why Do We Let Unqualified Rich People Tell Us How To Live? Especially Bill Gates!

In 1975, at the age of 20, Bill Gates founded Microsoft with high school buddy Paul Allen. At the time Gary Kildall’s CP/M operating system was the industry standard. Even Gates’ company used it. But Kildall was an innovator, not a businessman, and when IBM came calling for an OS for the new IBM PC, his delays drove the big mainframe company to Gates. Even though the newly established Microsoft company couldn’t fill IBM’s needs, Gates and Allen saw an opportunity, and so they hurriedly bought the rights to another local company’s OS — which was based on Kildall’s CP/M system. Kildall wanted to sue, but intellectual property law for software had not yet been established.

Kildall was a maker who got taken.

So Bill Gates took from others to become the richest man in the world. And now, because of his great wealth and the meritocracy myth, many people look to him for solutions in vital areas of human need, such as education and global food production.

Gates on Education: He has promoted galvanic skin response monitors to measure the biological reactions of students, and the videotaping of teachers to evaluate their performances. About schools he said, “The best results have come in cities where the mayor is in charge of the school system. So you have one executive, and the school board isn’t as powerful.” 

Gates on Africa: With investments in or deals with MonsantoCargill, and Merck, Gates has demonstrated his preference for corporate control over poor countries deemed unable to help themselves. But no problem — according to Gates, “By 2035, there will be almost no poor countries left in the world.” 
Warren Buffett: Demanding To Be Taxed at a Higher Rate (As Long As His Own Company Doesn’t Have To Pay)

Warren Buffett has advocated for higher taxes on the rich and a reasonable estate tax. But his company Berkshire Hathaway has used “hypothetical amounts” to ‘pay’ its taxes while actually deferring $77 billion in real taxes.

Jeff Bezos: $50 Billion in Less Than Two Years, and Fighting Taxes All the Way
Since the end of 2015 Jeff Bezos has accumulated enough wealth to cover the entire $50 billion U.S. housing budget, which serves five million Americans. Bezos, who has profited greatly from the Internet and the infrastructure built up over many years by many people with many of our tax dollars, has used tax havens and high-priced lobbyists to avoid the taxes owed by his company.

Mark Zuckerberg (6th Richest in World, 4th Richest in America)
While Zuckerberg was developing his version of social networking at Harvard, Columbia University students Adam Goldberg and Wayne Ting built a system called Campus Network, which was much more sophisticated than the early versions of Facebook. But Zuckerberg had the Harvard name and better financial support. It was also alleged that Zuckerberg hacked into competitors’ computers to compromise user data.
Now with his billions he has created a ‘charitable’ foundation, which in reality is a tax-exempt limited liability company, leaving him free to make political donations or sell his holdings, all without paying taxes.
Everything has fallen into place for young Zuckerberg. Nothing left for him to do but run for president.

The False Promise of Philanthropy
Many super-rich individuals have pledged the majority of their fortunes to philanthropic causes. That’s very generous — if they keep their promises. But that’s not really the point.
American billionaires all made their money because of the research and innovation and infrastructure that make up the foundation of our modern technologies. They have taken credit, along with their massive fortunes, for successes that derive from society rather than from a few individuals. It should not be any one person’s decision about the proper use of that wealth. Instead a significant portion of annual national wealth gains should be promised to education, housing, health research, and infrastructure. That is what Americans and their parents and grandparents have earned after a half-century of hard work and productivity.

The Bible says:
“Rich people who see a brother or sister in need,
yet close their hearts against them, cannot claim
that they love God.” – (1-John 3:17)

“Suppose there are brothers or sisters who need
clothes and don’t have enough to eat. What good
is there in your saying to them, ‘God bless you!
Keep warm and eat well!’, if you don’t give them
the necessities of life?” – (James 2:15-16)

“Learn to do right. See that justice is done — help
those who are oppressed, give orphans their rights,
and defend widows.” – (Isaiah 1:17)


The Real Terrorists:
The Unique Brand of .01% Terror:
Making a Game of Tax Avoidance While 2,500,000 Children Experience Homelessness.

