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Sunday, 14 June 2015

ISRAEL NUKED YEMEN? Game On (Part 1 of 2)

Game On
(Part 1 of 2)

Israel Nuked Yemen?
‘Dirty Bombs Were Used In Iraq,
Afghanistan, Libya & Syria,
Banned Bombs In Palestine!

(M. Javed Naseem)

ٱتَّبِعُواْ مَآ أُنزِلَ إِلَيْكُمْ مِّن رَّبِّكُمْ وَلاَ تَتَّبِعُواْ
مِن دُونِهِ أَوْلِيَآءَ قَلِيلاً مَّا تَذَكَّرُونَ
“Follow (O men!) the revelation given
to you from your Lord, and follow not,
as friends or protectors, other than Him.
Little it is you remember of admonition.”
(al-Quran 7:3)

That’s how it all started! Shaitan (the Devil) influenced Adam and Eve, and they disobeyed Allah’s commands. Both parties (Shaitan and Adam) were expelled from the Heaven. Allah forgave Adam/Eve after they repented and begged for His mercy. The whole mankind was commanded to follow the revelations sent by Allah for their welfare.

On the other side, Allah had a dialogue with Shaitan who insisted that Humans were ungrateful to their Lord, and were not better than him. He sought Allah’s permission to prove his point and Allah gave him the permission till the Day of Resurrection. Then Shaitan challenged:

ثُمَّ لَـأَتِيَنَّهُمْ مِّن بَيْنِ أَيْدِيهِمْ وَمِنْ خَلْفِهِمْ وَعَنْ
أَيْمَانِهِمْ وَعَن شَمَآئِلِهِمْ وَلاَ تَجِدُ أَكْثَرَهُمْ شَاكِرِينَ
"Then will I assault them from before them
and behind them, from their right and their left.
Nor will you find, in most of them, gratitude
(for your mercies)."
(al-Quran 7:17)

Allah declared that any human being who followed Shaitan, will accompany Shaitan to Hell. The deal was done! 
قَالَ ٱخْرُجْ مِنْهَا مَذْءُوماً مَّدْحُوراً لَّمَن تَبِعَكَ مِنْهُمْ
لَـأَمْلَـأَنَّ جَهَنَّمَ مِنكُمْ أَجْمَعِينَ
“(Allah) said: "Get out from this, disgraced
and expelled! If any of them follow you,
I’ll certainly fill Hell with you all.”
(al-Quran 7:18)

Everybody remembers this story. But the question is: Do we really remember this story in our everyday life?
No, we don’t. We disobey Allah’s commands every day. We hurt other human beings and violate others’ rights. We use all fair and unfair means for petty gains. In all this, we don’t remember Allah or His commands. But when our unfair tactics backfire and our disobedience bring us pain and punishment, we ask Allah to help us out.

How many times should Allah forgive our disobedience and unfairness (especially when we go back to it again and again)? Who are we fooling?

Today, all Muslim countries are being punished for Allah’s disobedience. Everybody knows that but they don’t want to change. They want easy life here and the Paradise in the Hereafter whether they merit it or not. They love ‘Haraam’ and ridicule ‘Halal’. That was the challenge Shaitan gave and he is proving his point too.

Man becomes a beast (an evil) under the influence of Shaitan. Even the killing and bloodshed don’t bother him. We see the proof of it today in the very world we live in. Man enslaves man; man kills man; man snatches food from the mouth of other man; man accumulates wealth and makes others to die poor and helpless; etc., etc.

The worst example is of those Muslim leaders who are killing Muslim population in other countries and helping the Zionists or the Kaafireen to achieve that goal (like Saudi Arabia bringing in Israel to bomb Yemen; Iraqis, Afghanis and Libyans bringing in US/EU troops to kill their own Muslim brothers just to stay in power, etc.).

