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Friday, 28 October 2016

ALLOPATHY KILLS 783,000 People Every Year In The USA.

The Height of Fakery
Messiahs or Butchers?
Killer Doctors With Killer Medicines

Allopathy kills 783,000 people
every year in the USA
– Study Report

(M. Javed Naseem)

Bad science

“Everyone should know that most cancer research
is largely a fraud, and that the major cancer research
organizations are derelict in their duties to the people
who support them.”
Linus Pauling, PhD, two-time Nobel Prize winner.

“Much of scientific literature, perhaps half, may
simply be untrue. Reasons for this failure:
Studies with small sample sizes,
flagrant conflicts of interest and an
obsession for pursuing fashionable trends
of dubious importance. As one participant
put it: ‘Poor methods get results.’”
--- Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief, The Lancet

Last week we talked about the horrors of antibiotics. It’s only relevant that we also talk a little about the Allopathic system of treatment or medicines which is spreading those horrors. The Allopath doctors are not promoting good health or permanent cure to the ailments, but they are promoting the drugs – the medicines that bring millions of dollars to the Big Pharma. They are advocating chemically-induced temporary relief through antibiotics which are, as a matter of fact, harmful to our body’s immune system. It is all about money. There are no morals or ethics involved. It’s the sheer greed which is controlling the minds and the actions of drug manufacturers and doctors.

They get rich by killing people!
But unlike CIA, MI6, Mossad
or NATO, they don’t kill you
with bombs or bullets. They
kill you softly with a smile and
a pack of allopathic medicines!


Science has become the “dirty science” because of the vested interests of the Big Pharma. They ‘buy’ scientists and dictate the results of their research. They manipulate and fabricate the data by biased or fake research and bogus studies. Since the money involved is in billions of dollars, the game has become very dangerous and brutal. Honest scientists are ignored, not encouraged and not engaged or hired for research projects. Not only that, they are also persecuted and ‘black-listed’ by the corrupt sponsors of projects. Most of these sponsors and funds-providers are part of the Big Pharma.

Scientific research is manipulated by placing the people who have your point of view in control. An outcome is more likely to be generated when you have people expecting (or subconsciously intending) that result. On top of this, results can be bought and the true finance behind that bribery can be hidden through front groups, think tanks, shell corporations, fake grassroot organizations and many other means. Since money is used to shut people’s mouths, the results can even be dictated by the pharmaceutical companies.

Most scientists are given contracts by the corporations which contain a clause forbidding them to publicize results that the sponsors don’t like. This means that Big Pharma has the legal right to suppress the results of any study they don’t like – including being able to stop scientists from submitting such studies to a journal.

In addition to that there is massive data falsification, where corporations omit and distort results at will through all sorts of tactics (by not reporting patients who suffer side effects and instead labeling them as “non-compliant”, etc.). Corporate science is junk science. It is like a cancer that is destroying humanity’s attempt for true knowledge and objectivity. The time has come to expose it fully and restore the truth.

Many doctors are negligent and careless,
and make mistakes but insurance protects
them from any harm or punishment. So,
they can experiment on patients without
worrying much about the consequences.


This is from Webster Kehr – the Cancer Tutor:
“In June 2002, the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the most respected medical journals, made a startling announcement. The editors declared that they were dropping their policy stipulating that authors of review articles of medical studies could not have financial ties to drug companies whose medicines were being analyzed.
The reason? The journal could no longer find enough independent experts. Drug company gifts and “consulting fees” are so pervasive that in any given field, you cannot find an expert who has not been paid off in some way by the industry. So the journal settled for a new standard: Their reviewers can have received no more than $10,000 (per year) from companies whose work they judge. Isn’t that comforting?

From: Cancer Tutor
Tim O’Shea ‘s book ‘Conventional Medicine vs Holistic:
A World of Difference’

Two opposing viewpoints of health and disease have been evident since ancient times. The conventional view, or Allopathic (literally, “other disease”) sees problems coming from outside the body. Or simply, the cause of disease comes from outside, then invades the body and the person gets “sick.” The Germ Theory. Allopathic philosophy says that when the body has symptoms like pain, fever, or nausea, that means the person has caught some bug, some disease and needs to have these symptoms “treated” – i.e., covered up. Usually with drugs. If the disease localizes itself in one certain part of the body and won’t go away, then that part of the body may have to be cut out with surgery. That’s the allopathic viewpoint: disease, symptoms, drugs, surgery.
“Surgery through the ages has been associated with
a surprising lack of scientific foundation. In Europe,
from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, surgeons
and barbers were the same people. It was not until
the time of the American Revolution that England’s
King George the Third decreed that barbers and
surgeons were two separate professions.”