Wealth ownership is not contemptible if the owners of that wealth accept their responsibility to the society that makes their great fortunes possible. But instead of paying taxes, the wealthiest Americans have formed an “income defense industry” to shelter their riches, with, according to the New York Times, “a high-priced phalanx of lawyers, estate planners, lobbyists and anti-tax activists who exploit and defend a dizzying array of tax maneuvers, virtually none of them available to taxpayers of more modest means.”
On the corporate end, over half of U.S. corporate foreign profits are now being held in tax havens, double the share of just twenty years ago. Yet for some of our largest corporations, according to the Wall Street Journal, over 75 percent of the cash owned by their foreign subsidiaries remains in U.S. banks, “held in U.S. dollars or parked in U.S. government and corporate securities.” Thus they get the benefit of our national security while they eagerly avoid taxes.

The .01% go about their self-serving tax avoidance while 2.5 million children experience homelessness every year. The corporations of the .01% hoard hundreds of billions overseas while nearly two-thirds of American families don’t have enough money to replace a broken furnace.
This is real terror, facing life without shelter and warmth and sustenance, without a semblance of security for even one day in the future. It is terror caused in good part by the 16,000 people who don’t feel it’s necessary to pay for the benefits heaped upon them by a perversely unequal society.


Saturday, 2 December 2017

PROPHET'S LAST HAJJ SERMON: The First Charter of Human Rights.

Remembering Prophet’s Birthday:

The Last Hajj Sermon of
Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) Was
The First Charter of Human Rights
In The Recorded History!

(M. Javed Naseem)

We are in the 3rd month (Rabi-al Awwal or Rabi-1) of the Islamic calendar. This is the month during which Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) was born in Makkah. Since many Muslims all over the world are busy celebrating the Prophet’s birthday without caring much about his teachings and lifestyle as a role-model, it is only appropriate that I remind people of the Prophet’s last sermon at the time of Hajj. This is also called the ‘Last Hajj Sermon’ (or Khutba) of the Prophet. It was delivered at Arafat in the year 632 A.D. and it was the first recorded Declaration (or Charter) of Human Rights of the planet.

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) undertook his farewell pilgrimage in the year 10 A.H. It was the first and the last pilgrimage made by Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.). Thousands of people from far and near joined the gathering (as per one estimate: 114,000) because this pilgrimage served as a model to perform the fifth pillar of the Faith – Hajj. Every Muslim wanted to see how Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) performed the rituals; and the faithful have been emulating him since then.

On the 8th of Dhul Hijjah, the Prophet (s.a.w.) left with his companions for Mina and spent the night there, and on the 9th, after the Fajr (dawn) prayer, He proceeded to the Plains of Arafat where he delivered the famous sermon.

It was a declaration of Human Rights and moral values, a charter of Women’s Rights. The world has not been able to lay down better principles of ethics and morality than those enunciated in it. It aims at establishing righteousness, justice and fair dealing among men on a workable basis. It establishes brotherhood among Muslims irrespective of the divergence of their geographical, racial and color backgrounds, and provides an outline of a social order, perfectly free from oppression and social injustice. It was the declaration of finality of the Holy Messenger’s Prophet-hood. It was at that point that Allah also declared that on that particular day, HE had perfected this ‘Deen’ called Islam, thus leaving no room for any changes or alterations.

But man happens to be wicked and corrupt. He takes the bait from Shaitan (Devil) quickly and plays the fool, forgetting God. He corrupted the Scriptures and altered/edited the Divine Message of every prophet or messenger of God, to suit his own comfortable worldly life. So, he altered the text of this sermon of the Prophet (s.a.w.) too, despite the fact that there were more than 100,000 (as per one narration: 114,000) people listening as ‘eye witnesses’ to this historic event.

Here’s the text of the Final Sermon! I am just hoping and praying to Allah that I made the right selection, Insha-Allah.

