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Friday, 27 May 2016


War Against ISIS Is A Lie!
It's A Zionists' Tool To
Promote Military Agenda

(Part 1 of 2)

“Al-Qaeda is going after al-Qaeda”,
and both wings of al-Qaeda are
supported covertly by the
U.S. intelligence.

(Compiled by M. Javed Naseem)

Osama bin Laden, America’s bogyman and
founder of al-Qaeda was recruited by the CIA
in 1979 at the very outset of the US sponsored
Jihadist war against Afghanistan . He was only
22-years old and was trained in a CIA
sponsored guerilla training camp.


ISIS is being funded, promoted, protected and militarily equipped by its Western parents and Turkey is being used (as a member of NATO) as a ‘condom’ to be discarded by US-EU after use. Right now, Turkey is the main conduit of the West to smuggle arms, ammunition, equipment, money, oil/petrol and the personnel including troops, recruits and the trainers.

The double-face Champions of double
standards are now playing double
game using Muslim leaders, their oil,
their money, their manpower; and
still accusing them of terrorism. Media
is being used for disinformation,
propaganda and brain-washing.


Last time, when the downing of a Russian fighter jet on Syrian border by Turkey made the headlines, it was not an issue of violating the Turkish airspace. The real issue was that Russia (supporting the Assad govt.) had started bombing the ISIS (the US-EU-Israel-sponsored mercenaries) in Syria and Iraq. And it needed to be given a stern warning of dire consequences. So, Turkey was used to send the message.

On the outside, both US+allies and Russia are claiming that they are bombing the ISIS. How funny (even ridiculous) that both ‘super-powers’, equipped with the most modern lethal armament and technology, are unable to eliminate groups of “rogue” troops or ‘terrorists’.

The Terrorists ‘R’ Us! While the US is the unspoken architect of the Islamic State, Obama’s holy mandate is to protect America against ISIS attacks.

The endgame is “regime change” in Syria
and the fragmentation of Iraq. ISIS is being
used to destroy Iraq and Syria as nation
states. The ‘terrorists’ are the foot-soldiers
of the Western military alliance.
Counter-terrorism mandate is a fiction.

The Islamic State is protected by the US and its allies. If they had wanted to eliminate the Islamic State brigades, they could have easily ‘carpet-bombed’ their convoys of Toyota pickup trucks when they crossed the desert from Syria into Iraq; and earlier from Turkey into Syria.

The Syrian-Arabian desert is an open territory. From a military standpoint, it would have been a rapid and expedient surgical operation with state of the art jet fighter aircraft (F15, F22 Raptor, CF-18). 

 The US led war against 
Islamic State is a big lie.

From: Global Research
(This article was first published in November 2014). 

Recent developments confirm what is already known and documented:

Washington is behind the Islamic State (ISIS) and at the same time it is behind the moderate al-Qaeda terrorists, which the Obama administration is supporting as part of America’s campaign against the Islamic State (ISIS). And they expect us to believe that they are committed to waging a campaign against terrorists.

The Islamic State (ISIS) was until 2014 called al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI).

Jihadist textbooks were published by the
University of Nebraska. U.S. spent millions
of dollars to supply Afghan school-children
with textbooks filled with violent images
and militant Islamic teachings.


Al-Nusra is an al-Qaeda affiliate which has committed countless atrocities in Syria.  It is now considered by the Obama administration as the “Moderate Opposition”. 
America’s “anti-terrorist campaign” consists of supporting a so-called “moderate” al -Qaeda entity (al-Nusra)  with a view to going after another al-Qaeda entity entitled ‘The Islamic State’, formerly designated as al-Qaeda in Iraq.  

“Al-Qaeda is going after al-Qaeda”, and both wings of al- Qaeda are supported covertly by US intelligence. 

Both ISIS and al-Nusra are protected by the Western military alliance.

Both al-Qaeda entities are used to destroy Syria and Iraq.

The air campaign allegedly against ISIS does not target ISIS, it targets Syria and Iraq, schools, hospitals, factories, residential areas, government buildings, roads, bridges, etc. 

Both al-Qaeda affiliated entities are being used to destroy Iraq and Syria as nation states.

The ‘terrorists’ are the foot-soldiers of the Western military alliance.

US-NATO-Israel are state sponsors of terrorism, providing training, weapons and money to various terrorist formations. 

The endgame is “regime change” in Syria and the fragmentation of Iraq.  
-- Michel Chossudovsky, September 03, 2015

Justifying A Military Agenda

Going after “Islamic terrorists”, carrying out a worldwide pre-emptive war to “Protect the American Homeland” are used to justify a military agenda.
The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is a creation of US intelligence. Washington’s “Counter-terrorism Agenda” in Iraq and Syria consists of supporting the terrorists.  
The incursion of the Islamic State (IS) brigades into Iraq starting in June 2014, was part of a carefully planned military-intelligence operation supported covertly by the US, NATO and Israel.
The counter-terrorism mandate is a fiction. America is the Number One “State Sponsor of Terrorism” 

(From: “26-Things about the Islamic State (ISIS) that Obama does not want you to know about”, by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky.)

Courtesy: Global Research

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