The holistic view is different. Holistic philosophy says that the cause and cure of all disease lie within the body. The parts of the body are interrelated in ways that are so complex, so sophisticated, so elegantly orchestrated and exquisitely tuned, as Deepak Chopra says, that all medical technology has only the crudest, faintest understanding of just a few basic mechanisms. In most cases, the body can heal itself if provided with the opportunity. It does this from the inside out – from the brain and spinal cord, outward through the nervous system, to every organ, and cell. For every time you have ever been sick, there have been hundreds of times when your immune system has conquered a disease without any overt symptoms being expressed. The mysteries of the body – its inner workings – are actually the most evolved systems in the universe. We are dealing with the life forces, the life substances – that which can never be viewed in dissection or isolated in laboratory culture. To influence these subtle, delicate inter-weavings, natural cures seek to nourish and encourage the body back into a condition of balance, by gentle support.

Surgery came about from the mechanistic outlook: if a part became too big a problem, cut it off. Quickly, before it gets a chance to heal. If the patient survives, that means the surgeon “saved his life.” Surgery through the ages has been associated with a surprising lack of scientific foundation. In Europe, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, surgeons and barbers were the same people. It was not until the time of the American Revolution that England’s King George the Third decreed that barbers and surgeons were two separate professions.

“The specific disease doctrine is the grand refuge
of weak, uncultured, unstable minds, such as now
rule in the medical profession. There are no specific
diseases; there are specific disease conditions.”
Florence Nightingale, 1860

Holistic doctors like Dr. Dean Black explain that viruses don’t cause flu any more than freeways cause accidents. The responsible variable for getting the flu is not the presence or absence of virus, but rather the strength or weakness of the individual’s immune resistance. (Health At the Crossroads, p.18) Obviously two people can be living with the same sick person who has the flu. The virus has the same access to both people, but only the weak one will get the flu. They both got exposed to the virus, and that’s the point: the virus doesn’t cause the flu. A depressed immune system does. The terrain, not the germ, as Pasteur himself finally admitted on his deathbed, when there were no more awards or money to be gained.

We’re not winning, we’re not overcoming disease. Worse yet, the eradication of disease was never even a goal of organized medicine. Too many natural cures have been suppressed and buried over the past 75 years to entertain the illusion that the goal of medicine is health. (The Cancer Industry) The goal of medicine is more medicine, i.e., wealth. It is a market-driven industry, and any idea that stands in the way of profit is fair game for persecution and attack. This story is told in some detail in works by Ralph Moss and Leonard Horowitz, among many others.
Medical history up until the late 1800s is a long list of bizarre, toxic poisons, with a healthy sprinkling of incantation and superstition for good measure. An amazing chronicle by Morris Bealle documents a pharmacopeia of wacky concoctions that Allopaths through the ages tricked their gullible patients into swallowing:
o- pigeon dung
o- grasshopper sputum
o- antimony (a poison)
o- pitch
o- nutmeg
o- dried beetles (given to George Washington the night he died)
o- hog’s lice
o- sheep droppings
o- dried skunk bellies
o- powdered fox lungs
o- powdered human skull
o- viper’s flesh
o- human urine
o- saliva from a fasting person
o- lead
o- mercury
o- rhinoceros skin
o- putrid elephant flesh
– (Bealle, p154 ff)

This is just a partial list. Makes Shakespeare’s reference to “eye of newt and toe of frog” in Macbeth appealing by comparison. The above items were mainstays of practice, not weird oddities somebody looked up. About half the items on this list are from a Pharmacopeia that is less than two hundred years old, so it’s not all from the Dark Ages. But look at the modern similarities:

o- Gold salts for rheumatoid arthritis – only recently given up
o- Premarin, the #1 synthetic estrogen drug in the world, made from horse urine!
o- vaccines still made from pus from horses, cows, sheep, rabbits and monkeys. (Horowitz)
o- synthetic cyanocobalamin (Vit. B12) from deactivated sewage.
o- vast majority of pharmaceuticals derived from coal tar and petroleum. (Bealle)
o- chemotherapy drugs from nitrogen mustard (like the poison gas).
o- the 4,000 poisons tested to find the 50 or so modern chemotherapy drugs. (Moss)

How far have we really progressed?

Pharmaceutical drugs artificially alter the systems of the body in one of two primary ways:
- slow down system operations,
- accelerate system operations.
Does this have anything to do with a return to health? Rarely.

Everything is Fake:
Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World
By Makia Freeman, (Wake Up World)

5. Fake Medicine
Allopathy, has earned the dubious honor of killing hundreds of thousands of people every year. A 2000 study by Dr. Barbara Starfield, MD, found that Allopathy kills 225,000 per year in the US, while a 2003 study by Dr. Gary Null, MD and others, found that allopathy kills 783,000 per year in the US.
Starfield concluded that Western Medicine in America causes:
  • 12,000 deaths from unnecessary surgeries;
  • 7,000 deaths from medication errors in hospitals;
  • 20,000 deaths from other errors in hospitals;
  • 80,000 deaths from infections acquired in hospitals; and
  • 106,000 deaths from FDA-approved correctly prescribed medicines.
Null et al concluded that Western Medicine causes:
  • 37,136 deaths from unnecessary procedures;
  • 32,000 deaths related to surgery;
  • 98,000 deaths from medical error;
  • 115,000 deaths from bedsores;
  • 88,000 deaths from infection;
  • 108,800 deaths from malnutrition;
  • 199,000 deaths related to outpatients; and
  • 106,000 deaths from adverse drug reactions.