"All praise is due to Allah, so we praise Him, and seek His pardon and we turn to Him. We seek refuge with Allah from the evils of ourselves and from the evil consequences of our deeds. Whom Allah guides aright there is none to lead him astray; and there is none to guide him aright whom Allah leaves astray. I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, the One, having no partner with Him. His is the sovereignty and to Him is due all praise. He grants life and causes death and is Powerful over everything. There is no God but Allah, the One; He fulfilled His promise and granted victory to His bondsmen, and He alone routed the confederates (enemies of Islam)”.

“O People! Listen to my words carefully, for I do not know whether we shall ever meet again and perform Hajj after this year”.
"O people! Allah says: 'O people! We created you from one male and one female and made you into tribes and nations, so as to be known to one another.' Verily, in the sight of Allah, the most honored among you is the one who is most pious (God-fearing). There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab and for a non-Arab over an Arab; nor for the white over the black nor for the black over the white, except in righteousness (God-consciousness)."

“All mankind is the progeny of Adam and Adam was fashioned out of clay. Behold! Every claim of privilege, whether that of blood or property, is under my heels except that of the custody of the Kaabah and supplying of water to the pilgrims”.
“O people of Quraish! Don’t appear (on the Day of Judgment) with the burden of this world around your necks, whereas other people may appear (before the Lord) with the rewards of the hereafter. In that case I shall avail you naught against Allah”.

“Behold! All practices of the days of ignorance are now under my feet. The blood revenges of the days of ignorance are remitted. The first claim on blood I abolish is that of Ibn Rabiah bin Harith who was nursed in the tribe of Saad and whom the Hudhayls killed”.
“All interest and usurious dues accruing from the times of ignorance stand wiped out. And the first amount of interest that I remit is that which Abbas ibn Abd-al Muttalib had to receive. Verily it is remitted entirely”.

“O people! Verily your blood, your property and your honor are sacred and inviolable until you appear before your Lord, as the sacred inviolability of this day of yours, this month of yours and this very town (of yours). Verily, you will soon meet your Lord and you will be held answerable for your actions”.

“O people! Verily you have got certain rights over your women and your women have certain rights over you. It is your right upon them to honor their conjugal rights, and not to commit acts of impropriety, which if they do, you are authorized by Allah to separate them from your beds and chastise them, but not severely, and if they refrain, then clothe and feed them properly”.
“Behold! It is not permissible for a woman to give anything from the wealth of her husband to anyone but with his consent”.
“Treat women kindly since they are your helpers and are not in a position to manage their affairs by themselves! Fear Allah concerning women, for verily, you have taken them on the security of Allah and have made their persons lawful unto you by words of Allah”.

“O people! Allah, the Mighty and Exalted, has ordained to every one his due share (of inheritance). Hence there is no need (of special) testament for an heir (departing from the rules laid down by the Shariah)”.
“He who attributes his ancestry to other than his father or claims his clientship to other than his master, the curse of Allah is upon him”.

“All debts must be repaid, all borrowed property must be returned, gifts should be reciprocated and a surety must make good the loss to the assured”.

“Beware! No one committing a crime is responsible for it but himself. Neither the child is responsible for the crime of his father, nor is the father responsible for the crime of his child”.
“Nothing of his brother is lawful for a Muslim except what he himself gives willingly. So do not wrong yourselves”.

  “O People! Every Muslim is the brother of every other Muslim, and all the Muslims form one brotherhood. And as for your slaves, see that you feed them with such food as you eat yourselves, and clothe them with the clothes that you yourselves wear”.

“Take heed not to go astray after me and strike one another’s necks. He who (among you) has any trust with him, he must return it to its owner”.

“O people! Listen and obey, though a mangled Abyssinian slave is appointed your Ameer, provided he executes (the Ordinance of) the Book of Allah among you”.

“O people! No Prophet would be raised after me and no new Ummah (would be formed) after you”.

“Verily, I have left among you that which will never lead you astray, the Book of Allah, which if you hold fast, you shall never go astray”.

