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Friday, 23 June 2017

WEATHER WARFARE: Geo-engineering Is The Most Powerful Weapon Being Used To Destroy Countries.

Weather Warfare

The Most Powerful Weapon
Being Used To Destroy
Countries Around The Globe!

For Total Power, Total Control,
And Hegemony of The World,
Geo-engineering is a Primary Tool
Used by The West.

(M. Javed Naseem)

Man was such a beautiful and wonderful creation of the Almighty God that even the angels were commanded to bow down in prostration in front of Adam – the first man. But unfortunately, man is so easily influenced and deceived by the Devil that he commits despicable acts defying all morals and decency. At times he becomes the meanest beast on earth. He wants to play god and control the world whereas the bitter fact is that he cannot even control his own desires and emotions that bring him downfalls.

The power-mongering elite of the West is doing anything and everything to strengthen its control – hegemony – on the world resources, wealth, energy, trade and even freedom. They are poisoning people with modified (GMO) foods; destroying agricultural land by harmful fertilizers; controlling world currencies and international trade; changing regimes and killing leaders who don’t obey them; controlling human population by different means including spreading viruses, germs and epidemics; then offering fake, harmful and useless medicines or drugs in the name of cure or treatment; promoting animosity among nations to start wars and sell weapons/bombs to both sides to kill each other; and if they can’t achieve the desired results through their agents and puppet governments in other countries, they directly invade other countries, bomb their cities and kill innocent children, women and elderly. No regard for humanity! It’s typically Uncle Sam’s moronic attitude: ‘It’s my way or the highway!’

Pakistan showed resistance to U.S. policy
in 2010, and suffered from the record floods.
Were the record floods that occurred there
later the same year just an act of nature?
Or were other forces also in play?

In recent years, biological warfare has taken top priority. They are killing people now by wildfires, droughts, at the same time by melting glaciers, creating artificial floods and rains; as well as earthquakes through bio-engineering. They are using weather to play havoc in those countries where leaders refuse to obey and reject their hegemony. The new weapon is called ‘climate engineering’ or ‘geoengineering’.

Owning The Weather In 2025!

For details, see the United States Air Force
(USAF) Center for Strategy and Technology
(CSAT) document: “Weather as a Force
Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025”

Uncle Sam is occupying, one way or the other, more than 150 countries of the world. They have their troops all over. They call them experts, personnel trainers, security staff, military trainers, educators, consultants, engineers, technicians, advisors, peace keepers, etc., etc. They are enjoying special privileges in most countries of the world by keeping more than 900 military bases. These bases are needed to flex muscles from time to time in every part of the world to scare small or weaker countries. That’s the export quality version of the American democracy. The message is loud and clear: Do as we tell you to do, or else!

The military industrial complex of the West has long been manipulating weather to put pressure on the countries they want to control. They can trigger heavy rains, snow storms, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes, as well as drought and famine.
They had been using HAARP centers all over the world to modify weather and create artificial natural disasters. After a series of protests and criticism from all quarters, it was announced in 2014 that Alaska’s hub of HAARP would be closed in 2015. Some dismantling activities were shown by the media to fool general public and change public opinion. Most people did not believe them and thought that covert operations continued. Then all of a sudden, HAARP center became operational in February 2017 under new management, and the Western press published photos of “flying saucer” style HAARP clouds in the atmosphere. Actually, people were deceived to believe that HAARP was abandoned. They were just discarding the old, out of date equipment and replacing it with the new and more sophisticated equipment, to be more effective and more efficient.

The technology, which is being perfected under the
High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program
(HAARP), is an appendage of the Strategic Defense
Initiative – ‘Star Wars’.

From a military standpoint, HAARP is a
weapon of mass destruction, operating from the
outer atmosphere and capable of destabilizing
agricultural and ecological systems
around the world.

The debate on climate change does not acknowledge the role of climatic warfare, namely the deliberate manipulation of climate for military use. 
“HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction, capable of destabilizing agricultural and ecological systems globally.”
Climatic warfare’ potentially threatens the future of humanity, but has casually been excluded from the reports for which the IPCC received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.  It has also been excluded from the November 2015 Paris Climate Summit.