Now, with its antibiotic drugs becoming more useless in the face of rising super bugs, you have to really question whether an entire medical system that is based on masking symptoms, “managing” illness, and getting patients on a hamster wheel of pill after pill after pill, can really constitute true healing – or whether it’s just more fakery.

6. Fake Scientific Research

Backing the Rockefeller’s Western medical Big Pharma cartel is a massive pile of fake scientific research. Like anything fake, the veneer looks shiny and leads you to believe what lies inside is trustworthy and reputable, when in reality it’s reams of biased and concocted research with a peer-reviewed stamp on it. Former Big Pharma reps, esteemed medical journal editors and even insider governmental scientists have all confessed the shocking truth that a large amount of the published scientific data out there is fraudulent and simply can’t be trusted. Check out the top 10 tricks used by corporate junk science.

8. Fake Food

True immunity is derived from lifestyle and diet, including what quality of exercise, sleep and nutrition you get. This brings us to the topic of nutrition. Our food today has become so processed and packaged, so full of preservatives and plastics, that it has become fake food. It gets churned out of a factory rather than grown on a farm or field. It’s full of artificial flavors and synthetic tastes – like vaccines, some of them even derived from aborted fetal tissue, as Pepsi was forced to admit. Some foods are so refined and over-cooked they barely have more nutrition than a piece of cardboard. When you add the monstrosity of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) into the mix, you get a final product that Dr. Rima Laibow calls “phude” rather than “food”, because the final engineered, processed product is so far removed from what our ancestors knew as real food.
By the way, GMOs, in case you hadn’t heard, can lead to organ failure, infertility and cancer, and are genetically modifying you as GM proteins bypass digestion and go directly into your blood (as is their ultimate purpose). GMOs by their very nature are engineered to withstand massive doses of chemical and hazardous pesticides. GMOs are basically a way for chemical companies like Dow and Monsanto to sell more chemicals, because people need them to grow Big Biotech’s fake food. The World Health Organizaation (WHO) recently declared Dow’s 2-4,D possibly carcinogenic and Monsanto’s glyphosate and pesticides as probably carcinogenic.


From: Wake Up World 
Leading Scientists Believe
Up to Half of Research-Based Literature Is Simply Untrue!
By Carolanne Wright

Corruption undermining science
In a perfect world, science would have unlimited funding, free from corporations or special interest groups, where all studies would be truly objective and unbiased. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Financing by private companies, or those who have a vested interest in the outcome of the research, often leads to biased conclusions which favor the sponsor of the study.
Take for example a pharmaceutical company paying for a new drug to treat depression. When the track record of such research is examined, we find studies backed by the pharmaceutical industry tend to show partiality toward the drug under consideration, whereas research sponsored by government grants or charitable organizations is prone to draw more objective conclusions.¹
In a similar fashion, research financed by the food industry often favors the food under investigation compared to inquiries that are independently sponsored.
Dr. Marcia Angell, physician and longtime editor in chief of the New England Medical Journal, feels that objective research has taken a turn for the worse:
“It is simply no longer possible to believe much
of the clinical research that is published, or to rely
on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative
medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this
conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly
over my two decades as an editor of the New
England Journal of Medicine.”

And John P.A. loannidis, a professor in disease prevention at Standford University School of Medicine, writes that most published research findings are false, due to several criteria — including “greater financial and other interest and prejudice.” He also states that “for many current scientific fields, claimed research findings may often be simply accurate measures of the prevailing bias.”
Another critique of our current scientific method is found with Richard Horton, editor in chief of The Lancet, who stated in the April 15, 2015 edition of the journal:
“Much of scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue.” He lists a a variety of reasons for this failure: Studies with small sample sizes, flagrant conflicts of interest and an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance. Horton adds, ‘as one participant put it’: “Poor methods get results.”
Moreover, ScienceDaily reports that a study at the University of Michigan found that nearly one-third of cancer research published in high-profile journals have conflicts of interest. The research team examined 1,534 cancer studies published in well-respected journals.The most frequent type of conflict is with industry funding (17% of the papers). Twelve percent of the papers were in conflict because the author was an industry employee. And randomized trials were more likely to have positive findings when conflicts of interest were present.

Reshma Jagsi, M.D., D.Phil., and author of the University of Michigan study, feels that “merely disclosing conflicts is probably not enough. It’s becoming increasingly clear that we need to look more at how we can disentangle cancer research from industry ties.”
Jagsi believes that research has become corrupted by designing industry-funded studies in such a manner that’s likely to yield favorable results. Researchers may also be more inclined to publish positive outcomes while overlooking negative results.
“In light of these findings, we as a society may wish to rethink how we want our research efforts to be funded and directed. It has been very hard to secure research funding, especially in recent years, so it’s been only natural for researchers to turn to industry. If we wish to minimize the potential for bias, we need to increase other sources of support. Medical research is ultimately a common endeavor that benefits all of society, so it seems only appropriate that we should be funding it through general revenues rather than expecting the market to provide,” Jagsi says.


Friday, 21 October 2016


Take Care of Your
Body And Soul!