“And beware of transgressing the limits set in the matters of religion, for it is transgression of (the proper bounds of) religion that brought destruction to many people before you”.
“Verily, the Satan is disappointed at ever being worshiped in this land of yours, but he will be pleased by obedience in anything (short of worship that is) in matters you may be disposed to think insignificant, so beware of him in your matters of religion”.

“Behold! Worship your Lord; offer prayers five times a day; observe fast in the month of Ramadan; pay readily the Zakat (poor-due) on your property; and perform pilgrimage to the House of God and obey your rulers and you will be admitted to the Paradise of your Lord”.

  “Let him that is present, convey it unto him who is absent, for many people to whom the message is conveyed may be more mindful of it than this audience”.

Then he asked the audience: “And if you were asked about me, what would you say?"
They answered: "We bear witness that you have conveyed the trust (of religion) and discharged your ministry of Prophet-hood and looked to our welfare."

Thereupon, Allah’s Messenger (s.a.w.) lifted his forefinger towards the sky and then pointing towards people said:
"O Lord! Bear You witness unto it".
"O Lord! Bear You witness unto it".

(From the ‘Khutbat-ul-Hajjatul Wida’, Seerat Ibne Hesham) 


Friday, 24 November 2017

THE BEST TRIBUTE TO THE PROPHET: Follow his teachings and lifestyle!

The Best Tribute To The Prophet:
Follow The Teachings
And Lifestyle of Prophet
Muhammad (s.a.w.)!

The Prophet Or
His Companions Never
Celebrated Birthdays!

(M. Javed Naseem)

Today’s man is the champion of hypocrisy (Munafiqat). You’ll find these hypocrites in all religious groups, including Islam. Islam is not a part-time religion (a weekly or bi-weekly affair) as some might portray it. It’s a complete package – you have to take it as a whole or leave it. You cannot accept only the parts that you like and discard the rest. As a matter of fact, Islam is NOT a religion, although religion is a small part of it. Islam is a ‘DEEN’ and ‘Deen’ means ‘a way of life’, a system of life. Everything we do – talk, walk, eat, drink, sleep, dress, work, trade or deal with others, buy or sell, teach or learn, choose our representatives, form a government, enforce fair-play and justice – all is done according to the teachings of Islam of which the Quran is the prime source. How can you call all that merely a ‘religion’?

Islam covers every aspect of our daily life in the fields of trade, social justice, legal or judicial system, education, finance, politics and government,  upbringing of children, marriage & divorce, inheritance, right of the neighbors or the community, citizens’ responsibilities, human rights, etc. Nothing escapes! The unbelievers are afraid of the Divine laws and limits, therefore, they put a label – religion – on Islam. In the next step, they promote the separation of religion and the state; and that’s how they trap Muslims in every discussion at every forum. That’s how the push you away from the Quran and Islam. Don’t fall in the trap of ‘religion’!

Following Prophet’s Sunnah

He took one meal per day and his breakfast
used to be 1-3 dry dates with a glass of water.
He fasted every Monday, every Thursday and
every 13th, 14th and 15th of the month. He didn’t
eat a hot meal in weeks. Most of the time his
meal would be a piece of dry coarse bread
with olive oil, or vinegar or plain water,
except when he was invited by some.

He was truthful and trustworthy; 
he never lied in his entire life; never
cheated, deceived or betrayed anybody.

He believed in honesty, sincerity, social
justice, compassion, good manners,
honorable and respectful conduct.

He respected women, helped the needy,
the poor, the weak, the orphans and the
sick. He was kind and merciful to all
(Muslims and non-Muslims). He was
a great husband and a great father.

He promoted peace and harmony,
and justly resolved people’s disputes.
He didn’t allow sects in Islam.
He enjoined good and forbid evil.
He preached equality and God’s sovereignty.
Above all, he was a faithful servant of God
and he showed that by his actions.