(Artificial clouds created by HAARP)

From ‘Global Research’
Prof Michel Chossudovsky adds:

Rarely acknowledged in the debate on global climate change,
the world’s weather can now be modified as part of a new
generation of sophisticated electromagnetic weapons. Both
the US and Russia have developed capabilities to manipulate
the climate for military use.
Environmental modification techniques have been applied
by the US military for more than half a century. US mathematician
John von Neumann, in liaison with the US Department of Defense,
started his research on weather modification in the late 1940s at the
height of the Cold War and foresaw ‘forms of climatic warfare as
yet unimagined’. During the Vietnam war, cloud-seeding techniques
were used, starting in 1967 under Project Popeye, the objective of
which was to prolong the monsoon season and block enemy supply
routes along the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
The US military has developed advanced capabilities that enable
it selectively to alter weather patterns. The technology, which is
being perfected under the High-frequency Active Auroral Research
Program (HAARP), is an appendage of the Strategic Defense
Initiative – ‘Star Wars’. From a military standpoint, HAARP is a
weapon of mass destruction, operating from the outer atmosphere
and capable of destabilizing agricultural and ecological systems
around the world.
Weather-modification, according to the US Air Force document
AF 2025 Final Report, ‘offers the war fighter a wide range of
possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary’, capabilities,
it says, extend to the triggering of floods, hurricanes, droughts
and earthquakes: ‘Weather modification will become a part of
domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally…
It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be
used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation,
fog and storms on earth or to modify space weather… and the
production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated
set of [military] technologies.’

(Aerial spraying over Mammoth Mountain, California)
 Dane Wigington is the lead researcher for today, investigating all levels of geo-engineering from stratospheric aerosol spraying (SAG) to HAARP. He assisted Michael Murphy with his acclaimed production of “What In The World Are They Spraying?” and has spoken extensively in a wide range of forums to explain the environmental dangers we face on a global level. Here are excerpts from his eye-opening article published by the Wake Up World:

U.S. Government Engineering The Climate
To Control Populations

Climate Engineering and The U.S. Military

Climate engineering is the most powerful and most utilized weapon of the western power structure to destabilize and topple the countries and governments around the globe that it wishes to control. Geo-engineering is a primary tool that has been used to help force nations to allow U.S. or NATO occupation. If you don’t believe the U.S. military is concerned with the climate, think again. The military industrial complex has long sought to “control the weather” and historical documents prove that the U.S. has been heavily invested in climate modification for a very long time.

For details, see the United States Air Force (USAF) Center for Strategy and Technology (CSAT) document: Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.

How many countries have U.S. military boots on the ground? There are at least 156 U.S.-occupied countries around the globe with some 900 bases. Does anyone really believe that all these countries just wanted the U.S. to occupy them? Is it a coincidence that many if not most of these countries endured some sort of climate cataclysm prior to the occupation being allowed? How many countries in Africa were subjected to record drought before being destabilized and occupied? Occupations that often began under “humanitarian” pretexts due to climate catastrophes?

And what about the Middle Eastern countries that have recently been destabilized? Many of these countries were not co-operating with the U.S. agenda before they experienced record drought — Is there a connection? Record drought in Syria preceded the recent destabilization — Was weather warfare used to help trigger the ongoing civil war? Yes.
How about Iraq; were they also a target of weather warfare to help trigger destabilization? Was the record drought in Iraq during the years prior to the invasion in 2003 a natural occurrence? Or was it also engineered? Were there plans to invade Iraq years ahead of time? If available data is examined, the answer is inarguably yes. The invasion of Iraq was planned well before the events of 9/11.

How many know there has been a crop-destroying drought in Russia and Ukraine? Just another coincidence? Certainly the whole world understands that Iran is also a current primary target for the western power structure, is it just bad luck for Iran that there is record drought there, too? Does anyone in the U.S. even know that the leaders from Iran have been on the floor of the UN openly stating that Western powers are causing the record drought with climate modification? Pakistan showed resistance to US policy in 2010, were the record floods that occurred there later the same year just an act of nature? Or were other forces in play? Record deluge is also a weapon used by the weather-makers. As the planet continues to warm rapidly, deluges will increase.