Antibiotics Harm
Healthy Cells, Impair Memory,
Stop Growth of New Brain Cells
--- New Study

(M. Javed Naseem)

Medicines don’t help the patients,
they help the Big-Pharma. They don’t
eradicate the root-cause of diseases.
All medicines harm liver and kidneys.
Many doctors show dishonesty and
irresponsible behavior to get rich.

On the surface, medicines (especially antibiotics) seem to give us relief but this relief is very temporary. Deep down, chemical products (antibiotics) don’t cure or eradicate the root-cause of diseases. They just cover it up with some debris and you don’t see the symptoms (feel no more pain, etc.) any more. You think that you are cured but the hidden root-cause remains and flourishes quietly. You notice it only when it returns with a bang, i.e., creating a bigger and serious problem! If antibiotics can kill one disease, they can also create another disease in the body by interfering with your immune system.

Erythromycin Horror
Recently the New England Journal of Medicine
published an article that found taking Erythromycin,
a commonly prescribed antibiotic, increases your risk
of dying from a cardio vascular complication by 250%.


Antibiotics generally don’t strengthen your immune system (Big Pharma might claim the opposite). Human body is one of the greatest miracles of Allah and it has a very effective, efficient, complicated but understandable immune system. All antibiotics interfere with our immune system. They work by actually disrupting normal bacterial functions, such as growth or their forms of protection. Some antibiotics create Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) throughout the body. The ROS is lethal to healthy cells and can potentially harm bacterial cells. They kill energy sources as well as the metabolic mechanism known as the ‘mitochondria’ in human cells. The effects include kidney damage, tendinitis, and other forms of organ damage. But how does this happen if antibiotics are usually specific to the bacteria that they are trying to kill in the body?
The ROS are not very specific and can begin to damage all the cells and metabolic machinery in the body, not just in bacterial cells. This is known as oxidative tissue damage.
No wonder human-organ trade has become a billion-dollar business after the drug (heroin) business. With antibiotics, the system becomes weaker, even compromised, and you become addicted to such medicines – in other words dependent on these drugs. So much so that you can’t survive without some of them and those ‘some’ cost you a fortune too. So, they hurt you on two fronts – physical and financial. Eventually, you become a profitable client of the Big Pharma, and forever too.

A healthy Muslim is better than a sick
Muslim! Protecting the God-given body
is your obligation. Watch what you eat
and how much! Careless eating is the
main cause of most diseases. Exercise
or sport is vital for healthy body.

It’s very common to see in America and Europe (now in Asia too) that people are taking 15-20 tablets per day (some even more). Those are prescription drugs and people cannot live without them. It simply means that multi-national companies control your food, your health, your clothing and your money too. And that is like controlling your life!

Antibiotics Shown to Impair Memory,
Stop Growth of New Brain Cells
(From: Wake Up World, October 16, 2016)

A new study in the journal Cell Reports has established that antibiotics strong enough to kill off gut bacteria also halt the growth of new brain cells located in the hippocampus — the region of the brain responsible for memory. “We found prolonged antibiotic treatment might impact brain function,” says senior author Susanne Asu Wolf of the Max-Delbrueck-Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin, Germany. And the researchers think they know why — in short, a unique white blood cell that functions as a go-between for the brain, immune system and gut. The good news is the team also discovered two remedies which can reverse the damage.

How the Gut Affects Memory and Brain Health!

In the study, the researchers gave mice enough antibiotics to nearly destroy all intestinal microbes. When compared to the control mice, those who lost their healthy bacteria performed worse in memory tests, and the production of new brain cells (neurogenesis) stopped within the hippocampus. “At the same time that the mice experienced memory and neurogenesis loss, the research team detected a lower level of white blood cells (specifically monocytes) marked with Ly6Chi in the brain, blood, and bone marrow. So researchers tested whether it was indeed the Ly6Chi monocytes behind the changes in neurogenesis and memory,” reports Science Daily.
The findings of the study are yet another reason as to why antibiotics should be used judiciously — and reserved for only the most serious infections.

Dr. Josh Axe adds:
Many of us, including myself, were given antibiotics as children to treat bronchitis, diphtheria, pneumonia, and ear, intestine, lung, urinary tract, and skin infections. The downsides of antibiotics weren’t well understood then, but now we know that it increases your risk of cancer, heart disease and digestive disorders.

The Problem with Antibiotics

Getting rid of bad bacteria is the main goal, but prescribed antibiotics kill all bacteria in your body both good and bad. It’s very similar to using dynamite to get rid of some weeds in your garden. Good bacteria, known as probiotics, are a large part of your immune system, keeping you healthy and your digestive system. If your digestive system isn’t working properly, you aren’t going to be digesting the foods you eat. You’ve heard it said that you are what you eat, well in this case, you are what you can digest. If your body doesn’t digest the food you cannot absorb the vitamins and minerals as well.
The best thing you can do to avoid the need for prescribed antibiotics is to increase your intake of probiotics either in supplement form or in cultured foods, and to take the following three natural antibiotics as soon as you begin to feel sick.