That was the way (Sunnah) of the Prophet.
If you don’t do that, you shouldn’t even be
talking about the Sunnah of the Prophet (s.a.w.)!


Here’s what Allah commands you on this particular subject. In this verse Allah is telling the Prophet (s.a.w.) to convey to people the message of Allah (i.e., if you love Allah, follow the Prophet!):

“Say (O Muhammad): ‘If you do love Allah,
Follow Me! Allah will love you and forgive
you your sins; for Allah is Oft-Forgiving,
Most Merciful’."
(al-Quran 3:31)

Muhammad (s.a.w.) never lied in his entire life. Before the advent of formal Islam, he was known as ‘Sadiq’ (Truthful) and ‘Ameen’ (Trustworthy) among the pagans and the Quraish tribes. He was the best model of Islamic conduct, manners and morals. He upheld social justice. Even the Almighty God praised his conduct and declared him a role-model for the mankind. We should take pride in following him.

“And you (O Muhammad) are on an
exalted standard of character”.
(al-Quran 68:4)

Allah tells the believers in the Quran to follow the Prophet (s.a.w.) as he is a designated role-model for the mankind. His life is the perfect example of how to live ‘by the Book’ as per commands of our Creator, the Almighty God.

“You have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a
beautiful pattern (of conduct) for any one whose
hope is in Allah and the Final Day, and who
engages much in the praise of Allah”. 
(al-Quran 33:21)

Allah prescribed Islam as the ‘Deen’ (the way of life) for the mankind and He chose Muhammad (s.a.w.) as His last Messenger for the entire universe. The most important single most element of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)’s character was his truthfulness. He never told a lie in his entire life. Long before declaring his prophet-hood, he was called “Sadiq” (the Truthful) by the pagans, idol-worshippers and non-believers of Makkah. Even his enemies attested for his truthfulness and never called him a “liar”. Abu Jahl, who was one of the harshest enemies of Islam, said:
“O Muhammad! I do not say that you are a liar! I only deny what you brought (Islam) and what you call people to (One God)”.

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) himself said:

"God has sent me to perfect good manners
and to do good deeds”.
(Sahih Bukhari & Ahmed)

And that statement of the Prophet (s.a.w.) was confirmed by God in the Holy Quran:

"And indeed, you (O Muhammad) are
of a great moral character".
(al-Quran 68:4)

"Say (O Muhammad): Indeed, my prayer, my rites
of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for God,
Lord of the Worlds. No partner has He. And this
I have been commanded and I am the first
(among you) of the Muslims.”
(al-Quran 6:162-163)

“We sent you not, but as a Mercy
for the worlds (all creatures)”.
(al-Quran 21:107)

As  Muslims, we should be very careful when we share sayings (Ahadith) of the Prophet (s.a.w.). There are many fake Ahadith mixed with the authentic ones and sometimes it is impossible to sort them out. Today, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to verify the authenticity of the words that were spoken 1400 years ago, and mostly those words were not recorded. On the other hand, the verses of the Quran were immediately recorded when revealed to the Prophet (s.a.w.).

Facebook preachers should be extra careful while sharing religious material. They should verify it before sharing; and if it cannot be verified, it should not be shared. Simple as that! Don’t commit blasphemy!

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) said:
“Whoever ascribes to me what I have not said
then let him occupy his place in Hell!”
(Sahih Bukhari, Book 3, No: 109)


Friday, 17 November 2017

MUSLIM SPORTSMEN: The True Role-models And Ambassadors.