The Zionists believe that Islam is the biggest hurdle in their campaign to control the entire world. So, they are trying to wipe out as many Muslims from the face of the earth as possible. Their stooges in Muslims countries are doing all they can to achieve that goal. Apart from that, American troops have been deployed all over the world.
From a simple ‘power’, America turned into a ‘super-power’, then ‘the super-power’ and lately ‘the Empire’ – An Evil Empire!

After World War-II the United States created the most extensive network of military bases ever, allowing for the deployment of Air & Naval Forces in moments.

No military in the history of the world
has been more widely deployed as the
United States. Currently, the United
States has military personnel deployed
in 150 countries and maintains about
900 bases worldwide.
This covers almost the entire world!
So, do you feel safe and protected now? 

Haaretz: Israel Tests
“Car Bomb” Sized Dirty Nuke
Posted by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on June 8, 2015
(From: VT Journal – Veterans Today)

The researchers explained that the experiments were purely for defensive purposes, not offensive ones.

Under the guise of “defense” against dirty bomb terrorism, Israel conducted up to 20 detonations of various configurations of micro and mini dirty bombs, nuclear weapons designed to cause maximum radiation poisoning.  This comes in the wake of the Yemen nuclear bombing that many feel was more likely Israel than Saudi Arabia.
Israel has admitted to a program using conventional explosives mixed with diluted radioactive material similar to what is found in an X-ray machine.

Those familiar with the program quickly dismiss the cheesy cover story about dirty bomb cleanup.  Unless a real test facility was built, simulating city condition in an exacting way, the entire concept is beyond absurd.  As a decontamination exercise, were one to accept the Haaretz article, this would be considered asinine.
Israel is the only nation that has neutron – enhanced radiation weapons in its nuclear inventory and is a non-signatory to any international weapons convention, land mines, poison gas or biological warfare.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.
Gordon Duff is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

How Israel Was Busted Nuking Yemen
Posted by Ian Greenhalgh on May 29, 2015

Israel nuked Yemen, period.
This is hard fact that has
been 100% confirmed.”

By now, every VT reader will be aware that Israel dropped a neutron bomb on Yemen on behalf of their Saudi allies. As well as the readers of VT, a billion Arabs also know this truth, every Arabic media outlet picked up the VT story as have the Russian outlets Pravda, Russia Today and Sputnik News. This story is too big to die, it is worldwide.

Israel nuked Yemen, period. This is hard fact that has been 100% confirmed.

Just watch the video, the scintillating pixels are caused by particles from the nuclear explosion hitting the camera’s sensor, there can be no other explanation; note the white hot ball of plasma seen briefly before the huge detonation.

(By simply pointing the camera at an explosive event it will immediately determine if it is nuclear or not. When the camera’s CCD pick up chip is overloaded by excess radiation it will pixelize showing white sparkles all over the picture of the fireball or blast image area.)
The demonstration video still was taken in Yemen this month. It is perhaps the best single demonstration image of ionizing radiation hitting a CCD receptor.  It is as perfect a demonstration of a nuclear explosion as detected using mobile phone or CCD camera technology, as explained above, as might be possible.

We are contacting scientists and physicists throughout the Middle east and Ukraine; we are distributing software that will allow us to detect not just nuclear weapons but radioactive threats of all kinds including polonium poisons; we are training teams to collect soil samples; preparing packages to allow medical personnel to screen for radioactive poisoning and we are offering materials for civil defense and decontamination efforts.

There has thus far been zero denial or refutation (other than by wingnuts and conspiracy theorists) of this having been a nuclear event nor has there been any effective denial of the pair of F-16A/Bs shot down over Yemen this week; planes which can only have belonged to Italy, Portugal or Israel, otherwise it came out of the mothballed stockpiles in the US southwest.

Russia speaks out:

As stated in Pravda today, the world’s scientific community is aghast that ‘the Saudis have begun to wipe Yemen off the map’, they get straight to the point by telling us that ‘shocking video reveals proton bombardment from a neutron bomb’ and that ‘forbidden strikes have brought about a storm of worldwide protest’ and might, I add, this wave of protest isn’t going to be silenced by a handful of internet trolls and unemployed Haifa housewives.