3 Natural Antibiotics

1. Raw Garlic – contains allison which is a powerful antifungal, antibiotic, and antiviral. Garlic is often treated with chemicals to prevent sprouting, so it is very important to buy organic garlic Take 1 clove per day of raw garlic. 
2. Oil of Oregano – antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Take 500mg or 5 drops daily (the Oreganol brand is my favorite)
3. Colloidal Silver – Supports your immune system, is powerfully alkaline and is antiviral. Take 1 to 2 Tbsp. Daily (I recommend and use Sovereign Silver.

Foods high in Probiotics
Goat’s Milk Yogurt or Kefir
Coconut Kefir
Coconut Water
Kombucha Tea
Sour Kraut
Apple Cider vinegar

Antibiotics are bad for your immune system!
From: Natural News

With winter rapidly approaching in the northern hemisphere, millions of people will sooner or later rush to the doctor for a prescription against the symptoms of a cold or influenza. But is taking medication, often antibiotics, really a wise choice?

Even though modern medicine still has no cure for the common cold, influenza and other viruses, most doctors, going through the motion of appearing to be helpful and making money, will prescribe antibiotics and send the patient on his/her way.

This action by the "medical professional" is not only totally ineffective against viral conditions but also medically negligent.

Antibiotics severely disable the immune system

The immune system, when working at maximum efficiency, is a miracle of nature, with the ability to prevent and heal virtually any disease, including cancer.

What doctors call "diseases" are now known to be the experiential externalized symptoms of a condition arising from a compromised, ineffective immune system. All modern medicine ever attempts to do is mask the experiential symptoms of a disease without ever holistically healing the origin of the condition itself, and thereby without healing the disease, often causing even more harm to the patient through chemical medicines and invasive surgical procedures.

In most people today, the immune system is often already highly compromised through a poor diet and lifestyle, environmental toxins and other factors, including medicines.

The immune system is highly complex, at least 80% being located in the digestive system and regulated by the "gut flora," microbes, that live there in vast numbers. At least 15% of the weight of the entire body can be attributed to trillions of microbes and other organisms, living mostly in the digestive tract. (You don’t know what you are carrying in your belly … lol).

The ratio of "good" or "beneficial" microbes to "bad" or "pathogenic" microbes is absolutely critical to the efficient functioning of the immune system, being broadly 85% "good microbes" to 15% "bad microbes" in the gut. In most people, due to the previously mentioned factors, this ratio is severely skewed in favor of bad microbes, which in turn has the effect of seriously weakening the immune system.

This imbalance in the ratio of good to bad microbes is known as "dysbiosis."

When antibiotics are consumed, not only are the "bad microbes" killed off, so too are the good microbes, leaving the gut almost completely depleted of beneficial, immune response-regulating gut flora, and consequently a seriously compromised immune system as a whole.

Taking antibiotics is therefore bad for health,
because it effectively destroys the very natural
bodily mechanism that protects us against all
disease in the first place - the immune system
– which may never fully recover by itself.

Repairing and maintaining a healthy
immune system through diet

Natural is always best, and in the context of the immune system, this means through a natural, healthy, effective, gut flora-friendly diet.

By far, the best foods and drinks to maintain a healthy gut flora balance, and therefore immune system, are foods containing "probiotics," which, as the name suggests, are "pro" "good microbes" in the gut.

Just one cup of probiotic food every day is extremely healthy in many ways, especially for the immune system and therefore as a safeguard against disease.

There are many examples of probiotic foods and drinks, including all fermented fruits and vegetables, kombucha tea and coconut kefir - and many others. These are all extremely healthy for maintaining the immune system and good health this winter, so that visit to the doctor never becomes necessary in the first place.

Good News:
Monsanto Charged With Crimes Against Nature and Humanity,
Set to Stand Trial

By Carolanne Wright (From: Wake Up World)

People are fed-up. And angry. We simply no longer accept that corporations have the right to ride roughshod over the environment or destroy the health of its inhabitants. We refuse to remain silent when faced with companies who contribute to poisoned rivers, people and wildlife — where the only concern is for the mighty dollar. No longer will we stand by and watch as beauty and the balance of nature is laid to waste.
Monsanto, in particular, is known as one of the most destructive corporations of all times. In response to the ongoing damage caused by the company, a coalition of food, farming and environmental justice groups — including the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM), Navdanya, Regeneration International (RI) and Millions Against Monsanto, among others — have taken matters into their own hands. During the COP21 event in Paris, the alliance announced that Monsanto will be put on trial in The Hague, Netherlands for “crimes against nature and humanity” come autumn 2016.

