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Friday, 25 December 2015


Remembering M.A. Jinnah
A Different Perspective,
A Sad Chapter of Life of
A Man In Love

(M. Javed Naseem)

(M.A. Jinnah with sister Fatima and daughter Dina)
The ‘Father of Pakistan’ was also
the father of ‘Dina’, his only child –
a daughter – who often called him
‘Grey Wolf’ (an attribute of Turkish
modernist leader Kemal Ataturk).

In the Christian world, December reminds people of Jesus and cold winter. In Pakistan, it reminds people of the ‘Father of the Nation’, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who was born on 25th of December. The timing is good for assessment and evaluation or even accountability of our progress, our gains and losses during the last 12 months. It helps the nation to start the New Year with a renewed pledge, a renewed determination and with fortified resolve.

“We are now all Pakistanis – not Baluchis,
Pathans, Sindhis, Bengalis, Punjabis and so
on – and as Pakistanis we must feel, behave
and act; and we should be proud to be
known as Pakistanis and nothing else.”
– M.A. Jinnah

Quaid’s First Wife, Emibai:
M.A. Jinnah was married twice. His first wife was Emibai.
Jinnah’s marriage with Emibai took place in Paneli Gondal in Gujarat, in 1892. She was 14 and he was 16. Only Nikkah was solemnized and the ‘Rukhsati’ (bride’s departure to groom’s house) was to take place later on.
Shortly after the marriage, Jinnah left for England for his higher studies. When he returned, his bride had already died in Bombay by falling victim to an outbreak of cholera. She died in 1893.

Jinnah was struck by the tragedy and when his father wanted him to remarry, he refused. Jinnah didn’t marry for a long time – 22 years!

Quaid’s Second Wife, Ruttenbai Petit:
In 1918, Mohammad Ali Jinnah married Ruttenbai Petit, the daughter of a prominent Parsi banker Sir Dinshaw Petit.
Rutten (or Ratten) Bai (nicknamed Ruttie), born in 1900, was arguably the most beautiful girl in Bombay with a readiness to shock with her unorthodox views.
Ruttie was said to be drawn to him. She wanted to get married to Jinnah when she was only 16 years of age. Her father, Sir Dinshaw, went to the court and got a restraining order to stop her. Jinnah, himself a lawyer, advised her to wait for two more years. When she reached legal age, she wanted a civil marriage but the law (then) required that you had to foreswear religion to get married in court. This meant that Jinnah also had to resign from his Muslim seat in the Imperial Legislative Council. They found a solution: She converted to Islam and changed her name to Maryam. But the complicated civil marriage never took place.

On her 18th birthday, Ruttie left her father’s mansion with two pets (dogs) only, to marry Muhammad Ali Jinnah. A year later, in 1919, Ruttie (Maryam) gave birth to a baby girl, Dina Jinnah, their only child.

In late 1928, Maryam (Ruttie) and Jinnah separated. A few months later, exactly eleven years after her marriage, she died of an overdose of painkillers to treat her abdominal cancer.  Known as the ‘Nightingale of Bombay’, Ruttie (Maryam) died on her 29th birthday on 20th February, 1929. Their daughter Dina was 10 years old at that time.

Jinnah cried when Ruttie died because he loved her. Later in life, he used to take out her belongings and look at them, not letting go of her memory. Jinnah never married again and died a lonely man.
Imagine the heartbreak, the hurt, the pain and the feeling of helplessness in front of destiny! His first wife probably never saw her 20th year; and the second one, who went crazy in his love, never reached the 30th birthday!
It was as if Nature was preparing Jinnah for something big and more hurtful, requiring more patience and perseverance. The gold is purified after burning in fire!

God chose M.A. Jinnah for the gigantic task of creating an Islamic state out of India. There were many others, among them Allama Mashriqi, Maulana Maudoodi, two Jauhar brothers, some Muslim Nawabs (lords), some princes and some big politicians, but none had the mettle of Jinnah. Nature nurtured him for a special mission – a mission only he was capable to accomplish.

According to Wolpert, referring to Jinnah's time in London in 1930-33, "Dina was (Jinnah's) sole comfort, but Dina was away at school most of the time and home only for brief times, yet still the pampered daughter could be a joy to her doting father".
In November 1932, Jinnah read H.C. Armstrong's biography of Kemal Ataturk, the ‘Grey Wolf’, and seemed to have found his own reflection in the story of Turkey’s great modernist leader. It was all he talked about for a while at home, even to Dina, who consequently nicknamed him 'Grey Wolf'. Being only thirteen, her way of pestering him to take her to High Road to see ‘Punch & Judy’ was, "Come on, Grey Wolf, take me to a pantomime; after all, I am on my holidays."
(Courtesy: Wolpert)

The Last Letter:

Here’s the text of Ruttie Jinnah’s last letter to her husband, Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Her simple but beautiful English makes this letter very moving. Each and every word of this sad but beautiful letter makes the reader cry. It was such an ideal couple and it hurts to learn about the demise of Ruttie at a very young age of 29. This letter was written on the 5th of October, 1928, and four-and-a-half months later she died on 20th February, 1929.
She wrote this letter from Marseilles, France, when she was aboard the ship “SS Rajputana”, a British passenger and cargo carrying ocean liner, which sailed on a regular route between England and British India. This ship was requisitioned into the Royal Navy during World War II. It was torpedoed and sunk off Iceland on 13th April, 1941, after escorting a convoy across the North Atlantic.

S.S. Rajputana,
Marseilles (Port of France), 5th Oct., 1928
Darling! Thank you for all you have done. If ever in my bearing your once tuned senses found any irritability or unkindness – be assured that in my heart there was place only for a great tenderness and a greater pain – a pain my love without hurt. When one has been as near to the reality of Life (which after all is Death) as I have been dearest, one only remembers the beautiful and tender moments and all the rest becomes a half veiled mist of unrealities. Try and remember me beloved as the flower you plucked and not the flower you tread upon.
I have suffered much, sweetheart, because I have loved much. The measure of my agony has been in accord to the measure of my love.
Darling, I love you – I love you – and had I loved you just a little less I might have remained with you – only after one has created a very beautiful blossom one does not drag it through the mire. The higher you set your ideal the lower it falls.
I have loved you my darling as it is given to few men to be loved. I only beseech you that the tragedy which commenced in love should also end with it.
Darling, Goodnight & Goodbye!
P.S.: I had written to you at Paris with the intention of posting the letter here – but I felt that I would rather write to you afresh from the fullness of my heart. R.