‘Obama has recently offered military assistance to any external threat the rich Arab Gulf States may face’, according to Pravda. Russia is not only certain after viewing the evidence, that this is a nuclear attack but they believe that the United States is fully complicit in it; where other sources have cited the Israeli-Saudi nexus, highest level Russian sources believe this irresponsible move is the result of Washington kow-towing to both Saudi Arabia and The Gulf States.

Was Syria Nuked in May 2013?
on June 4, 2015
(By Gordon Duff and Press TV)

Striking evidence of the use of American EPW (Earth Penetrating Weapons) nuclear weapons in Syria has come to light.
(Ball lightning from nuclear explosion, May 5, 2013 outside DamascusSyria)
Editor’s Note: We are going to stop and take a breath more frequently, and look back to older articles to remind new and old readers that a lot of these “current news” stories are continuations of older ones that VT has had its teeth in like a junkyard dog, for some time.
We also want to showcase the pitiful stand down that corporate media has taken on these public uses of nuclear weapons, when no World War is going on — the traditional kind anyway. And that said, if the powers that be have decided they want to engage in an ongoing undeclared world war, solely at their pleasure, why have all our international and civic organizations taken this lying down?

The worst contempt is reserved for the IAEA, who pretends to be policing nuclear proliferation, when it has a long history of only selectively doing so. And last, the public has abandoned itself, with no visible backlash effort whatsoever.
Sure, there has been almost no leadership to carry the flag for such an effort, but anyone even contemplating doing so could easily ask. “Where would the public support be for such an effort?”… Jim W. Dean 

Analysis shows Syria came under attack by Israel using, not just nuclear weapons, but an American nuclear bunker buster bomb, one of several supplied to Israel to use against Iran, one of the last acts of the Bush/Cheney administration.

Submitted for analysis, the footage was compared with tests of the 37,000-pound MOP (Massive Ordnance Penetrator), designed by Boeing to be used against Iran’s underground facilities.

There was no similarity whatsoever noted between the Syrian “event” and a conventional “bunker buster” including the GBU-57, the largest conventional weapon ever to be used.

More Proof:

Colonel James Hanke, former Defense Attaché and Liaison between the Pentagon and Netanyahu’s government, reviewed the footage. He indicated that the GBU-57 is considered too high a risk for use because of its danger to the earth’s crust.

“The Syrian/African fault-line spreads into Israel. Were it to be subjected to this kind of explosive power, the threat of an earthquake doing significant damage in Israel is a reality.
The nuclear bunker busters have far less penetrating power and, I am not saying that this was a nuclear device, not until more evidence is in, but the ‘event profile’ shows striking similarities.”
The other problem with the GBU-57 is delivery. Only two aircraft are capable of delivering this weapon, the B-52 and B-2 Stealth Bomber.

Collapse of US Air Force Command Structure:

Again thus, if an MOP were used, it could have only been delivered by the United States Air Force, an organization reeling from recent disasters within its own ranks after a second lapse in nuclear weapons security in a five-year period was discovered at Minot Air Force Base in South Dakota.
Seventeen officers have been removed, a “house cleaning” of unprecedented scale.
Back in 2008, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates ordered a restructuring of America’s nuclear security command after a 2007 incident at Minot.
A B-52 was loaded with thermonuclear weapons and flown off the base, violating 84 separate authorization protocols. The plane was later recovered over 1500 miles away under circumstances that have never been adequately explained. What is also not clear is whether the entire nuclear payload was recovered, complete and intact.

(Author’s note: And despite the above serious lapses, it’s ironic that they worry too much, looking for excuses, about the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear assets!).