Symbols of Compassion & Generosity
Muslim Sportsmen:
The True Role Models
And Ambassadors
(M. Javed Naseem)

All Blacks (New Zealand) rugby team’s
centre Sonny Bill Williams (a Muslim)
has given away his World Cup winner's
medal to a young fan in a heartwarming
show of generosity and compassion!
Sharing is caring! We are commanded to share good things in life with the less fortunate and the needy. This is an obligation but it does not require you to sacrifice an arm or a leg. Just share whatever amount you can afford to bring smiles on the sad and gloomy faces of mankind. And that sharing is not limited to money alone; it goes for anything that eases up the hardships of others. That’s the human spirit – care and share!
لِيُنفِقْ ذُو سَعَةٍ مِّن سَعَتِهِ وَمَن قُدِرَ عَلَيْهِ رِزْقُهُ
فَلْيُنفِقْ مِمَّآ آتَاهُ ٱللَّهُ لاَ يُكَلِّفُ ٱللَّهُ نَفْساً
إِلاَّ مَآ آتَاهَا سَيَجْعَلُ ٱللَّهُ بَعْدَ عُسْرٍ يُسْراً
“Let the man of means spend according to
his means; and the man whose resources are
restricted, let him spend according to what
Allah has given him. Allah puts no burden
on any person beyond what He has given him.
After a difficulty, Allah will soon grant relief.
(al-Quran 65:7)

New Zealand’s Rugby Hero:
Sonny Bill Williams is a New Zealand rugby legend. And he is a Muslim. Recently, New Zealand defeated Australia in the final of Rugby World Cup by 34-17. The mainstream Western media never mentioned his religion! He was in the news for giving away his World Cup medal to a 14-years old youngster out of compassion. The media never gave any reference to his faith – Islam. Why? Because it was a positive and constructive thing and it would bring only good/positive feedback about Muslims and Islam. They don’t want that! They have a mindset; they have an agenda and they are implementing an international plan that calls for Muslim-bashing (or promotes Islamophobia). So much for the Western ‘free speech’, ‘objective reporting’ and professional honesty!
According to 5-Pillars, UK, in an amazing example of compassion and generosity, New Zealand’s famous Muslim rugby star, Sonny Bill Williams gave away his World Cup winner’s medal to a young fan.
14-year-old All Blacks fan Charlie Lines is now the proud owner of a Rugby World Cup winner’s gold medal.
Williams acted after seeing a security guard rugby-tackle the boy, who had run on the pitch during the All Blacks lap of honor following their 34-17 Rugby World Cup final victory over Australia.

Dilly’s Desk adds:
When a Muslim does something praiseworthy, there's no mention of their religion.
However, when an individual does wrong and it has absolutely nothing to do with Islam, rest assured that "Muslim" will be mentioned at every given opportunity.
Sonny Bill Williams is a legend.
See the short video:

A couple of years ago, while visiting Pakistan, I saw a strange thing on TV. A money-making commercial TV channel (???) was telecasting live the event of Henna ("Mehndi ki Rasm") of a cricketer's bride. This was a cheap and mean show of wealth, a mockery of Islam, mockery of journalism and an insult to the TV Live Broadcasts! Money buys all rules, regulations, principles, ethics and codes. The easy money, coming from match-fixing and by selling the honor of the motherland, could be spent so carelessly without feeling any pain? It was hurting to see the whole scene ('Tamasha'). This money could have been spent on the wedding of some poor girl who could not get married because of poverty. This money could have been spent on orphans, the needy, the poor, the victims of floods and earthquakes! This money could have been spent to get medical aid, medicines and hospital treatment for hundreds of poor patients. This was really a shameless exhibition of Jahaalat that continued for hours on TV. That was business with Shaitan!
There is a saying (it has also been attributed to the Prophet’s companion Ali ibn Abi Talib) that goes like this:
“When every business (or commerce) fails, then do business (commerce) with Allah!”
And what is the best way of doing any business or commerce with Allah? Let’s see what Allah, the Almighty, says about it in the Quran:
إِنَّ ٱلَّذِينَ يَتْلُونَ كِتَابَ ٱللَّهِ وَأَقَامُواْ ٱلصَّلواَةَ
وَأَنفَقُواْ مِمَّا رَزَقْنَاهُمْ سِرّاً وَعَلاَنِيَةً
يَرْجُونَ تِجَارَةً لَّن تَبُورَ
“Those who rehearse the Book of Allah,
establish regular prayer, and spend (in charity)
out of what We have provided for them,
secretly and openly, hope for a commerce
that will never fail.”
(al-Quran 35:29)

That’s the warranty from Allah: “A commerce that will never fail”. Is there any warranty better than that? No, absolutely not! So, for best rewards and gains, share!