The Original Letter:
This original letter (above) has been preserved with the archives (‘Quaid-e-Azam Papers Project’) of the Cabinet Division. 
(Photos courtesy: Doc Kazi)


Friday, 18 December 2015


Christmas & Eid-Milaad Festivals
Christmas Is Not Christian!
It Was A Pagan Feast.
Eid-Milaad Is Not Islamic!
It’s A Copy Of Christmas.

X-mas was accepted as a festival 400 years
after the death of Jesus. In the 5th century,
the Catholic Church officially adopted
it as a part of modern Christianity!
A similar festival was added to Islam,
on the same lines, by ignorant people
as ‘Eid-Milaad’, hundreds of years after
the death of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)
Can you see the pattern of Devil?

(M. Javed Naseem)

What was the religion of Jesus Christ? It was certainly NOT Christianity. The word Christianity was invented by Greek translators and later on adopted by the English translators of the Gospel which was originally in Hebrew.
Jesus was a Muslim and practiced Islam. And what’s Islam? Islam is to surrender (or submit) to the Will of God; to believe in Oneness of God; His angels; His revelations (Books); His messengers (prophets); and the Day of Judgment. From that point of view, all Prophets were Muslims.
When Jesus, the son of Mary, introduced his religion, it was not called Christianity. Jesus and his followers were called the “Mouwahideen” or “Monotheists” (worshippers of One God). They were persecuted by the Jewish and Pagan rulers. A group of them took refuge in a cave and they became the “people of the cave”. The Quran talks about them as “Asshab-al-Kahf” in Surah al-Kahf. Their tomb or cave is in Amman, Jordan.
The Greek gave Jesus the attribute ‘Christos’ (the anointed one) and started calling his followers ‘Christians’.

Why is Christmas more important than Jesus
and his teachings? Why is Eid-Milaad more
important than the commands of Allah and
the teachings of Muhammad (s.a.w.)? These
are money-making business events that were
started to keep people busy in merry festivals –
away from the real teachings of Jesus and
Muhammad (s.a.w.). People have been making
money in the name of God for millions of years,
one way or the other. That’s how Devil works!

CHRISTMAS is not Christian!
As a matter of fact it’s got nothing to do with Jesus Christ or Christianity. On the contrary, it is an anti-Christ, anti-God or anti-Lord tradition dating back to Nimrod or the period of Abraham (or even before?). It is a part (or ritual) of Pagan religion.

Since the whole affair is man-made, there is no reference to it in the Semitic religions and their holy Books/Scriptures. Christmas and its accessories (Santa Claus, red-nosed reindeer, mistletoe, holly wreath, tinsel-decorated tree, stockings full of gifts and candies, exchanging gifts, celebrating 25th of December, etc.) were added to Christianity three hundred years after the death of Jesus by those pagans who became believers and converted to Christianity. Most of them brought their pagan customs and rituals (or festivals) and ‘Christianized’ them as they did not want to abandon them. Later on, these customs/rituals were accepted by both Catholic and the Protestant Churches and became important part of Christian faith.

December 25th is NOT the birthday of Jesus, the true Christ! The apostles and early true Church never celebrated Christ’s birthday at ANY time. There is no command or instruction to celebrate it in the Bible – rather, the celebrating of birthdays is a pagan, not a Christian custom, believe it or not. Thus the ancient idolatrous “Chaldean Mysteries”, founded by the wife of Nimrod, have been handed down through the pagan religions under new Christian-sounding names.

The pagan and polytheists, converted to Christianity almost two thousands years ago, thought that their pagan customs, traditions and rituals were harmless, as thought by the Christians of today. What they did not realize that by adding pagan rituals to their Faith, they had made the Christianity look ridiculous as a religion. They have made it look like a joke, fun! They have made it almost a pagan religion while Jesus delivered God’s message to mankind to alleviate paganism. The nations of all Prophets had been doing the same thing to their Faith. That shows the strong influence Satan has over humans.

Let us separate the facts from fiction! The word ‘Christmas’ was derived from the ‘Mass of Christ’ (Christ-Mass) and was given to the world by the Roman Catholic Church. It has no connection with the Bible or the original Apostles of Jesus.
As a matter of fact ‘Christ’ was not even the name of Jesus. He was always called ‘Jesus, the son of Mary’. The Greek, while translating the Gospel from Hebrew, added an attribute ‘Christos’ (meaning ‘the anointed’) to Jesus, making it ‘Jesus, the anointed one’. The English translators, later on, made ‘Jesus Christ’ of it.
Here’s what Herbert W. Armstrong, a late Christian minister and the founder/publisher of ‘The Plain Truth’, says about Christmas:

The Plain Truth:
‘Since the celebration of Christmas has come to the world from the Roman Catholic Church, and has no authority but that of the Catholic Church, let us examine the Catholic Encyclopedia, 1911 edition, published by that church. Under the heading ‘Christmas’ you will find:
‘Christmas was NOT among the earliest festivals on the Church … the first evidence of the feast is from Egypt. Pagan customs centering around the January calends gravitated to Christmas.’

Natal Day:
And in the same encyclopedia, under the heading ‘Natal Day’, we find that the early Catholic father, Origen, acknowledged this truth:
‘… In the Scriptures, no one is recorded to have kept a feast or held a great banquet on his birthday. It is only sinners (like Pharaoh and Herod) who made great rejoicings over the day in which they were born into this world.’

Encyclopedia Britannica, 1946 edition, has this:
‘Christmas (i.e., the Mass of Christ)… Christmas was not among the earliest festivals of the church… It was not instituted by Christ or the apostles, or by Bible authority. It was picked up afterward from paganism.’

The Encyclopedia Americana, 1944 edition, says: ‘Christmas … It was, according to many authorities, not celebrated in the first centuries of the Christian church, as the Christian usage in general was to celebrate the death of remarkable persons rather than their birth …’ (The ‘Communion’, which is instituted by New Testament Bible authority, is a memorial of the death of Christ). … A feast was established in memory of this event (Christ’s birth) in the 4th century. In the 5th century the Western Church ordered it to be celebrated forever on the Day of the Old Roman Feast of the Birth of Sol, as no certain knowledge of the day of Christ’s birth existed.’

These recognized historical authorities show that Christmas was not observed by Christians for the first three hundred years – a period longer than the entire history of the United States as a nation! It got into the Western or Roman Church by the 4th century A.D. It was not until the 5th century that the Roman Church ordered it to be celebrated as an official Christian festival!