Nuclear Use in Iraq Proven:

The most important consideration is whether any command organization, be it Israeli, American or any other, would be willing to use nuclear weapons. There is little question that their use has been advocated by both political and military leaders.
The prohibition has been the ability to conceal their use. Events in Iraq have proven such concealment to have worked effectively and when conclusive proof of nuclear weapons use was offered to the media and world scientific community, it was quickly “contained.”
On December 31, 2010, Dr. James Fetzer interviewed Dr. Chris Busby, a bio-medical studies professor at the University of Ulster, engaged in research on the use of Depleted Uranium (DU) in relation to birth defects in Iraqi children. What Dr. Busby found was startling:
The interesting thing about the uranium was that we were able to measure the isotopic ratio because we were interested to see whether it was, you know, natural uranium or was it DU, which is what we thought it would be.
But in fact it turned out to be slightly enriched uranium [with U-235], so, that is to say, it was manmade enriched uranium. Now enriched uranium is a material that should only be found in a nuclear power station or inside an atomic bomb.
So to find it in the hair of the parents of these children with congenital malformations was really astonishing.

So we then went to look to see how this could be, and to cut a long story short, we concluded from various patents from the US patent office that we received from physicists, that it was quite entirely likely that there was a new secret weapon being used, an anti-personnel weapon of some sort which contained enriched uranium or else generated enriched uranium. …the alternative – which is sort of science fictional and which is entirely possible –
I have to say, which is that they have developed a sort of neutron device which uses enriched uranium as part of its components to generate neutrons. And the way it does this is to dissolve tritium in uranium powder…

What Dr. Busby is describing is an Enhanced Radiation Weapon (ERW) or Neutron Bomb. Other variations in America’s secret nuclear arsenal included Minimal Residual Radiation (MRR) weapons.

Evidence of use of “special weapons”
has been found at the scenes of more
than one terror attack, Oklahoma
City, the World Trade Center (9/11),
Bali and several others.

The first hard evidence published
by qualified scientists involved Fallujah
(Iraq). However, use of nuclear weapons
in Iraq and Afghanistan, is said to be
relatively common.

Israel’s Bomb Inventory Scandal:

One of the greatest “non-secrets” of recent years involves the placement of Israel’s weapons inventory. In 1986, Israeli nuclear weapons technician, Modechai Vanunu, was kidnapped from Italy and taken to Israel where he has been held for over 25 years. His crime – reporting on Israel’s secret nuclear program at Dimona.

Cables released by Wikileaks revealed
that the United States had, in 2006, allowed
Libya to build a new chemical weapons facility.
What has not been “Wiki-leaked” is that, when
the facility was discovered after the fall of the
Gaddafi government, it was found to have
been run by the Israeli government. Since
those initial reports, nothing more has been
mentioned. It is very likely that this illegal
facility, inside Libya, is still in Israeli hands.

In June 2010, the USS Grapple, an American naval vessel with an “unspecified” foreign crew, docked at the port of Poti, in Georgia. Ten Israeli torpedo boats, similar to those that attacked the USS Liberty, escorted it. The ship’s cargo was bombs, including runway and area denial weapons along with the enhanced version of the BLU-113 “Super Penetrator,” a conventional bunker buster weapon weighting 4700 pounds.

Azerbaijani Ploy

These munitions were then transferred to weapons bunkers at a former Soviet airfield inside Azerbaijan where Israel had managed to sequester a number of attack aircraft.
These planes had flown on to Azerbaijan after taking part in joint operations between the Turkish and Israeli air forces.
After their presence was discovered, we have been told the Israeli planes returned home but there is no evidence that the munitions had been repatriated to either Israel or to the United States, their place of origin.


We know and can prove that advanced nuclear weapons have been used in the United States. We have evidence of their use elsewhere in recent years.
We also know that methodologies to conceal their use and manage press leaks have been very effective and have created a combat environment where the “nuclear option” is always “on the table.”
We also have film and photographs from Syria showing something we have no other explanation for. Would Israel use such weapons? Do they have the means? Do they have a motive? Have they had the opportunity? Do they have sufficient control of press organizations to encourage this kind of blatant recklessness?
I think we all know the answer.


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