Corruption, Manipulation and Fraud
Of all the corporations plundering the planet, why focus solely on Monsanto? Widely accepted as one of the most hated companies in the world, Monsanto is known for extreme corruption, exceedingly toxic poisons and domination of the food supply with patented crops.
Says Andre Leu, president of the International Foundation for Organic Agriculture (IFOAM):
“Monsanto is able to ignore the human and environmental damage caused by its products, and maintain its devastating activities through a strategy of systemic concealment:
By lobbying regulatory agencies and governments, by resorting to lying and corruption, by financing fraudulent scientific studies, by pressuring independent scientists, and by manipulating the press and media.
Monsanto’s history reads like a text-book case of impunity, benefiting transnational corporations and their executives, whose activities contribute to climate and biosphere crises and threaten the safety of the planet.”
Not only is Monsanto responsible for creating highly toxic chemicals like PCBs and Agent Orange, the corporation also purposely concealed research which showed that the compounds are exceptionally dangerous to humans, wildlife and the environment. But Monsanto didn’t stop at hiding evidence, instead the company took it a step further by directly misinforming regulatory agencies, claiming the chemicals were completely harmless.
Today, Monsanto is still up to its old tricks — this time with Roundup Ready. The company clings to their assertion that the herbicide is safe enough to drink. However, unbiased science has a different view of the chemical. The World Health Organization classifies glyphosate (the main ingredient in Roundup Ready) as a “probable carcinogen,” while a MIT researcher is convinced it’s driving the autism epidemic. And research in PLOS ONE found that food contaminated with the chemical is toxic to neurodevelopment, reproduction and the liver in animal tests. Likewise, a study in Toxicology linked glyphosate-based herbicides with IQ loss/intellectual disability, autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, obesity (both child and adult), diabetes, infertility and mortality.

Holding Monsanto Accountable
In an effort to expose the damage Monsanto inflicts on the environment and its inhabitants — and to send a strong message to other companies who disregard the well-being of the planet for monetary gain — the corporation will stand trial.
“Monsanto promotes an agro-industrial model that contributes at least one third of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions; it is also largely responsible for the depletion of soil and water resources, species extinction and declining biodiversity, and the displacement of millions of small farmers worldwide. This is a model that threatens peoples’ food sovereignty by patenting seeds and privatizing life.” (source)
The Tribunal was scheduled to be held at The Hague on October 16, 2016 (World Food Day) and will review the allegations made against Monsanto, as well as assess the damage caused by the corporation.


Friday, 14 October 2016


Living In A Transit Lounge
‘The Life of This World Is
But Comfort of Illusion’
(al-Quran 3:185)

Remembering Death Can 
Prevent You From Sinning

Remember death while chasing the
Illusion, and prepare for the Final
Journey! Departure can happen
anytime soon! No baggage allowed!
Only good deeds accompany you.

(M. Javed Naseem)

يٰأَيُّهَا ٱلنَّاسُ ٱتَّقُواْ رَبَّكُمْ وَٱخْشَوْاْ يَوْماً لاَّ يَجْزِى وَالِدٌ
عَن وَلَدِهِ وَلاَ مَوْلُودٌ هُوَ جَازٍ عَن وَالِدِهِ شَيْئاً إِنَّ وَعْدَ ٱللَّهِ
حَقٌّ فَلاَ تَغُرَّنَّكُمُ ٱلْحَيَاةُ ٱلدُّنْيَا وَلاَ يَغُرَّنَّكُم بِٱللَّهِ ٱلْغَرُورُ
“O mankind! Do your duty to your Lord, and
fear (the coming of) a Day when no father can
avail aught for his son, nor a son avail aught for
his father. Verily, the promise of Allah is true!
Let not then this present life deceive you, nor let
the chief Deceiver deceive you about Allah.”
(al-Quran 31:33)

Death is an ultimate reality and nobody shall be spared. It can happen to anybody, any time and anywhere. We know the truth but do we care? These days, death is attacking en mass in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and other places but we are not bothered because it is not happening to us – yet! But how long?

Narrated Anas bin Malik:
A man asked the Prophet (s.a.w.): "When will the Hour (Day of Judgment) be established, O Allah's Apostle?"
The Prophet (s.a.w.) said, "What have you prepared for it?"
The man said, "I haven't prepared for it much of prayers or fast or alms, but I love Allah and His Apostle."
The Prophet said, "You will be with those whom you love."  
(Bukhari, Book No. 73, Hadith No. 192)

Remembering death is the best way to control our desires, check our activities and put our lifestyle to accountability. It makes us think – and think seriously – of what we are doing and what we should be doing. When we accepted the bond and declared ‘I believe’, we pledged our lives. We surrendered unconditionally to the Will of God, the Almighty Creator, and agreed to obey His commands. In return, He named us Muslims (Believers) and opened the gates of Heaven for us, assuring us of His mercy and blessings. But we don’t respect what we agreed upon; and we obey only those commands that serve our purpose and give us some material benefit. That’s hypocrisy!

We are champions of saying something else and doing something else. We are running a vicious race of material accumulation, and occasionally we talk of Allah and His Prophet (s.a.w.) to pretend that we are true believers. The irony is that we just use those names to impress others. If we had respected those two names, we would have followed their commands and teachings in real life. We are busy enjoying life as if there is no death and we are going to live forever. We are not even bothered by the bloodshed, explosions and destruction taking place around us. Is it the death of the Conscience?