Jesus was not even born in the winter season. When the Christ-child was born, “there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night” (Luke 2:8).
This never could have occurred in Judaea in the month of December. The shepherds always brought their flocks from the mountainsides and fields and corralled them not later than October 15, to protect them from the cold, rainy season that followed that date. Notice that the Bible itself proves in Song of Solomon 2:11 and Ezra 10:9, 13, that winter was a rainy season not permitting shepherds to abide in open fields at night.
“It was an ancient custom among Jews of those days to send out their sheep to the fields and deserts about the Passover (early spring), and bring them home at commencement of the ‘first rain’, says the Adam Clarke Commentary (Vol. 5, page 370, New York edition.).
Clark continues: “During the time they were out, the shepherds watched them night and day. As the first rain began early in the month of Marchesvan, which answers to part of our October and November (begins sometimes in October), we find that the sheep were kept out in the open country during the whole summer. And, as these shepherds had not yet brought home their flocks, it is presumptive argument that October had not yet commenced, and that, consequently, our Lord was not born on the 25th of December, when no flocks were out in the fields; nor could he have been born later than September, as the flocks were still in the fields by night. On this very ground, the nativity in December should be given up. The feeding of the flocks by night in the fields is a CHRONOLOGICAL FACT … See the quotations from the Talmudists in Lightfoot.”

Any encyclopedia, or any other authority, will tell you that Christ was not born on December 25. The Catholic Encyclopedia frankly states this fact. The exact date of Jesus’ birth is entirely unknown, as all authorities acknowledge. But there is a strong indication in the scriptures that it was in the early fall – probably September – approximately six months after Passover.

The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge explains in its article on ‘Christmas’: “How much the date of the festival depended upon the pagan Brumalia (Dec. 25) following the Saturnalia (Dec. 17-24), and celebrating the shortest day of the year and the ‘new sun’ … cannot be accurately determined. The pagan Saturnalia and Brumalia WERE TOO DEEPLY ENTRENCHED IN POPULAR CUSTOM TO BE SET ASIDE BY CHRISTIAN INFLUENCE … The pagan festival with its riot and merrymaking was so popular that Christians were glad of an excuse to continue its celebration with little change in spirit and manner. Christian preachers of the West and the Near East protested against the unseemly frivolity with which Christ’s birthday was celebrated, while Christians of Mesopotamia ACCUSED THEIR WESTERN BRETHREN OF IDOLATRY AND SUN WORSHIP FOR ADOPTING AS CHRISTIAN THIS PAGAN FESTIVAL.”

The Roman world had been pagan. Prior to the 4th century, Christians were few in number, though increasing, and were persecuted by the government and by pagans. But with the advent of Constantine as emperor, who made his profession of Christianity in the 4th century, placing Christianity on an equal footing with paganism, people of the Roman world began to accept this now-popular religion by the hundreds of thousands. But these people had grown up in pagan customs, chief of which was this idolatrous festival of December 25. They enjoyed it and did not want to give it up.

Sunday was actually the day of pagan sun worship. It was the birthday of Sun-god. The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge explains how the recognition by Constantine of Sunday, which had been the day of pagan sun worship, and how the influence of the pagan Manichaeism, which identified the SON OF GOD with the physical SUN, gave these pagans of the 4th century, now turning over wholesale to ‘Christianity’, their excuse for calling their pagan-festival date of December 25 (birthday of the SUN-god), the birthday of the SON OF GOD.

‘And that is how ‘Christmas’ became fastened on our Western world’, says Armstrong. ‘We may call it by another name, but it’s the same old pagan sun-worshipping festival still. The only change is in what we call it. You can call a rabbit a lion, but it’s still a rabbit, just the same’, says Armstrong.

Encyclopedia Britannica:
According to the Encyclopedia Britannica: ‘Certain Latins, as early as 354A.D., may have transferred the birthday from January 6 to December 25, which was then a Mithraic feast … or birthday of the Unconquered Sun … The Syrians and Armenians, who clung to January 6, accused the Romans of sun worship and idolatry, contending … that the feast of December 25, had been invented by disciples of Cerinthus …’

We got Christmas from the Roman Catholics and they got it from paganism; but where did the pagans get it from?
The Christian publication ‘The Plain Truth’ claims:
‘It is a chief custom of the corrupt system denounced all through Bible prophecies and teachings under the name of Babylon. And it started and originated in the original Babylon of ancient Nimrod! Yes, it stems from roots whose beginning was shortly this side of the Floods!
Nimrod, grandson of Ham, son of Noah, was the real founder of the Babylonian system that has gripped the world ever since – this system of organized competition – or man-ruled governments and empires, based upon the competitive and profit-making economic system. Nimrod built the tower of Babel, the original Babylon, ancient Nineveh, and many other cities. He organized the world’s first kingdom. The name ‘Nimrod’, in Hebrew is derived from “Marad”, meaning “he rebelled”.
Herbert Armstrong says: ‘From many ancient writings, considerable is learned of this man, who started the great organized worldly apostasy from God that has dominated this world until now. Nimrod was so evil, it is said he married his own mother, whose name was Semiramis. After Nimrod’s untimely death, his so-called mother-wife, Semiramis, propagated the evil doctrine of the survival of Nimrod as a spirit being. She claimed a full-grown evergreen tree sprang overnight from a dead tree stump, which symbolized the springing forth unto new life of the dead Nimrod. On each anniversary of his birth, she claimed Nimrod would visit the evergreen tree and leave gifts upon it. December 25th was the birthday of Nimrod. This is the real origin of the Christmas tree.’

Herbert Armstrong continues: ‘Through her scheming and designing, Semiramis became the Babylonian “Queen of Heaven”, and Nimrod, under various names, became the “divine son of heaven”. Through the generations, in this idolatrous worship, Nimrod also became the false Messiah, son of Baal the Sun-god. In this false Babylonian system, the “Mother and Child” (Semiramis and Nimrod reborn) became chief objects of worship. This worship of “Mother and Child” spread over the world. The names varied in different countries and languages. In Egypt it was Isis and Osiris; in Asia, Cybele and Deoius; in pagan Rome, Fortuna and Jupiterpuer. Even in Greece, China, Japan, Tibet is to be found the counterpart of the Madonna, LONG BEFORE THE BIRTH OF CHRIST!’

‘We, who have been born in such a Babylonian world, reared and steeped in these things all our lives, have been taught to revere these things as holy and sacred. We never questioned to see where they came from – whether they came from the Bible or from pagan idolatry!’
‘We are shocked to learn the truth – some, unfortunately, take offense at the plain truth! But God commands His faithful ministers, “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and show my people their transgression!”
Shocking as these facts are, they are the plain facts of history and the Bible. The real origin of Christmas goes back to ancient Babylon. It is bound up in the organized apostasy which has gripped a deceived world these many centuries. In Egypt, it was always believed that the son of Isis (Egyptian name for “Queen of Heaven”) was born December 25th. Paganism celebrated this famous birthday over most of the known world for centuries before the birth of Christ.

