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Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Biased Media Creates Hatred
Islam-phobia Is Being Promoted
With A Vicious Agenda

(M. Javed Naseem)

Hegemony of the world, control of the universe, one world – one government, new world order, etc. etc., these are the names of the same agenda, same plan, same project – and it’s a vicious agenda, vicious plan and vicious project being implemented by a vicious circle! They want to rule you and control you through fear!
Through terror and fear strategy, they want to scare you and convince you at the same time that if you give them more control of your lives, they’ll guarantee your safety and security. They are attacking you from all directions, on all fronts. Since the empire had slipped from their hands, they have come up with new scientific inventions, technological advancement, new gadgets and tools to get ‘inside’ you; get your private information/data and control you. With all your mobile phones, electronic gadgets, computers, tablets, internet and wi-fi, etc. they have enslaved you. Now you can’t run away, even if you wanted to. They even control your bank accounts and money. At many places, they don’t accept cash from you. They force you to use electronic means or paper-work. They have been working on a ‘security plan’ for you, since many years now, by which they’ll take away your arms/guns, your liberty and freedom, your civil rights and finally your ability to resist or fight back. The project is already in its final stage of implementation.

And you are still sleeping, having good times with valentines! Allah Hafiz!  

The words like democracy, free speech,
human rights, women’s liberty, secularism,
etc., are being abused, manipulated and
misinterpreted purposely to be used for a
vicious agenda by war-mongering, fear-
spreading and anti-minorities corrupt
corporate Western media.

The year 2015 started with a bang in Paris (Charlie Hebdo) and its echoes were heard in the next few days in many European capitals. And the wolves of vicious media were unleashed all over the world. They were shouting, screaming and reading whatever they were given to. You were caught off-guard. The same biased vicious media had been bashing Red-Indians, Chinese, Asians, Africans, Blacks, Latinos, and minorities. Only this time, they are targeting Muslims and their religion Islam. It’s an all-out war now!

Chapel Hill vs Copenhagen:
Which Is Terrorism?
Russell Brand’s “The Trews” (E257)
(Video link at the end of the page)

Russell Brand:
(As per Wikipedia)

Russell Edward Brand (born 4 June 1975) is an English comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist. In 2004, Brand achieved notoriety as the host of Big Brother's Big Mouth, a Big Brother spin-off. In 2007, he had his first major film role in St Trinian's. In 2008, he had a major role in the romantic comedy-drama Forgetting Sarah Marshall; He played the title character of the 2011 remake of the romantic comedy Arthur.
Brand has received media coverage for controversies such as his dismissal from MTV, his behavior as a presenter at various award ceremonies, and his drug use. In 2008, he resigned from the BBC following prank calls he made to actor Andrew Sachs on The Russell Brand Show. He has incorporated his drug use, alcoholism, and promiscuity into his comedic material.
Since guest editing an edition of the New Statesman, a British weekly magazine, Brand has become known as an activist and campaigner. This includes a much publicized interview with Newsnight host Jeremy Paxman in 2013, in which he encouraged the British electorate not to vote and endorsed a system based on the 'massive redistribution of wealth' to replace the status quo.
(Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Russel Brand wrote an article expressing his feelings on the brutal events unveiling the new year 2015, in European capitals. Here are some excerpts:

“I don’t know much about Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine where the murders took place. As a believer in God I respect the beliefs of all faiths, as a human being I respect freedom of speech. Where do we go then beyond fear and condemnation, cowed in the  valley of the shadow of death two weeks into 2015?”
“How can any spiritual scripture be used as justification for mass murder? How can the tenet that The Prophet ought never be depicted ever override Islam’s most mundane greeting AsSalaam alaikum – “peace and mercy be upon you”? It can’t and it doesn’t.
The young, bewildered, pitiable men that carry out these atrocities probably at the behest of older, power hungry men do not speak for Islam or Muhammad or Allah.
This language has nothing to do with the God I believe in or the God any of the Muslims I know believe in.”

“These men of murder are the symptom of a creed that lies as far away from God as is possible to conceive and do not represent Islam anymore than George Bush, Tony Blair and Halliburton represented Christianity, or ordinary, secular Europeans and Americans when they profited from the bombing of innocent Iraqis.”

“I suppose there will now be calls to curb
our freedom. There will be tension and fear
in mixed communities like the one I live in,
there will be a temptation to generalise
and damn in the bleak and monotonous
tears of these insistent tragedies.”

“The awful fact is that violence of this type is almost impossible to stop. If any of us decide to yield to the terror within us and inflict violence, misguidedly or arbitrarily then how can it be prevented? More gates and bars and guards? More spying and borders and hate? More division and suspicion and derision? That is the philosophy that got us here.”

“The only answer is in the territory of the spirit, in the deep interconnectedness within us all. In the acceptance that all action on this plane is the manifestation of an inner realm and violence of an inner malady. Our only hope is compassion and love. To marshal  vigorously the only terror and violence we can absolutely control; that which is within us individually.”

“I don’t mean this in a wet, liberal “kumbaye ah me lord” type way. I am saying that we must love as passionately as they hate. We must respect as vehemently as they desecrate. It is not easy to be peaceful and loving in the face of dreadful violence but it’s all we have.”

“The reason I feel frightened by tragedies such as this is because I think there’s nothing I can do, but there is. I can love and tolerate and reach across the fear. In places where secular and religious folk live together we have got to start observing the main message of every scripture; “be nice”.

“All the other stuff is speculation; which book is best, which God is the most mighty. None of us know what’s beyond the sensory realm, this tiny sliver of material life strewn within the infinite. But we each have the power to create heaven or hell here on Earth, extremists on all sides are clear in their intentions and actions, we, the vast, powerful majority, Christians, Muslims, atheists and Undecideds have to be more committed and more determined. We must love life more than they love death. We must love each other more than they hate, in God’s name, in Allah’s name in Charlie’s name, in all our names.”

Chapel Hill Vs Copenhagen:
Which Is Terrorism?
Russell Brand
(The Trews (E257)

Russel Brand talks about the disparity in handling of two acts of terrorism by the biased and prejudiced Western media – one in Copenhagen (Denmark) and the other in Chapel Hill (USA). Watch his video show called ‘The Trews’ here:


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