The World vs The Hereafter
“No man can in any wise serve two masters that are at
enmity one with the other; for if the one shall love you,
the other will hate you. Even so I tell you in truth that ye
cannot serve God and the world for the world lies in
falsehood, covetousness, and malignity. Ye cannot
therefore find rest in the world, but rather persecution
and loss. Wherefore serve God and despise the world,
for from me ye shall find rest for your souls.
Hear my words for I speak unto you in truth.”
--- Jesus Christ
(From the Gospel of Barnabas)


A wise man was walking in the funeral of a believer. On the way to graveyard, somebody started talking about the dead man and showed his grief, feeling pity for the deceased. The wise man said: Instead of regretting the sad death of the man, you better start regretting your own death. And instead of feeling pity about him, you should be feeling sorry for yourself. You don’t have the time to talk about these things, as you should be preparing for your own death. The dead man has already passed three stages of a painful journey:
He doesn’t have to fear encountering the angel of death any more.
He doesn’t have to bear the pain and agony of dying any more.
He doesn’t have to fear the terrible end of life any more.
But you! You still have to go through all three stages. You better be prepared!

Life of this world is very deceptive. It’s an illusion. It’s like we are in a ‘transit lounge’ and would be departing soon for our destination. But we seem to be addicted to the life of this transit lounge. We have forgotten that we are passengers and have a destination. The journey seems to be more magical than the destination itself. The reason is that we are ignoring the Truth that enlightens our heart and guides us. In the Quran, Allah says:

أَفَمَن شَرَحَ ٱللَّهُ صَدْرَهُ لِلإِسْلاَمِ فَهُوَ عَلَىٰ نُورٍ مِّن رَّبِّهِ
فَوَيْلٌ لِّلْقَاسِيَةِ قُلُوبُهُمْ مِّن ذِكْرِ ٱللَّهِ أُوْلَـٰئِكَ فِى ضَلاَلٍ مُّبِينٍ
“Is one whose heart Allah has opened to Islam, so
that he has received Enlightenment from Allah, (not
better than one hard-hearted)? Woe to those whose
hearts are hardened against celebrating the praises
of Allah! They are manifestly wandering (in error)!”
(al-Quran 39:22)

One day the Prophet (s.a.w.) was sitting in a gathering of believers, and he recited the above verse from Surah Az-Zummar which says that when Allah wants to bestow His light of guidance on someone, He opens his heart wide to Islam and the light of guidance enters his heart.
Somebody asked: O Prophet of Allah, what is the sign that Allah’s light of guidance has entered the heart?
The Prophet (s.a.w.) answered: The person starts disliking the charms and temptation of this deceptive life (of the world), and gets attracted to the real eternal life (of the Hereafter). He starts preparing for death before its coming.

The enlightened hearts are divinely guided. They know that they are staying in this transit lounge (planet Earth) for a short time and that’s all the time they have got to prepare for the final journeying to the Creator. So, they spend this time wisely and do what is going to benefit them in the Hereafter. Can we call it common sense? It’s not common though and most people are not following it!

Once, a companion of the Prophet (s.a.w.), Abu Darda, was accompanying a funeral to the graveyard.  Somebody joined on the way and asked whose funeral it was.
Abu Darda answered: It’s your funeral. And if you don’t like the answer, then it’s my funeral.
The point made was that it was the time to remember death and prepare for it, instead of wasting time in idle talk.

Famous saint Hassan Basri said: I wonder and I wonder a lot about those people who have been informed and commanded to prepare for their deaths as the departure would be announced soon but people don’t worry at all. They don’t care and continue having good time in their worldly affairs. But when they see somebody’s funeral, they pretend to show so much sorrow and grief as if they had attended their own mother’s funeral.

All enlightenment and guidance comes from Allah but it comes to those only who seek it and who strive for it. It’s not like the rain on a town full of sinners and the righteous. Rain benefits all but the guidance is sought and granted. Those who don’t seek it, they are like those who refuse to believe. And they would be punished! 
فَمَن يُرِدِ ٱللَّهُ أَن يَهْدِيَهُ يَشْرَحْ صَدْرَهُ لِلإِسْلاَمِ وَمَن يُرِدْ
أَن يُضِلَّهُ يَجْعَلْ صَدْرَهُ ضَيِّقاً حَرَجاً كَأَنَّمَا يَصَّعَّدُ فِى ٱلسَّمَآءِ
كَذٰلِكَ يَجْعَلُ ٱللَّهُ ٱلرِّجْسَ عَلَى ٱلَّذِينَ لاَ يُؤْمِنُونَ
“Those whom Allah (in His plan) wills to guide,
He opens their breast to Islam; those whom He
wills to leave straying, He leaves their breast
closed and constricted, as if they had to climb
up to the skies. Thus does Allah (heap) the
penalty on those who refuse to believe.”
(al-Quran 6:125)

Death is inevitable! Nobody can escape! The best or the worst part of it is that you never know when it will come unto you. So, what’s the message in it?
The message is loud and clear: You’ve got only this moment! If you want to do something good, do it now! There is no guarantee for the next moment.

Allah has given so many parables in the Quran to make us understand. Here’s an example of a situation on the Judgment Day when the sinners would be begging the righteous to help them but it won’t be possible any more. Help is available only here, in the temporary transit lounge!