(From my book, “God’s Prescription – Al-Quran”, Chapter: Christianity – The Truth)


Friday, 11 December 2015


They Are Panicking!
They’re Scared! They’re Desperate!

They Have Unleashed A
Tsunami of Terrorism
To Stop Islam! But Can They?

(M. Javed Naseem)

يُرِيدُونَ أَن يُطْفِئُواْ نُورَ ٱللَّهِ بِأَفْوَاهِهِمْ
وَيَأْبَىٰ ٱللَّهُ إِلاَّ أَن يُتِمَّ نُورَهُ وَلَوْ كَرِهَ ٱلْكَافِرُونَ      
“Fain would they extinguish Allah's light
with their mouths, but Allah will not allow
but that His light should be perfected, even
though the Unbelievers may detest (it).”
(al-Quran 9:32)

The war between Good and Evil has turned ugly and brutal. The bloodshed and the genocide speak volumes of the bloody hypocrisy of the West. The war games based on concoctions, lies and deceptions have started falling apart; and the players behind them are being exposed and condemned. Their crusade against Islam is getting big publicity but this would be their last crusade. The evil empire is going to crumble and forces of evil would soon self-destruct themselves.

Einstein said: “What a sad era we live in, when it is easier to destroy an atom than to destroy a prejudice.”
It is in the best interest of corrupt governments to let their peoples hate minorities and despise 'others', because if people truly met and interacted with these ‘others’, they would realize there is nothing to hate. This hatred then justifies illegal wars, false invasions, sanctions, and continued bombing. It is needed by the governments to justify their policies towards other groups.

The consoling fact is that there’s an end to every tyranny and all tyrants fall with their faces in the dust. Empires crumble leaving lessons for mankind. The Almighty God has proclaimed:

وَقُلْ جَآءَ ٱلْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ ٱلْبَاطِلُ إِنَّ ٱلْبَاطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقاً
“And say: Truth has (now) arrived, and
Falsehood perished; for Falsehood is
(by its nature) bound to perish."
(al-Quran 17:81)

O Evil-doers!
You are scared and desperate
because your days are numbered!
Stop killing innocent people as you
cannot stop the Truth from spreading
all over the world! You are not stronger
or bigger than the Pharaoh or Nimrod!
Islam is like a ‘Tsunami’ for you and
one day you will be swept away!

They think that the light of Islam is feeble like a candle light and can be extinguished by blowing with their mouths. That’s a very foolish thinking!

يُرِيدُونَ لِيُطْفِئُواْ نُورَ ٱللَّهِ بِأَفْوَاهِهِمْ
وَٱللَّهُ مُتِمُّ نُورِهِ وَلَوْ كَرِهَ ٱلْكَافِرُونَ
“Their intention is to extinguish Allah's
Light (by blowing) with their mouths.
But Allah will complete (the revelation
of) His Light, even though the
Unbelievers may detest (it).”
(al-Quran 61:8)

The evil empire is implementing its evil plans and believes that no power on earth can hinder its success. Wrong! There is a Supreme-power that runs the universe and that Power has its own plans.

وَمَكَرُواْ وَمَكَرَ ٱللَّهُ وَٱللَّهُ خَيْرُ ٱلْمَاكِرِينَ

“And (the unbelievers) plotted and
planned, and Allah too planned, and
the best of planners is Allah.”
(Quote: 3:54)

وَإِذْ يَمْكُرُ بِكَ ٱلَّذِينَ كَفَرُواْ لِيُثْبِتُوكَ أَوْ يَقْتُلُوكَ
أَوْ يُخْرِجُوكَ وَيَمْكُرُونَ وَيَمْكُرُ ٱللَّهُ
وَٱللَّهُ خَيْرُ ٱلْمَاكِرِينَ
“Remember how the Unbelievers plotted
against you, to keep you in bonds, or slay
you, or get you out (of your home). They
plot and plan, and Allah too plans;
but the best of planners is Allah.”
(al-Quran 8:30)

The best part of Allah’s plan is that the more the evil forces try to contain or diminish Islam, the more it spreads. There are politicians in the West who benefit from Islamophobia. They spread hate and racism. So much so that even the presidential candidates in America are using anti-Islam rhetoric, racism and apartheid to cash in (although legally, it should disqualify them). They know how to sell it!

Islam is the fastest growing religion
in the world! About 20,000 Americans
revert to Islam each year! And thousands
more accept Islam in Britain, Europe
and Australia every year.
This worries the Zionists, so they
stage acts of terror and blame it on Islam
conveniently. They spread fear, hate and
Isamophobia to get public support for wars.
And they have bought media to work for them.

From Ron Paul Liberty Report:
Published: Dec. 5, 2015
Are we in a clash of civilizations?

“The neo-cons want us to believe that we
are in a war to the death between Christian
civilization and the Islamic world. But they
know nothing of either Christian civilization
or Islam. The only part they really want
is war – Perpetual war.”
--- Ron Paul.

“The credibility of all American politicians now requires acknowledging that America is engaged in a great war for survival – “the war against Islam.” Fear of “radical Islamic terrorists” requires our undivided attention. We’re to believe that the ugly and vicious violence of a very small percentage of the 1.7 billion Muslims around the world, without an army, navy, or air force, is on the verge of engulfing America and Western civilization. The claim is that the Western concept of Christianity, liberty, and free markets is threatened. If this is so, it speaks more about the weak support for these values than for the strength of a small group claiming to speak for all of Islam. It may not make much sense, but it provokes the fear required for war-mongering.”

Watch Ron Paul’s Liberty Speech Video!:

RSS-Tumbler adds:
‘Another Witness to San Bernardino Shooting Describes Three White Men in Military Gear Fleeing Scene’
Juan Hernandez, interviewed by NBC following the shooting, describes seeing “3 white males” in military gear fleeing the scene of the shooting in a hurry. His statement is similar to what another witness, Sally Abdelmageed, told CBS.

'Craft Int'l mercenaries carried out San Bernardino shooting'
Tue., Dec. 8, 2015

Mercenaries from the Craft International, a tactical training company for the US military, carried out last week’s false flag operation in San Bernardino, California, according to Steven D Kelley, a former NSA/CIA contractor.
Kelley told Press TV on Tuesday that the shooting “is just one in a long string of false flag events that I am afraid to say are not over.”
“We’ll probably be seeing several more before the end of the year, because of the events that are going on in the world, specifically with the NATO being implicated in the buying of oil from Daesh and other events,” he stated.
“So when these things happen they need to have a rapid response which requires a false flag attack. This was very obvious that this was going to happen,” the analyst added.
“The people that were on the scene and saw this happen also reported that three tall white men wearing black shirts, khaki pants and tanned combat boots were actually the shooters. The description is almost exactly what the gentlemen from Craft International, the mercenary organization that was involved in so many other false flags, actually look like. This seems to be their standard uniform,” he noted.