Algeria’s World Cup Football Team:
Remember the FIFA World Cup Football in Brazil last year? Algeria’s Muslim team made history to reach the final 16 and then donating the bonus money to the Palestinians! Subhan-Allah! What a beautiful and heart-warming gesture!
In 2014, according to quotes attributed to Algeria’s star striker Islam Slimani, the Algerian national football team had announced to give up (donating it to the Gaza/Palestine victims) all of the estimated $9 million bonus money they received as valiant losers in the round of 16, in Brazil.
Yet speaking at a reception in Algiers, where the team had returned to a hero's welcome, Slimani apparently said: “They need it more than us.” 
Now, that’s some gesture of compassion and generosity! Those players were the real winners!

German Muslim footballer Ozil’s charity
epitomizes the spirit of Ramadan
By: Amaar Abdul-Nasir, Ummah Sports, July 21, 2015
In the final days of this year’s Ramadan, Germany’s soccer star Mesut Ozil performed an act of charity of so grand that it made international headlines. Ozil, a 26-year-old midfielder who plays for Arsenal in England’s Premier League and for Germany’s national team, personally paid for 11 children hospitalized in Brazil to receive potentially life-saving surgery.

It was a gesture Ozil first made last summer, when he and the German national team were in Brazil winning the FIFA World Cup championship. In addition to promising to donate his World Cup bonus paycheck to charity, Ozil paid for 23 Brazilian kids to receive needed surgery — equal to the number of players on the German national team. This year, he did the same for 11 children in need — equal to the number of players in a soccer team’s starting lineup — at a hospital in the city of Maranhao (Brazil).
Beyond the rewards he may receive from the Most High (Allah), and the praise he has received from the rest of us on this planet, Ozil’s act epitomizes the spirit of Ramadan.
Ozil could have paid for 23 Brazilian kids to have surgery last year while he was in that spotlight and in that moment, left Brazil and never thought of that country again, and he’d still be considered a hero. To repeat his act of charity for 11 more Brazilian kids this year, when it was unexpected and out of the spotlight (until the media caught on and the spotlight came to him), Ozil is proving truly mindful of not only his privilege but the plights of others, and genuinely caring for the sick and needy.

Tyson, Shaq and Kareem:
Taking Islam seriously
By: Amaar Abdul-Nasir
While some celebrities like boxing legend Muhammad Ali and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician Yusuf Islam leave no doubt about their religion, there are others (Janet Jackson, Ice Cube and Casey Kasem among them)  who have been rightly or wrongly associated with Islam through nothing more than rumors, hearsay and assumptions.
In a recent article for the Nigerian publication ‘Pulse’, author Oge Okonkwo lists six celebrities who are, as far as we know, Muslims who take their faith seriously via acts of charity and philanthropy.
Three of the celebrities listed are athletes: former  heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, NBA all-time leading scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and three-time NBA Finals MVP Shaquille O’Neal. 

Mike Tyson: 
Former boxer Mike Tyson rediscovered himself while serving time behind bars. During this time, he found the Muslim religion and a new purpose for life. Shortly after his release, Tyson founded “Giving Kids a Fighting Chance.” The organization provides innovative centers that support comprehensive needs of kids from broken homes. The foundation’s representative said, “These needs may include health care assistance, shelter, school assistance, mentoring, job placement assistance and such other needs as determined by the center for the overall well being of the child.”

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 
Hall of fame NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar supports a number of charities centered around implementing sports and education into the lives of under privileged children. Abdul-Jabbar has also supported organizations like “Stand Up To Cancer” and “American Association of Retired Persons.”