How are things in South America? Certainly we all know how the US power structure is constantly complaining about the BRIC countries. Brazil and Venezuela have been a source of aggravation for our government for a very long time. Brazil is experiencing devastating record drought, and yes, so is Venezuela.

I could go on and on about the countries that have been victims of the US/NATO weather warfare juggernaut of biosphere destruction, but let’s now consider the catastrophic and unprecedented drought being engineered in the U.S. West, should we ask ourselves what agendas are now being carried out on the US population? The laws of physics make clear that a natural warming world should bring more rain overall; the atmosphere can carry 7% more moisture for every degree of additional warming. Why is there so much drought in so many countries around the world when the laws of physics state there should be more overall rainfall on a warming planet, not less? 

Now it seems that the power structure is sending us the message that they know the drought in the US West is only going to get worse. In fact NASA has recently stated on the record that the western U.S. states can expect “mega-droughts” in the coming decades — How do they know this? NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has recently stated that even with a potential record El Niño event, there will be no relief for the completely parched state of California. Since when does El Niño not bring more rain to the West? How does NOAA know this?

It is important to remember that defense contractor Raytheon is involved in geoengineering programs, and also does the weather modeling for NOAA and the National Weather Service. Lockheed Martin (another defense contractor involved in weather modification) supplies the weather modeling for the FAA. The weather “predictions” are nothing more than the scheduled weather. 

5 Western states are close to running out of water, and Lake Mead is is at record low levels. The states most affected by the engineered weather catastrophes (drought and deluge as has just occurred in Texas) are also the stated location of the upcoming “Jade Helm” military exercises — another coincidence perhaps? No. In reality, the weather warfare being waged against the U.S. population (and others) is continuing to escalate. And, due to the highly toxic fallout from geoengineering, weather warfare is also biological warfare as it affects the entire web of life.

(Geo-engineering protest march in Bolona, Italy)
Western Meltdown Engineered To Cool The East

How hot is it going to be under the completely engineered high pressure heat dome in the West? Record shattering. Is it any wonder the Western states are burning to the ground? This also includes Alaska and Canada where more than 600 wildfires are currently burning.

The engineered high pressure zone facilitates the jet stream manipulation the climate engineers are after. By pushing the upper level winds up and over (north of) the heat dome, the winds then spin clockwise around the high pressure. A large “dip” in the jet stream is then formed, which contributes to yet another engineered cool-down in the Eastern US which is scheduled for late this week.  Though the Western US could be considered a “climate sacrifice zone”, available data indicates the West of the U.S. is also a target for engineered drought.

Severe environmental degradation and resource depletion are factors that cannot be hidden from public view much longer. The global power structure is playing every card they have. They are moving their chess pieces into place rapidly as they prepare for total societal collapse and civil unrest. Though solar radiation management is being pushed as mitigation for our warming planet, climate engineering/weather warfare is making an already bad climate/environmental situation exponentially worse overall. These programs are being used as a primary method to control populations and governments around the globe with no regard to the damage being done to the biosphere. The highly toxic fallout from geoengineering is also rapidly sickening global populations thus making them easier to control.
(Pic: Haarp clouds)
The entire global climate system has been derailed, there is no completely natural or untainted weather, none. The ongoing scenario in the US lower 48 is as meteorologically unnatural as it is unprecedented. There are many agendas being carried out by the weather makers; one is the manipulation of US population’s perception of the climate. At the core of the weather warfare that is being waged is, of course, the agenda of total power and total control, this must always be remembered and considered.

Does this mean we have no chance? Should giving up the fight for the common good be considered? Absolutely not. So long as there is a chance that the planet’s life support systems can still be salvaged (and there is a chance), it is our responsibility to fight on. Marching in the battle to preserve a future for our children is not an option, it is our primary obligation in life. The human race is free falling into near term extinction because of its own behavior and apathy. It is this apathy that has allowed psychotic individuals to wield power unchecked and unchallenged for centuries.

“The world will not be destroyed by those
who do evil, but by those who watch them
without doing anything.”
– Albert Einstein

The climate science community, of course, will not speak about the geoengineering elephant in the room so they just claim not to know or understand why the Eastern US is cool while most of the world isn’t. It is up to all of us. Educate yourself and stand your ground in the battle to sound the alarm, all of our voices are essential in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering.


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