“So clearly this is a very dirty false flag. Obviously, the United States is getting very desperate; the government here is very desperate, they need to do something immediately to disarm the United States prior to a revolution, because the people here are waking up very fast, and they are ready to shut down this evil empire. And this needs to happen very soon,” the analyst concluded.

Video link courtesy:

‘Muslim’ shooters make it ‘terrorism’ for US media: Scholar
Mon., Dec. 7, 2015

The US media characterizes a shooting attack as “terrorism” only when there is indication that the perpetrator might be a Muslim but refuses to use the word in other cases, American scholar Dr. Kevin Barrett says.
On Wednesday, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 29, stormed a holiday party in San Bernardino, California, killing at least 14 people and injuring 21.
Only hours after news broke that suspects had Muslim names, American Muslims strongly condemned the incident, but this did not stop the US mainstream media from spewing hate and venom against Muslims and Islam.
Commenting to Press TV on Sunday, Dr. Barrett said, “We had another ‘mass shooting’ in the United States. This is nothing new; we had probably hundreds already in 2015.”
“But this one is getting worldwide headlines because the alleged perpetrators are supposedly ‘radical Muslims’, and that’s led to endless speculation among the media and politicians whether this is a case of ‘terrorism,’” he added.
“The word terrorism apparently means when anybody who is ostensibly Muslim conducts a shooting, and if anybody else does, it’s not terrorism,” the editor of Veterans Today noted.
“Well, the problem though is that as with so many other similar cases, it appears that the link between the allegedly Muslim perpetrators and terrorism may have been fabricated."

San Bernardino shooting story full of holes!
Dr. Barrett said, “We have some huge questions being raised about what really happened in San Bernardino, and one of the people raising the questions is the lawyer of the family of the two alleged perpetrators."
“This lawyer has questioned why the suspects were in handcuffs – they were dead in handcuffs. His name is David Chesley. And he should be commended. For once we have a lawyer for people who are being accused for this kind of crime who is actually standing up for his clients," he added.

“And he has pointed out that the handcuffed bodies could be interpreted as evidence that the people were executed, which is what we have seen in many other similar cases where alleged terrorist suspects – who one would think would be captured and interrogated, you would think that they would stop at nothing to capture these people alive so that they can take down their alleged terror networks – and yet case after case, bin Laden’s supposed execution and throwing him in the ocean with no witnesses to all sorts of other cases where these terror suspects have just been hunted down and executed point-blank, the authorities really don’t act as if they are really trying to stop terrorism; instead they act like they are trying to silence patsies who know too much.”

“And we have other indications that that’s what happened. The couple blamed for the San Bernardino shooting was apparently gunned down in cold blood in their car. The police claim that there was a gun battle initiated by the suspects, but the car windows were rolled up and then blown out. Nobody starts a gun battle by shooting through rolled-up car windows from inside of a car. It’s pretty much physically impossible, it wouldn’t work.”
“So it appears once again that these people may have just been gunned down and silenced."

“There are all sorts of other questions being raised about the shooting. The fact that the facility where the shooting happened, which is a handicapped facility – a very strange place for Muslims to attack! Why would radical Muslims be angry at handicapped people? I don’t know.”


Friday, 4 December 2015


The Plight of Muslims
You Did It To Yourselves,
Now You Fix It Yourselves!

Remedy: The Quran

(M. Javed Naseem)

“There will be people who will recite the
Quran but it will not go beyond their throats,
and they will go out of Islam as an arrow
goes out through the game, and they will
kill Muslims and leave the idolaters.”
--- Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)

We are going backward, very fast, to the point where Islam was first introduced to the Unbelievers and idolaters. That was the culture of pagans, sinners, robbers and killers. They didn’t want to hear anything about Allah or Islam or equal rights, and those who tried to convey the Message of Allah, they were attacked, injured and even killed.

Today, it’s almost the same situation but with one exception. During Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)’s time, the people who delivered the Message were staunch Muslims with conviction and didn’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives. Today, the people who claim to be Muslims are not even close to Islam. They are neither sincere nor honest, and lack conviction. They are opportunists. They love comfortable luxury life of this world and don’t want to be bothered. So they compromise with evil. And that’s the exception!

We have abandoned Islam, the Quran, and are going against the teachings of the Prophet (s.a.w.). Allah had given us plenty of time to correct our ways but we revolted and continued following the Devil. And now, when the evil is dancing in every Muslim household of every Islamic country, we are faced with destruction, aggression and bloodshed. We are crying ‘foul’ but don’t look into the mirror! The Devils are kicking our asses and we are screaming. Does anybody care? No, nobody! The world is just watching you suffer. There is a serious lesson and warning in it: You did it to yourselves, now you fix it yourselves!

Friends of ISIS, followers of Daesh, Salafi extremists, radicals, fundamentalists, killers of innocent Muslims – they are all fuel of Hellfire. They are NOT Muslims nor have they anything to do with Islam. They are using the name of Islam and the Zionists are using them to make an excuse for attacking Muslims and invade Islamic countries. They are the opportunists, friends of the cruel Zionists who are fighting for the control of the world to plunder its wealth.

وَمِنَ ٱلنَّاسِ مَن يَقُولُ آمَنَّا بِٱللَّهِ وَبِٱلْيَوْمِ ٱلآخِرِ وَمَا هُم
بِمُؤْمِنِينَ يُخَادِعُونَ ٱللَّهَ وَٱلَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَمَا يَخْدَعُونَ إِلاَّ أَنْفُسَهُم
وَمَا يَشْعُرُونَ فِى قُلُوبِهِم مَّرَضٌ فَزَادَهُمُ ٱللَّهُ مَرَضاً
وَلَهُم عَذَابٌ أَلِيمٌ بِمَا كَانُوا يَكْذِبُونَ
“And of mankind are some who say: We
believe in Allah and the Last Day, when
they believe not. They think to beguile
Allah and those who believe, and they
beguile none save themselves; but they
perceive not. In their hearts is a disease,
and Allah increases their disease. A painful
doom is theirs because they lie.”
(al-Quran 2:8-10)

The forces of evil have formed fake Islamic groups with catchy names. They can use any fancy words and phrases to define themselves and fool people. Their biggest propaganda weapon is the media that is running a campaign of lies and deceptions. They are corrupt, hateful, biased and prejudiced. They are responsible for Muslim genocide but they blame Muslims for every evil they themselves do. They are killing the innocent children, women and the elderly; slaughtering the mankind and claiming to be the peace-makers.