Shaquille O’Neal: 
Shaquille O’Neal is known for his unbelievably successful NBA career, his success as a sports broadcaster and graduating with his doctorate. Many may not know that O’Neal works very closely with two charities – O’Positive Foundation and Green My Parents (GMP). The O’Positive Foundation focus on the needs of children and helps impoverished families get the education and necessities that they need to make it. While Green My Parents is an organization developed around the environmental economic movement. GMP focuses on the importance of a healthy environment, energy consumption and how to engage children and parents into making eco-responsible changes within their homes and lifestyles.

British Muslim Athletes
Why British Muslim Sports Stars Are Important?
By Ayaz  Sumra, ‘Artefact’ Magazine
Amir Khan, Mo Farah and Moeen Ali all have one thing in common beyond the fact they are all successful sportsmen at the highest level – their Muslim faith.
At a time when negative perceptions of the religion are rife, fuelled by media coverage of ISIS and acts of terror carried out in the name of Islam, this talented trio are role models for a tolerant, multicultural Britain.
Welterweight boxer Amir Khan does much for charity and has also established his own foundation to help disadvantaged young people around the world as well as supporting emergency aid following natural disasters.
When the Bolton boxer of Pakistani heritage fought and beat Devon Alexander in Las Vegas last December, he wore 24-carat gold-embroidered boxing shorts worth £30,000.
He had recently visited the school in Peshawar, Pakistan, where Taliban extremists killed 145 people, including 132 pupils, and after his fight with Alexander donated the valuable shorts to raise funds for those affected.
He also visited a hospital where two injured students were still recovering, and told The Daily Star: “With what terrorists are doing to the image of Islam and to the image of Muslims, there is a time to stand up and speak out.
“I’ve got a daughter myself now. I went [to Peshawar] because I wanted to tell those kids they need to overcome fear and get back to school. That’s how you make something of your life. You can’t let terrorists win.”

England cricketer Moeen Ali:
England cricketer Moeen sparked headlines last summer when, during a Test match, he wore wristbands in support of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip at a time when hundreds were being killed in the conflict between Hezbollah and Israeli forces.
(Moeen Ali of England)
He was warned against doing it again by the International Cricket Council, whose rules do not allow ‘political, religious or racial messages’ to be worn during matches.
Moeen told The Huffington Post that being a Muslim is “everything to me. It means so much to me, my relationship with the Creator, following the Prophet.”
The cricketer has been named an ambassador for the charity British Asian Trust’s work in Pakistan.

(Hashim Amla of South Africa)
Mo Farah:
Like Khan, Olympic 5,000m and 10,000m champion Mo Farah has also established a charitable foundation that bears his name.
The Somali-born athlete told The Independent: “You’ve got to believe in God. Everything happens for a reason, so you shouldn’t get wound up. I think the way I am, the way I’m chilled out, has a lot to do with being Muslim and having faith.
“It also says in the Quran that you must work hard in whatever you do, so I work hard in training and that’s got a lot to do with being successful.”
Sports fans have become used to the sight of Muslim athletes praying, and many clearly feel spiritual strength plays a role in their success.

Qais Ashfaq:
“With a personality such as Amir Khan, others look towards him and say ‘He is he a Muslim, we want to be like him, he’s a good representative of the religion’. That also puts a lot of pressure on the likes of Khan to be good representatives.”
Hoping to follow in Khan’s footsteps, both in the ring and as a Muslim role model, is England’s 2014 Commonwealth Games boxing silver medallist Qais Ashfaq.
“Before and after every fight,
I pray – it makes me feel so much
better, it helps my nerves”.
-- Boxer Qais Ashfaq

The Leeds fighter told Artefact: “First and foremost, we have to thank Allah (God). To be honest, Islam has done a lot for me, especially in terms of boxing because it has always made me believe in myself.
“Before and after every fight, I pray – it makes me feel so much better, it helps my nerves. It make me mentally confident and physically confident. Little things in that belief in God it makes a difference and makes the world a better place.”
Ashfaq has already got his eyes on more success in the ring and hopes to represent Great Britain at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games before turning professional and taking the path of Khan, Farah and Moeen.