يَوْمَ يَقُولُ ٱلْمُنَافِقُونَ وَٱلْمُنَافِقَاتُ لِلَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ ٱنظُرُونَا نَقْتَبِسْ
مِن نُّورِكُمْ قِيلَ ٱرْجِعُواْ وَرَآءَكُمْ فَٱلْتَمِسُواْ نُوراً فَضُرِبَ
بَيْنَهُم بِسُورٍ لَّهُ بَابٌ بَاطِنُهُ فِيهِ ٱلرَّحْمَةُ وَظَاهِرُهُ مِن قِبَلِهِ ٱلْعَذَابُ
“One Day the Hypocrites (men and women) will
say to the Believers: "Wait for us! Let us borrow
(a Light) from your Light!" It will be said: "Turn
back to your rear! Then seek a Light (where you
can)!" So a wall will be put up between them,
with a gate therein. Within it will be Mercy
throughout, and without it, all alongside,
will be (Wrath and) Punishment!”
(al-Quran 57:13)

We are all sinners, we are all human beings. Allah knows us well because He has created us. He knows that we’ll be tempted to sin again and again and again, till our last breath. Still He assures us that His mercy encompasses all and everything. He’ll forgive us every time when we repent, seek His forgiveness and promise not to repeat the sin again. In other words, His mercy is conditional. Again, His mercy is not like the rain that falls on everything and everybody in a particular area. It falls on those who seek it by repenting, by begging pardon, and by promising not to sin again. No repentance, no mercy!

وَإِنِّى لَغَفَّارٌ لِّمَن تَابَ وَآمَنَ وَعَمِلَ صَالِحَاً ثُمَّ ٱهْتَدَىٰ
"But, without doubt, I am (also) He that
forgives again and again, to those who repent,
believe, and do right; who, in the end,
are ready to receive true guidance."
(al-Quran 20:82)

In the above verse, Allah makes it very clear as to who qualifies for His mercy. It’s a common belief among believers (especially Muslims) that even if you are a non-practicing Muslim, you would be pardoned in the end and would go to Paradise. No, it is not going to happen if you don’t repent and seek Allah’s forgiveness before death comes unto you. Moreover, you have to prove your honesty and sincerity too. Here’s another proof from the Quran!

قُلْ يٰعِبَادِىَ ٱلَّذِينَ أَسْرَفُواْ عَلَىٰ أَنفُسِهِمْ لاَ تَقْنَطُواْ مِن
رَّحْمَةِ ٱللَّهِ إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ يَغْفِرُ ٱلذُّنُوبَ جَمِيعاً إِنَّهُ هُوَ ٱلْغَفُورُ ٱلرَّحِيمُ
وَأَنِـيبُوۤاْ إِلَىٰ رَبِّكُمْ وَأَسْلِمُواْ لَهُ مِن قَبْلِ أَن يَأْتِيَكُمُ ٱلْعَذَابُ ثُمَّ لاَ تُنصَرُونَ
وَٱتَّبِعُـوۤاْ أَحْسَنَ مَآ أُنزِلَ إِلَيْكُم مِّن رَّبِّكُـمْ مِّن قَبْلِ
أَن يَأْتِيَكُـمُ ٱلْعَذَابُ بَغْتَةً وَأَنتُمْ لاَ تَشْعُرُونَ
“Say: O my Servants who have transgressed
against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy
of Allah; for Allah forgives all sins; for He
is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
Turn to your Lord (in repentance) and bow
to His (Will), before the Penalty comes on
you; after that you shall not be helped.
And follow the best of (the courses) revealed
to you from your Lord, before the Penalty comes
upon you of a sudden while you perceive not!”
(al-Quran 39:53-55)

The above three verses of Surah Az-Zummar describe the criterion very clearly. Despair not of the mercy of Allah but turn to Him, repent, seek forgiveness before death comes unto you! After that, you won’t he helped. It would be too late.

His command is very clear that you have to ‘follow the best of the courses revealed to you from your Lord’ before your death! This is the minimum qualification, the merit base – follow the Quran and live by it! Without it, you should not expect mercy.

Ibn Umar narrates: We were ten people sitting in the company of the Prophet (s.a.w.). One of the Ansars asked the Prophet (s.a.w.):
‘Who is the wisest and the most conscious person?’
The Prophet (s.a.w.) answered: ‘Those who remember death most and are preparing for it the best possible way. They are the people who will win the honors both in this world and in the Hereafter.’

He also said: If you remember death more often, you’ll distance yourself from the pleasures (or temptations) of this worldly life.

Remembering death controls your ambitions and curtails your hopes. It reminds you to stay away from sins; do good deeds for the Hereafter; strive for a simple living; not to accumulate wealth and material goods; not to violate other people’s rights; not to commit transgression; not to spread corruption; etc., etc.

Once in a gathering, a young man asked the Prophet (s.a.w.):
‘O Prophet of Allah! Who is the wisest among believers?’
The Prophet (s.a.w.) replied: ‘The one who thinks about death more often; talks about death more often; and starts the best preparation for it before death comes unto him.’

Salaam (peace and protection of Allah)! May Allah bless you and guide you all!