وَإِذَا قِيلَ لَهُمْ لاَ تُفْسِدُواْ فِى ٱلأَرْضِ قَالُوۤاْ إِنَّمَا نَحْنُ مُصْلِحُونَ
أَلاۤ إِنَّهُمْ هُمُ ٱلْمُفْسِدُونَ وَلَـٰكِن لاَّ يَشْعُرُونَ
“And when it is said unto them: Make not
mischief in the earth, they say: We are
peace-makers only. Beware! They indeed are
the mischief-makers. But they perceive not.”
(al-Quran 2:11-12)

The mischief-makers and the liars would be treated as ‘guilty’. Therefore, they will get the punishment prescribed by Allah. You cannot lie against the Divine Truth. It’s only a matter of time.

The Fascist Western governments are collaborating in a crusade against Islam. Their media is running the ‘hate’ campaign day and night. As a result, the cases of Muslim-bashing are on the rise in the West. People with common sense understand what is going on. The irony is that even the hate is blamed on the Muslims without realizing the true reason behind it – the illegal wars, unjustified bombings. And then they conduct stupid surveys: Why do they hate us?

("Because you are bombing them, morons! You are killing innocent children, women, the elderly and the helpless, who didn't do anything to you. You are destroying their countries under false pretexts! That's why!")
The height of hypocrisy is that the so-called champions of human rights and civil liberties are denying Muslim people their basic rights. They are victimizing them by racial-profiling, treating them as criminals by eaves-dropping, surveillance and monitoring without any ‘reasonable doubt’ or proof of illegal activity.

Those who conceal the Truth are dishonest and unfair. They belong to the category of people called ‘Munaafiqeen’ (the hypocrites). They will be punished on the Day of Judgment. They are worse than the Unbelievers. Joining them are those who promote atheism with powerful anti-Islam campaigns. The Almighty Allah says:

فَمَنْ أَظْلَمُ مِمَّن كَذَبَ علَى ٱللَّهِ وَكَذَّبَ بِٱلصِّدْقِ
إِذْ جَآءَهُ أَلَيْسَ فِى جَهَنَّمَ مَثْوًى لِّلْكَافِرِينَ
“And who does greater wrong than he
who tells a lie against Allah, and denies
the truth when it reaches him? Will not
the home of disbelievers be in Hell?”
(al-Quran 39:32)

According to a Hadith, Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri narrated:
“When Ali ibn Abi Talib was in Yemen, he sent some gold in its ore to the Prophet. The Prophet distributed it among Al-Aqra bin Habis Al-Hanzali who belonged to Bani Mujashi, Uyaina bin Badr Al-Fazari, Alqama bin Ulatha Al-Amiri, who belonged to the Bani Kilab tribe and Zaid AI-Khail At-Tai who belonged to Bani Nabhan. So the Quraish and the Ansar became angry and said, "He gives to the chiefs of Najd and leaves us!" The Prophet said, "I just wanted to attract and unite their hearts (make them firm in Islam)."
Then, there came a man with sunken eyes, bulging forehead, thick beard, fat raised cheeks, and clean-shaven head, and said, "O Muhammad! Be afraid of Allah! "The Prophet said, "Who would obey Allah if I disobeyed Him? He trusts me over the people of the earth, but you do not trust me?"
A man from the people (present then), who, I think, was Khalid bin Al-Walid, asked for permission to kill him, but the Prophet prevented him. When the man went away, the Prophet said, "Out of the offspring of this man, there will be people who will recite the Quran but it will not go beyond their throats, and they will go out of Islam as an arrow goes out through the game, and they will kill Muslims and leave the idolaters. Should I live till they appear, I would kill them as the killing of the nation of Aad."  
(Bukhari, Book 93, No. 527)

Lesson or Warning No.1:
Beware of people who claim to be Muslims but in fact are Munaafiqeen (hypocrites). They are not brothers/friends of Muslims, instead they are the enemies of Islam/Muslims.

Now, keep these words of the Prophet (s.a.w.) in mind and try to imagine the Salafi/ISIS extremists who are killing Muslims in many countries but are protecting Israelis/Zionists/Jews! Got the clear picture?

In another Hadith, narrated Anas bin Malik:
That he heard Umar bin Khattab speaking while standing on the pulpit of the Prophet (s.a.w.) in the morning (following the death of the Prophet), when the people had sworn allegiance to Abu Bakr, he said the Tashah-hud before Abu Bakr, and said: "Amma Ba'du (then after), Allah has chosen for his Apostle what is with Him (Paradise) rather than what is with you (the world). This is that Book (Quran) with which Allah guided your Apostle, so stick to it, for then you will be guided on the right path as Allah guided His Apostle with it."  (Bukhari, Book 92, No.374)

Lesson or Warning No.2:
The real guidance comes from Allah and the true source of all guidance is the Quran. The Quran is the Word of God and everything else is the ‘word of man’. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) was guided by the Quran.

In another Hadith, Abdullah bin Amr narrated:
“I heard the Prophet saying, ‘Allah will not deprive you of knowledge after he has given it to you, but it will be taken away through the death of the religious learned men with their knowledge. Then there will remain ignorant people who, when consulted, will give verdicts according to their opinions whereby they will mislead others and go astray.’"  
(Bukhari, Book 92, No. 410)

Lesson or Warning No.3:
This is the End Time and the real knowledge of Deen (Islam) is disappearing slowly. There are many fake ‘Sheikh-ul-Islam’, Peer-o-Murshid, Babaji, Darwish, ‘scholars’ or ‘Ulema’ and un-educated Maulvis fooling people with wrong ‘Fatwahs’ and making money.

In another Hadith, Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri narrated:
“The Prophet (s.a.w.) said, ‘You will follow the ways of those nations who were before you, span by span and cubit by cubit (i.e., inch by inch) so much so that even if they entered the hole of a mastigure (iguana/lizard), you would follow them.’ We said, ‘O Allah's Apostle! (Do you mean) the Jews and the Christians?’ He said, ‘Who else?’"
(Bukhari, Book 92, No. 422)

Lesson or Warning No.4:
Don’t copy the Unbelievers by adopting their culture, habits, rituals and social traditions. They are misguided by Shaitan and Shaitan leads to evil, and evil leads to Hellfire.

Now, the million-dollar question: What’s the remedy? How to cope with all those warnings, and how to fight the fake Islam or fake Sheikhs?
There is only one way and there is only one effective weapon to destroy them all: The Quran!

