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Tuesday, 6 September 2016


6th September: Defense of Pakistan Day
Message To New Generation:

Pakistan Ka Matlab Kya?
La ilaha illa-Allah!
{What does Pakistan mean? (It means)
That there’s no god but Allah!}

(M. Javed Naseem)

Nations are not created on Facebook or Google! They are created in the battlefields with honest and sincere hardwork, devotion to the mission, conviction to the ideology, and immense sacrifice with faith in God. And to preserve those nations and their ideologies, it requires even more hardwork and sacrifices. This world was created by Allah as a battlefield – the battle between Good and Evil. And the parties would be rewarded according to their efforts, loyalty and affiliation to the Good or the Evil. So, it is obvious that wherever there is Good, the forces of Evil will infiltrate and try to disrupt the system introducing chaos, corruption, deception, lies and disloyalty.

The Good is sponsored by Allah and the Evil by the Devil (Shaitan). Allah promises His creation, the followers and promoters of Good, a life of success, happiness and contentment in both worlds – Here and the Hereafter.
On the other hand, the Devil (Shaitan) has nothing to offer in the Hereafter. He has been handed over the decree by the Almighty Creator (our Lord) that his final destination is Hellfire. And those who follow him, will join him there.

Today, 200 million Muslims of Pakistan are celebrating ‘Defense of Pakistan’ Day. Most of them were not even born then to witness the attack of the forces of Evil on the land of Good and Pak (pure and righteous), on 6th September, 1965. People don’t even know how Pakistan was created (millions were butchered by the Indian army and Hindu extremists, just for demanding justice, their rights, their choice to join the new nation Pakistan. Poor Kashmiris are still paying the price and are hindered to join Pakistan.

We laid our lives for that slogan (La ilaha illa-Allah) in 1947, since Pakistan was created in the name of Allah to practice His Deen – Islam. We sacrificed thousands of Muslim lives to defend it from the Kaafireen in 1965. But eventually, they succeeded to break up a part of it in 1971 (East Pakistan became Bangladesh), because some Pakistani politicians betrayed their nation. We tried our best but, maybe, our best was not good enough because of the Traitors (Ghaddar) and Hypocrites (Munaafiqeen) in our ranks.

Today we are passing through 2016. Pakistan, whatever it is now, is in your hands. It’s up to you what you make of it. Just watch out and know your “friend & foe”! You, as Muslims,  have more ‘foes’ than ‘friends’. Your own leader might be one of those ‘foes’. Stand up for Pakistan (the fortress of Islam) with all your honesty, sincerity and strength; and crush the enemy! The Quran is your guide! Put your trust in Allah and He’ll always be there for you! Good luck! Pakistan – Zindabad!


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