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Thursday, 5 February 2015


The Book, The Message
(The Quran)

This Book is the Word of God and it is appreciated more by many non-Muslims than by Muslims. They understood the Message better while the claimers of the Quran (the Muslims) never bothered to understand and put it to practice. One of such famous personalities was Dr. S.D.Sharma.

Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, Ph.D, (19th August 1918 – 26th December 1999) was the 9th President of India, serving from 1992 to 1997. Prior to his presidency, Sharma had been the 8th Vice President of India, serving under R. Venkataraman. He was also Chief Minister (1952–1956) of Bhopal, and Cabinet Minister (1956–1967), holding the portfolios of Education, Law, Public Works, Industry and Commerce, National Resources and Separate Revenue. He was the President of the Indian National Congress (1972–1974) and returned to government as Union Minister for Communications from 1974 to 1977.
The International Bar Association presented Sharma with the ‘Living Legends of Law’ Award of Recognition for his outstanding contribution to the legal profession internationally and for commitment to the rule of law.
Sharma was born in Bhopal, then the capital of the princely state of Bhopal.  
(Intro: Courtesy Wikipedia)

 This poem on the Holy Quran, written a few decades ago by Dr Pandit Shanker Dayal Sharma, laments the attitude of Muslims and their treatment of the Quran. It tells about the deplorable real-life practices of Muslims with honesty, truth and sincerity. 

The Book

Amal ki kitab thi.
Dua ki kitab bana dia

It was a command for action.
You turned it into a book of prayer.

Samajhne ki kitab thi.
Parhne ki kitab bana dia.

It was a Book to understand.
You read it without understanding.

Zindaon ka dastoor tha.
Murdon ka manshoor bana dia.

It was a code for the living.
You turned it into a manifesto of the dead.

Jo ilm ki kitab thi.
Usay la ilmon ke hath thama dia.

That which was a book of knowledge;
You abdicated to the ignoramus.

Taskheer-e-kayenaat ka dars denay aayi thi.
Sirf madrason ka nisaab bana dia.

It came to give knowledge of Creation.
You abandoned it to the madrassah.

Murda qaumon ko zinda karne aayi thi.
Murdon ko bakhshwane per laga dia.

It came to give life to dead nations.
You used it for seeking mercy for the dead.

Aye Musalmano ye tum nay kia kiya?
O’ Muslims! What have you done?

(Muhammad Akram and Raja-ullah Quraishi inspired me to share it with you. ... M. Javed Naseem)


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