Study the Quran carefully consulting two or more translations to figure out by yourselves what the proper approach is and what interpretation sounds most reasonable, logical and suitable! Then apply it to your life! Don’t listen to Mullahs! Don’t waste time on other books written by men. Those books contain only opinions. So, you can also form your own opinion!

ٱشْتَرَوْاْ بِآيَاتِ ٱللَّهِ ثَمَناً قَلِيلاً فَصَدُّواْ عَن سَبِيلِهِ
إِنَّهُمْ سَآءَ مَا كَانُواْ يَعْمَلُونَ لاَ يَرْقُبُونَ فِى مُؤْمِنٍ
إِلاًّ وَلاَ ذِمَّةً وَأُوْلَـٰئِكَ هُمُ ٱلْمُعْتَدُونَ
“They have purchased with the revelations
of Allah a little gain, so they debar (men)
from His way. Lo, evil is that which they
are wont to do. And they observe toward
a believer neither pact nor honor. These
are they who are transgressors.”
(al-Quran 9:9-10)

Allah asks you in many verses of the Quran: Why don’t YOU ponder/think? Why don’t YOU reflect? YOU are responsible for your Deen, for your life in this world, and for your Aakhirah (the Hereafter). And YOU alone would be answering questions on the Day of Judgment, not the Mullahs. So, think seriously and prepare yourselves!


Friday, 27 November 2015

PARIS ATTACKS: Another False Flag!

Paris Attacks: Another False Flag!
An Attempt To Close The Doors
Of Europe On Muslim Refugees,
An Excuse To Attack Syria

(M. Javed Naseem)

The Zionists are punishing Russia
for recognizing Palestine State and
supporting Assad in Syria. They
want to divide Syria just like Yemen,
Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Iraq. The
entire Palestine and half of Syria would
be annexed to the ‘Greater Israel’ soon!

The French and Western media accused Muslims for Paris attacks but no Muslim group or journal warned Muslims in advance that there would be attacks in Paris. On the contrary, the Israeli/Jewish group and a journal warned all Israeli/Jews living in Paris to be on the alert in the wake of impending terrorist attacks. How in the hell did they know about those attacks in advance?

Similarly, on 9/11 in New York city, hundreds of Jews did not come to work in the World Trade Center as they were warned of the danger in advance.
They think that people are stupid and cannot connect the dots. All information and news come from the govt. sources with all kinds of idiotic excuses, illogical causes, fabricated stories laced with edited or manufactured pictures & videos, and ridiculous explanations. They capture some terrorist and then they kill him so that he could not talk to the media and the truth is never told.

For 9/11 they named Arabs and a couple of them were still alive and working in Arab countries, shocked by the news.

Paris police killed the so-called Belgian mastermind but named some others as accomplices. One of those accomplices is a young woman who lives in Morocco. She condemned the accusation. They probably stole her ID from the internet or through somebody’s ‘contacts’ list and named her ‘terrorist’.
These morons really think that people are stupid.

They plant a brand new, fully intact and undamaged, Syrian passport next to the burnt, mutilated body and debris of the attacker. Same silly pattern (of Charlie Hebdo) as if both acts were planned and implemented by the same people.

Francois Hollande -- The True Face!

Before becoming the President of France, Francois Hollande was the Secretary General of the Socialist Party of France. In the year 2009, in a TV interview, He talked about using terrorists and ‘manufactured’ acts of terrorism as a justification to introduce and enforce certain harsh security measures which are otherwise a menace to liberty and human rights. He said:

"Sometimes the government invent
terrorists (stage terror activities) to
justify security measures".
--- Francois Hollande

Here's the interview video in French language!

Paris Attacks: Another False Flag?
Sifting Through The Evidence

By Tyler Durden, on 11/20/2015
(Submitted by Joachim Hagopian via Global Research)  

What do the Globalists do when they want to create, reignite and keep their war on terror fought indefinitely? They simply carry out a series of false flag attacks using Muslim terrorist stooges as their hired guns to do their damage. That’s what 9/11 was all about in the US, 7/7 in UK, the 3/11 train attack in Spain, the Hebdo Paris attack last January, and now this latest Paris encore reenactment part-two.

In any unsolved crime the first question asked is who benefits by motive with an actual means to execute the crime?

In all of these tragic false flag events the global elite benefits in multiple ways. And it most definitely has the means by issuing marching orders to its owned and operated national governments, its favorite being the militaristic, brutal American Empire.

The elite’s agenda to polarize and destabilize the world politically and militarily manifests through the US foreign policy of regime change, nonstop war through divide and conquer methodology (i.e., Shiites vs. Sunnis, Euro-nationals vs. foreign migrants, Christians vs. Muslims, light skins vs. dark skins) and economic austerity through un-payable high interest from predatory IMF bank loans to debtor nations from both the developing and developed world.  Through global theft and destruction, the ruling elite reigns supreme in absolute power.

For decades after World War II US-NATO-Western European allies conspired and perpetrated state sponsored terrorism murdering their own citizens through a protracted series of Gladio operations originally designed to falsely accuse Communist groups in Italy. Spanning over thirty years with violent incidents throughout Europe and Turkey, Gladio-like false flag operations never stopped. Gladio at home took the form of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Operation Northwoods that JFK abruptly halted, partially resulting in his own self-undoing, killing the diabolical military plot of murdering innocent US citizens in Miami and Washington DC in order to blame and start a war against Cuba. The US especially but numerous governments have regularly engaged in false flag operations killing their own to trigger wars, shape public opinion, conceal and divert attention away from citizens ever catching on to the dirty lowdown truth.

5 Myths Regarding the Paris Terror Attacks
By George Washington
(ZeroHedge, published: 11/20/2015)

As usual, the politicos and talking heads are all talking their own book, using the Paris terror attacks to push their own agendas.
As shown below, they’re spouting nonsense.

Mass Surveillance Won’t Help
The NSA and other spy agencies are pretending that the Paris attacks show that we need more mass surveillance.
But the New York Times correctly points out in a scathing editorial that mass surveillance won’t help to prevent terrorism:
As one French counter-terrorism expert and former defense official said, this shows that “our intelligence is actually pretty good, but our ability to act on it is limited by the sheer numbers.” In other words, the problem in this case was not a lack of data, but a failure to act on information authorities already had.

In fact, indiscriminate bulk data sweeps have not been useful. In the more than two years since the NSA’s data collection programs became known to the public, the intelligence community has failed to show that the phone program has thwarted a terrorist attack. Yet for years intelligence officials and members of Congress repeatedly misled the public by claiming that it was effective.
In reality, top security experts agree that mass surveillance makes us MORE vulnerable to terrorists.
Indeed, even the NSA has previously admitted that it’s collecting too MUCH information to stop terror attacks.

Encryption Isn’t What Made Us Vulnerable
The spy agencies are also pretending that encryption made it impossible to stop the attacks.
But the Washington Post reports:
“Several French outlets reported last night that a smart-phone recovered near one of the massacre sites was not encrypted at all.”

Hours after the attacks in Paris, Forbes quickly pointed to remarks by a Belgian official who said that Islamic State militants use the PlayStation 4's chat functions as a way to communicate securely. The article also mentioned that a Sony PlayStation 4 was recovered in a police raid connected to the Paris investigation.
That report was later undermined by the real facts — that no PlayStation-4 had been collected and that the Belgian official had been talking about the use of PlayStation technology generally by terrorism suspects.
But it was too late. Reports spread across the news industry tying the PlayStation to the attacks (there is a second wave of stories sweeping the Internet trying to undo the damage).

Tech Dirt notes:  
Most of the communications between the attackers was conducted via un-encrypted vanilla SMS: 
“…News emerging from Paris — as well as evidence from a Belgian ISIS raid in January — suggests that the ISIS terror networks involved were communicating in the clear, and that the data on their smart-phones was not encrypted.

Escalating War Against ISIS Is Not the Only Option
I’m all for killing members of ISIS.
But given that the U.S. and its close allies – Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Bahrain – are massively supporting ISIS,   stopping the arming, feeding and logistical support is even more important if we want to stop these crazies.

None of the Terrorists Were Syrian
None of the Paris terrorists were Syrian. All of them were European nationals. 
The German Interior Minister suggests that the Syrian passport found at the scene of the terror attacks was a “false flag” by ISIS meant to force countries to seal their borders against further refugees.
Why would they do this? Numerous security experts suggest that refugees fleeing ISIS’s “Caliphate” is a PR disaster for ISIS. After all, happy fundamentalist Muslims wouldn’t flee utopia, would they?

Specifically, many of the Paris terrorists were European nationals who went to fight for ISIS in Syria, and then they slipped in with the refugees coming from Syria to get back into Europe.
So those saying that the civilians fleeing war and mayhem in Syria are all terrorists are wrong … but so are those saying that the massive refugee flow poses no danger.

French prosecutors have said the remains of an assailant who attacked the Stade de France stadium during a soccer game between France and Germany matched the fingerprints of an individual registered by Greek authorities as an asylum seeker in October. Investigators were weighing the authenticity of the passport, made out to Ahmad Al Mohammad, 25, born in Idlib, Syria.
“It’s certainly unusual that such a person would have been faithfully registered in Greece and Serbia and Croatia, while we’re constantly pressing for registration and aren’t happy that it isn’t happening to the necessary extent,” de Maiziere said.

Syrian Passport in Paris May Be Planted, German Minister Says
By Patrick Donahue & Rainer Buergin,
Bloomberg, published: November 17, 2015

A Syrian passport found next to a suicide bomber in the Paris terror attacks may have been planted, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said.
Reports that the identity in the passport may have been registered in several countries along the so-called Balkan route raise the suspicion that it could be a deliberate attempt to implicate refugees and “make people feel unsafe,” de Maiziere said.
“There are indications that this was a planted lead, but it still can’t be ruled out that this was indeed an IS terrorist posing as a refugee,” he told reporters in Berlin on Tuesday, referring to Islamic State, which France blames for organizing the violence.

Any link between France’s worst terror attack since World War II and Europe’s refugee crisis would raise the stakes for Chancellor Angela Merkel as she defends her open-door policy for asylum seekers in Germany’s debate over immigration and security.

From: TheGuardian:
Sharri Markson: Journalist at ‘The Australian’ in run-in with Israeli security

News Corp reporter was taken aside during press visit for collecting personal details of Syrian fighters being secretly treated in Israeli hospital.
Sharri Markson, a senior journalist at News Corp’s the Australian, has said security forces in Israel were “heavy-handed” when they briefly detained her during a press tour after she collected personal details of wounded Syrian fighters being secretly treated in a hospital.
Sources said the chief executive of the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies, Vic Alhadeff, stepped in to defuse the tense situation when Markson was questioned about breaking the hospital’s strict rules on protecting the identity of the 500 patients, some of whom are fighting in the Syrian war.
“The primary concern of the Israeli security personnel and hospital authorities was to protect the identities of the Syrian patients because disclosing their personal details would put them in danger,” Alhadeff told Guardian Australia.
“There was an unfortunate misunderstanding but the situation was quickly defused and resolved.”

False flag terror madness!
Brussels, Paris under martial law
By Kevin Barrett, Editor, VT (Veterans Today), Nov 21, 2015

EU authorities are using the fabricated menace of state-sponsored false-flag terror to impose martial law on their populations.
Our correspondent in Brussels has reported that the streets are empty except for parades of military vehicles: “Brussels has become a ghost town. The streets are empty and everything is closed. I am afraid to venture outdoors to buy bread.”

The authorities have given no reason for their clampdown other than a vague assertion of “terrorist threats”.
Meanwhile, the French Parliament has voted to extend the nation’s state of emergency for three months. 
Though hundreds of people have been detained without charges, it is safe to assume that the real orchestrators of the Friday-the-13th massacre in Paris – the heads of Operation Gladio-B – are not only still walking around free, but are actually in charge of the transformation of their countries into militarized concentration camps.
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced that his government has deployed 10,000 military troops and another 100,000 gendarmes to enforce the nationwide state of emergency.

The “shelter in place” crackdown on Brussels is reminiscent of the lockdown of Boston, Massachusetts after the false flag Boston Marathon bombing.

Such declarations of martial law are
designed to trigger fear and hysteria
and prevent the population from
learning the truth: That it is their
own rulers, not “foreign terrorists,”
who stage the very carnage from
which they so richly benefit.

The declaration of martial law in the European capital, Brussels, as well as the state of emergency in France, were designed to prevent Europeans from learning about stories such as the following:

“This is almost turning into a farce, albeit a tragic one:
Since 9/11 there has been one single terrorist attack in which the authors, who are supposed to try and remain unidentified, have not somehow left ID documents behind. For sociologist Jean-Claude Paye, what might look like repetitive asininity must be interpreted as a rhetorical device used by those in power to achieve sideration. It is because the official version is absurd that we may not, must not question it.”

From: PressTV
If you have any further questions about who is REALLY staging the new wave of Gladio-2 terrorism in Europe, just ask Ken O’Keefe.

Here’s a 17-minute ‘bombshell’ Video: