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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Jesus on Muhammad (s.a.w.)



(By: M. Javed Naseem)

Jesus, the son of Mary, showed great respect for Prophet
Muhammad (s.a.w.) and always referred to him as
the ‘Messenger of God’ in the Bible (The Gospel of Barnabas).
He told his disciples that the soul of Muhammad (s.a.w.) was
created and kept in a celestial splendor by God sixty thousand
years before God created anything.
Jesus gave the good news of the arrival of Muhammad (s.a.w.)
(in different chapters of the Gospel) and told his disciples that
Muhammad (s.a.w.) was ‘created before him but shall come in
the world after him’. He would destroy all the idols and proclaim
the Religion of God (Islam) in the world.
Here are some excerpts from the Gospel of Barnabas where Jesus
talks about Muhammad (s.a.w.). Chapter 39:
‘Then said John: “Well have you spoken, O master, but we lack
to know how man sinned through pride.” Jesus answered: “When
God has expelled Satan, and the angel Gabriel had purified that
mass of earth whereon Satan spat, God created everything that
lives, both of the animals that fly and of them that walk and
swim, and he adorned the world with all that it has. One day
Satan approached to the gates of paradise, and, seeing the horses
eating grass, he announced to them that if that mass of earth
should receive a soul there would be for them grievous labour;
and that therefore it would be to their advantage to trample that
piece of earth in such wise that it should be no more good for
‘The horses aroused themselves and impetuously set themselves
to run over that piece of earth which lay among lilies and roses;

whereupon God gave spirit to that unclean portion of earth upon
which lay the spittle of Satan, which Gabriel had taken up from
the mass; and raised up the dog, who, barking filled the horses
with fear, and they fled. Then God gave his soul to man, while
all the holy angels sang: “Blessed be your holy name, O God
our Lord.” Adam, having sprung upon his feet, saw in the air a
writing that shone like the sun; which said: “There is only one
God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God” (La ilaha illa-
Allah, Muhammad-ur Rasool-Allah).
Whereupon Adam opened his mouth and said: “I thank you, O
Lord my God, that you have deigned to create me; but tell me. I
pray you, what means the message of these words: Muhammad is
Messenger of God. Have there been other men before me?” Then
said God: “Be you welcome, O my servant Adam. I tell you
that you are the first man whom I have created. And he whom
you have seen (mentioned) is your son, who shall come into the
world many years hence, and shall be my Messenger, for whom
I have created all things; who shall give light to the world when
he shall come; whose soul was set in a celestial splendour; sixty
thousand years before I made any thing.”
Adam besought God, saying: “Lord, grant me this writing upon
the nails of the fingers of my hands.” The God gave to the first
man upon his thumbs that writing; upon the thumb-nail of the
right hand it said: “There is only one God” (La ilaha illa-Allah),
and upon the thumb-nail of the left it said: “Muhammad is
Messenger of God” (Muhammad-ur Rasool-Allah). Then with
fatherly affection the first man kissed those words, and rubbed
his eyes, and said: “Blessed be that day when you shall come to
the world”.
That happened in the beginning when Allah had just created
Adam, according to the Gospel. Later, when Allah commanded
all, those who were present, to bow down in prostration (Sajdah)
in front of Adam, Satan showed his arrogance declaring that he
was superior and Adam was inferior, therefore, he refused to
bow down. At this point he was cursed by Allah and expelled

from Heaven. Adam and Eve were also punished and expelled.
They were sent down to earth. The expulsion must have been
devastating for Adam and Eve but Allah forgave them and
consoled them. Jesus narrates this instance to his disciples in
Chapter 41 of the Gospel:
‘… Then said God: “Depart, cursed one, from my presence!”
Then Satan departed, and God said to Adam (and) Eve, who
were both weeping: “Go forth from paradise, and do penance,
and do not let your hope fail, for I will send your son so that your
seed shall lift the dominion of Satan from off the human race; for
I will give all things to he who shall come, my Messenger.”
‘God hid himself (from Adam and Eve), and the angel Michael
drove them forth from paradise. Then Adam, turning around, saw
written above the gate: “There is only one God, and Muhammad
is Messenger of God” (La ilaha illa-Allah, Muhammad-ur
Rasool-Allah). Weeping, he said: “May it be pleasing to God, O
my son, that you come quickly and draw us out of misery”. And
thus, said Jesus, Satan and Adam sinned through pride, the one
by despising man, the other by wishing to make himself equal
with God.’
That proves that all the angels and the Jinns, Satan being their
chief, were aware of the coming of the last Messenger of God,
Muhammad (s.a.w.). Not only that, but all the prophets and the
messengers also had the knowledge of it.
This is also very clear that all prophets/messengers were part
of the same project that was completed with Muhammad’s
(s.a.w.) Ummah. They believed and preached the same religion
which was not other than Islam. They were all Muslims. Islam
is Allah’s religion. Every time when people, under the influence
of Satan, deviated from Islam and started worshipping Devil’s
religion (under different names), Allah sent a prophet/messenger
to guide and warn them.
Today, people talk of the similarities among different religions.
The parts that have not been changed by humans, remained
similar to Islam; and the commands that were a bit difficult to

implement or hard to obey, were modified, edited or altogether
replaced to make things easier for the followers. That happened
many times in the history of mankind, therefore, there are
hundreds of religions. And the funny thing is that every religion
claims to be based on truth.
The truth does not need to find any similarities in the falsehood.
On the contrary, it is the falsehood that ‘needs’ such similarities
to prove its authenticity. The truth is truth! It comes from God
and will always prevail.
When the chiefs of the priests from different towns came
together to ask Jesus whether he was the Messiah, Jesus denied
it in front of his disciples and clarified the misconception. He
talked about the Messenger of God (Muhammad, s.a.w.).
Chapter 42 of the Gospel starts like this:
‘Then the disciples wept after this discourse, and Jesus was
weeping, when they saw many who came to find him, for the
chiefs of the priests took counsel among themselves to catch
him in his talk. Wherefore they sent the Levites and some of the
scribes to question him, saying: “Who are you?”
Jesus confessed, and said the truth: “I am not the Messiah.”
They said: “Are you Elijah or Jeremiah, or any of the ancient
prophets?” Jesus answered: “No”. Then said they: “Who are
you? Say, in order that we may give testimony to those who sent
us”. Then Jesus said: “I am a voice that cries through all Judea,
and cries: “Prepare you the way for the messenger of the Lord”
even as it is written in Esaias.’
They said: “If you be not the Messiah nor Elijah, or any prophet,
wherefore do you preach new doctrine, and make yourself of
more account than the Messiah?” Jesus answered: “The miracles
which God works by my hands show that I speak that which God
wills; nor indeed do I make myself to be accounted as him of
whom you speak. For I am not worthy to unloose the ties of the
hosen or the ratchets of the shoes of the Messenger of God whom
you call “Messiah”, who was made before me, and shall come
after me, and shall bring the words of truth, so that his faith shall

have no end.’
I’ll remind you once again that Jesus refers to Prophet
Muhammad (s.a.w.) as the ‘Messenger of God’. In Chapter 43 of
the Gospel, we find these paragraphs:
‘… Then said Andrew: “You have told us many things of the
Messiah, therefore of your kindness tell us clearly all”. And in
like manner the other disciples besought him.’
‘Accordingly Jesus said: “Everyone that works, works for an
end in which he finds satisfaction. Wherefore I say to you that
God, truly because he is perfect, has not need of satisfaction,
seeing that he has satisfaction himself. And so, willing to work,
he created before all things the soul of his Messenger, for whom
he determined to create the whole, in order that the creatures
should find joy and blessedness in God, whence his Messenger
should take delight in all his creatures, which he has appointed to
be his slaves. And wherefore is this, so save because thus he has
‘Truly I say to you, that every prophet when he is come has
borne to one nation only the mark of the mercy of God. And
so their words were not extended save to that people to which
they were sent. But the Messenger of God, when he shall come,
God shall give to him as it were the seal of his hand, insomuch
that he shall carry salvation and mercy to all the nations of the
world that shall receive his doctrine. He shall come with power
upon the ungodly, and shall destroy idolatry, insomuch that he
shall make Satan confounded; for so promised God to Abraham,
saying: “Behold, in your seed I will bless all the tribes of the
earth; and as you have broken in pieces the idols, O Abraham;
even so shall your seed do.”
‘James answered: “O master, tell us in whom this promise was
made; for the Jews say “in Isaac”, and the Ishmaelite say ‘in
Ishmael”. Jesus answered: David, whose son was he, and of
what lineage?” James answered: “O Isaac; for Isaac was father
of Jacob, and Jacob was father of Judah, of whose lineage is

‘Then Jesus said: “And the Messenger of God when he shall
come, of what lineage will he be?” The disciples answered: “Of
David”. Whereupon Jesus said: “You deceive yourselves;
for David in spirit calls him lord, saying thus: God said to
my lord, sit you on my right hand until I make your enemies
your footstool. God shall send forth your rod which shall have
lordship in the midst of your enemies. If the Messenger of God
whom you call Messiah were son of David, how should David
call him lord? Believe me, for truly I say to you, that the promise
was made in Ishmael, not in Isaac.”
Here, Jesus has clarified the confusion or misconception
about the lineage of Muhammad (s.a.w.). He declared that the
Messenger of God (Muhammad, s.a.w.) would be a descendant
of Ishmael and not Isaac.
In another part of the Gospel (Chapter 44), we find this
passage in which Jesus is talking to his disciples about Prophet
Muhammad (s.a.w.):
‘I therefore say to you that the Messenger of God is splendour
that shall give gladness to nearly all that God has made, for he is
adorned with the spirit of understanding and of counsel, the spirit
of wisdom and might, the spirit of fear and love, the spirit of
prudence and temperance, he is adorned with the spirit of charity
and mercy, the spirit of justice and piety, the spirit of gentleness
and patience, which he has received from God three times more
than he has given to all his creatures.’
‘O blessed time, when he shall come to the world! Believe me
that I have seen him and have done him reverence, even as
every prophet has seen him; seeing that of his spirit God gives
to them prophecy. And when I saw him my soul was filled with
consolation, saying: “O Muhammad, God be with you, and may
he make me worthy to untie, your shoe-latchet, for obtaining this
I shall be a great prophet and holy one of God”. And having said
this, Jesus rendered his thanks to God.’

Jesus talks about the Resurrection Day (Chapters 53 & 54 of the
Gospel of Barnabas). He narrates the proceedings of that day to
his disciples. Here is an excerpt from Ch. 54:
‘When these signs be passed, there shall be darkness over the
world forty years, God alone being alive, to whom be honour
and glory forever. When the forty years have passed, God shall
give life to his Messenger, who shall rise again like the sun, but
resplendent as a thousand suns. He shall sit, and shall not speak,
for he shall be as it were beside himself. God shall raise again the
four angels favoured of God, who shall seek the Messenger of
God, and, having found him, shall station themselves on the four
sides of the place to keep watch upon him.’
‘Next shall God give life to all the angels, who shall come like
bees circling round the Messenger of God. Next shall God give
life to all his prophets, who, following Adam, shall go every one
to kiss the hand of the Messenger of God, committing themselves
to his protection. Next shall God give life to all the elect, who
shall cry out:
“O Muhammad be mindful of us!” At whose cries pity shall
awake in the Messenger of God, and he shall consider what he
ought to do, fearing for their salvation.’
‘… After this shall God cause Satan to be raised up, at whose
aspect every creature shall be as dead, for fear of the horrid form
of his appearance. May it please God, said Jesus, “that I behold
not that monster on that day. The Messenger of God alone shall
not be affrighted by such shapes, because he shall fear God
Jesus continues explaining the proceedings of the Judgment Day.
In Chapter 55, we find this text:
‘The Messenger of God shall go to collect all the prophets, to
whom he shall speak praying them to go with him to pray God
for the faithful. And every one shall excuse himself for fear; nor,
as God lives, would I go there, knowing what I know. Then God,
seeing this, shall remind his Messenger how he created all things
for love of him, and so his fear shall leave him, and he shall

go near to the throne with love and reverence, while the angels
sing: “Blessed be your holy name O God, our God.”
‘And when he has drawn near to the throne, God shall open (his
mind) to his Messenger, even as a friend to a friend when for
a long while they have not met. The first to speak shall be the
Messenger of God, who shall say: “I adore and love you, O my
God, and with all my heart and soul I give you thanks for that
you did vouchsafe to create me to be your servant, and made all
for love of me, so that I might love you for all things and in all
things and above all things; therefore let all your creatures praise
you, O my God.” … ‘And God shall speak to his Messenger,
saying: “You are welcome, O my faithful servant; therefore ask
what you will, for you shall obtain all.” The Messenger of God
shall answer: “O Lord, I remember that when you did create me,
you said that you had willed to make for love of me the world
and paradise, and angels and men, that they might glorify you by
me your servant. Therefore, Lord God, merciful and just, I pray
you that you recollect your promise made to your servant.”
‘And God shall make answer even as a friend who jests with
a friend, and shall say: “Have you witnesses of this, my
friend Muhammad?” And with reverence he shall say: “Yes,
Lord.” Then God shall answer: “Go call them, O Gabriel.”
The angel Gabriel shall come to the Messenger of God, and
shall say: “Lord, who are your witnesses?” The Messenger
of God shall answer: “They are Adam, Abraham, Ishmael,
Moses, David, and Jesus son of Mary.” Then shall the angel
depart and he shall call the aforesaid witnesses, who with fear
shall go thither. And when they are present God shall say to
them: “Remember you that which my Messenger affirms?” They
shall reply: “What thing, O Lord?” God shall say: “That I have
made all things for love of him, so that all things might praise me
by him.”
‘Then every one of them shall answer: “There are with us
three witnesses better than we are, O Lord.” And God shall
reply: “Who are these three witnesses?” Then Moses shall

say: “The book that you gave to me is the first”; and David shall
say: “The book that you gave to me is the second”; and he who
speaks to you shall say: “Lord the whole world, deceived by
Satan, that I was your son and your fellow, but the book that
you gave me said truly that I am your servant; and that book
confesses that which your Messenger affirms”. Then shall the
Messenger of God speak, and shall say: “Thus says the book that
you gave me O Lord”.
‘And when the Messenger of God has said this, God shall speak,
saying: “All that I have now done, I have done in order that
every one should know how much I love you”. And when he has
thus spoken, God shall give to his Messenger a book, in which
are written all the names of the elect of God. Wherefore every
creature shall do reverence to God, saying: “To you alone O
God, be glory and honour, because you have given us to your
Jesus continues narrating the proceedings of the Judgment Day
and we find these passages in Chapter 56 of the Gospel:
‘God shall open the book in the hand of his Messenger, and his
Messenger reading therein shall call all the angels and prophets
and all the elect, and on the forehead of each one shall be written
the mark of the Messenger of God. And in the book shall be
written the glory of paradise.’
‘Then shall each pass to the right hand of God; next to whom
shall sit the Messenger of God, and the prophets shall sit near
him, and the saints shall sit near the prophets, and the blessed
near the saints, and the angel shall then sound the trumpet, and
shall call Satan to judgment.’
There is another reference in the Gospel of Barnabas (Chapter
72) about the arrival of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.). Jesus tells
his disciples:
‘… As for me, I am now come to the world to prepare the way
for the Messenger of God, who shall bring salvation to the world.
But beware that you be not deceived, for many false prophets
shall come, who shall take my words and contaminate my

‘Then said Andrew: “Master tell us some sign, that we may
know him”. Jesus answered: “He will not come in your time,
but will come some years after you, when my gospel shall be
annulled, insomuch that there shall be scarcely thirty faithful.
At that time God will have mercy on the world, and so he will
send his Messenger, over whose head will rest a white cloud,
whereby he shall be known of one elect of God, and shall be by
him manifested to the world. He shall come with great power
against the ungodly, and shall destroy idolatry upon the earth.
And it rejoices me because that through him our God shall be
known and glorified, and I shall be known to be true; and he will
execute vengeance against those who shall say that I am more
than man.’
‘Truly I say to you that the moon shall minister sleep to him in
his boyhood, and when he shall be grown up he shall take her in
his hands. Let the world beware of casting him out because he
shall slay the idolaters, for many more were slain by Moses, the
servant of God, and Joshua, who spared not the cities which they
burnt, and slew the children; for to an old wound one applies fire.
He shall come with truth more clear than that of all the prophets,
and shall reprove him who use the world amiss. The towers of
the city of our father shall greet one another for joy; and so when
idolatry shall be seen to fall to the ground and confess me a man
like other men, truly I say to you the Messenger of God shall be
Now, here is something special, something extra-ordinary! Allah
has shown His mercy to Muslims by granting them the gift of
Ramadan, the holy month of blessings. The Holy Quran was
revealed to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) during that month.
There is a special night in the last part of that month which
has been declared by Allah as the ‘night better than a thousand
months’ (Lailat-al-Qadr). I was shocked (a pleasant shock) to
discover that Jesus talked to his disciples about a similar (or
the same?) night – the jubilee! He said that the ‘jubilee night’

came once every hundred years but during the time of Prophet
Muhammad (s.a.w.), it will appear every year. So, they decided
to pray all night instead of sleeping.
Here is an excerpt from the Chapter 83 of the Gospel:
‘After the prayer of midnight; the disciples came near to Jesus,
and he said to them: “This night shall be in the time of the
Messiah, Messenger of God, the jubilee every year that now
comes every hundred years. Therefore I will not that we sleep,
but let us make prayer, bowing our head a hundred times, doing
reverence to our God, mighty and merciful, who is blessed for
evermore, and therefore each time let us say: “I confess you our
God alone, that has not had beginning, nor shall ever have end;
for by your mercy gave you to all things their beginning, and
by your justice you shall give to all an end; that has no likeness
among men, because in your infinite goodness you are not
subject to motion nor to any accident. Have mercy on us, for you
have created us, and we are the works of your hand.”
We find Jesus talking about Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) in
Chapter 84 of the Gospel. It starts with Jesus and his disciples
praying and glorifying God for His mercy:
‘Having made the prayer, Jesus said: “Let us give thanks to God
because he has given to us this night great mercy; for that he has
made to come back the time that needs must pass in the night, in
that we have made prayer in union with the Messenger of God.
And I have heard his voice”. The disciples rejoiced greatly at
hearing this …’
Jesus talks about himself and Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) in
front of a huge gathering, in the presence of King Herod, the
Roman Governor and the high Priest. The occasion is described
in Chapters 93 to 97 of the Gospel of Barnabas. The priest asks
Jesus to clarify his position:
Chapter 93: … ‘The priest answered: “Now is Judea so greatly
moved over your signs and your teaching that they cry out that
you are God; wherefore, constrained by the people, I am come
here with the Roman Governor and King Herod. We pray you

therefore from our heart, that you will be content to remove
the sedition which is arisen on your account. For some say you
are God, some say you are son of God, and some say you are a
‘Jesus answered: “And you, O high priest of God, why have you
not quieted this sedition? Are you also perhaps, gone out of your
mind? Have the prophecies with the Law of God, so passed into
oblivion, O wretched Judea, deceived of Satan!”
Chapter 94: ‘And having said this, Jesus said again: “I confess
before heaven, and call to witness everything that dwells upon
the earth, that I am a stranger to all that men have said of me, to
wit, that I am more than man. For I am a man, born of a woman,
subject to the judgment of God; that live here like as other men,
subject to the common miseries. As God lives, in whose presence
my soul stands, you have greatly sinned, O priest, in saying
what you have said. May it please God that there come not
upon the holy city great vengeance for this sin”. Then said the
priest: “May God pardon us, and do you pray for us. Then said
the Governor and Herod: “Sir, it is impossible that man should
do that which you do; wherefore we understand not that which
you say”.
‘Jesus answered: “That which you say is true, for God works
good in man, even as Satan works evil. For man is like a shop,
wherein whoever enters with his consent works and sells therein.
But tell me, O Governor, and you O King, you say this because
you are strangers to our Law; for if you read the testament and
covenant of our God you would see that Moses with a rode
made the water turn into blood, the dust into fleas, the dew into
tempest, and the light into darkness. He made the frogs and mice
to come into Egypt; which covered the ground, he slew the first-
born, and opened the sea, wherein he drowned Pharaoh. Of these
things I have wrought none”.
“And of Moses, every one confesses that he is a dead man at
this present. Joshua made the sun to stand still, and opened the
Jordan, which I have not yet done. And of Joshua every one

confesses that he is a dead man at this present. Elijah made fire
to come visibly down from heaven, and rain, which I have not
done. And of Elijah every one confesses that he is a man. And (in
like manner) very man other prophets, holy men, friends of God,
who in the power of God have wrought things which cannot be
grasped by the minds of those who know not our God, almighty
and merciful, who is blessed for evermore”.
Chapter 95: ‘Accordingly the governor and the priest and the
king prayed Jesus that in order to quiet the people he should
mount up into a lofty place and speak to the people. Then went
up Jesus on to one of the twelve stones …’
Chapter 96: ‘When the prayer was ended, the priest said with a
loud voice: “Stay, Jesus, for we need to know who you are, for
the quieting of our nation”. Jesus answered: “I am Jesus, son of
Mary, of the seed of David, a man that is mortal and fears God,
and I seek that to God be given honour and glory”.
‘The priest answered: “In the Book of Moses it is written that our
God must send us the Messiah, who shall come to announce to us
that which God wills, and shall bring to the world the mercy of
God. Therefore I pray you tell us the truth, are you the Messiah
of God whom we expect?”
‘Jesus answered: “It is true that God has so promised, but indeed
I am not he, for he is made before me, and shall come after me”.
The priest answered: “By your words and signs at any rate we
believe you to be a prophet and an holy one of God, wherefore I
pray you in the name of all Judea and Israel that you for love of
God should tell us in what wise the Messiah will come”.
Chapter 97: ‘Jesus answered: “As God lives, in whose presence
my soul stands, I am not the Messiah whom all the tribes of
the earth expect, even as God promised to our father Abraham,
saying: “In your seed will I bless all the tribes of the earth”. But
when God shall take me away from the world, Satan will raise
again this accursed sedition, by making the impious believe that I
am God and son of God, whence my words and my doctrine shall
be contaminated, insomuch that scarcely shall there remain thirty

faithful ones; whereupon God will have mercy upon the world,
and will send his Messenger for whom he has made all things,
who shall come from the south with power, and shall destroy
the idols with the idolaters who shall take away the dominion
from Satan which he has over men. He shall bring with him the
mercy of God for salvation of them that shall believe in him, and
blessed is he who shall believe his words.’
“Unworthy though I am to untie his hosen, I have received grace
and mercy from God to see him”. Then answered the priest,
with the governor and the king, saying: “Distress not yourself,
O Jesus, holy one of God, because in our time shall not this
sedition be any more, seeing that we will write to the sacred
Roman senate in such wise that by imperial decree none shall
any more call you God or son of God”. Then Jesus said: “With
your words I am not consoled, because where you hope for light
darkness shall come; but my consolation is in the coming of the
Messenger, who shall destroy every false opinion of me, and his
faith shall spread and shall take hold of the whole world, for so
has God promised to Abraham our father. And that which gives
me consolation is that his faith shall have no end, but shall be
kept inviolate by God”.
‘The priest answered: “After the coming of the Messenger of
God shall other prophets come?” Jesus answered: “There shall
not come after him true prophets sent by God, but there shall
come a great number of false prophets, whereat I sorrow. For
Satan shall raise them up by the just judgment of God, and they
shall hide themselves under the pretext of my gospel”. Herod
answered: “How is it a just judgment of God that such impious
men should come?”
‘Jesus answered: “It is just that he who will not believe in the
truth to his salvation should believe in a lie to his damnation.
Wherefore I say to you, that the world has ever despised the
true prophets and loved the false, as can be seen in the time of
Micaiah and Jeremiah. For every like loves his like”.

‘Then said the priest: “How shall the Messiah be called, and
what sign shall reveal his coming?” Jesus answered: “The name
of the Messiah is admirable, for God himself gave him the
name when he had created his soul, and placed it in a celestial
splendour. God said: ‘Wait Muhammad; for your sake I will to
create paradise, the world, and a great multitude of creatures,
whereof I make you a present, insomuch that whoever shall
bless you shall be blessed, and whoever shall curse you shall
be accursed. When I shall send you into the world I shall send
you as my Messenger of salvation, and your word shall be true,
insomuch that heaven and earth shall fail, but your faith shall
never fail’. Muhammad is his blessed name”. Then the crowd
lifted up their voices, saying: “O God send us your Messenger; O
Muhammad, come quickly for the salvation of the world!”
Jesus also talks about Faith (religion) and he confirms that the
religion prescribed by God was the same that was given to the
Messenger of God (Muhammad, s.a.w.). And if the religion of
Muhammad (s.a.w.) is Islam, same is true for Jesus himself and
other prophets. I have proved in this booked that all prophets
practiced and preached Islam. This is the religion God ordained.
Everything else is either from Satan or the pagans.
In the Gospel of Barnabas, we find many references to prayers;
like dawn prayer, morning prayer, midday prayer, evening/sunset
prayer, midnight prayer, etc. Muslims have the same or similar
prayers to perform. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 90 of the
Gospel that refers to ‘Fajr’ (dawn) prayer. The passage also
confirms the religion of Muhammad (s.a.w.) and other prophets.
Jesus declares that there is only ONE faith:
‘When the prayer was done, his disciples again drew near to
Jesus, and he opened his mouth and said: “Draw near, John,
for today will I speak to you of all that you have asked. Faith
is a seal whereby God seals his elect; which seal he gave to his
Messenger, at whose hands every one that is elect has received
the faith. For even as God is one, so is the faith one. Wherefore
God, having created before all things his Messenger, gave to him

before aught else the faith which is as it were a likeness of God
and of all that God has done and said. And so the faithful by faith
sees all things better than one sees with his eyes; because the
eyes can err; no they do almost always err; but faith errs never,
for it has for foundation God and his word. Believe me that by
faith are saved all the elect of God. And it is certain that without
faith it is impossible for any one to please God.’
Is there any doubt left now about the faith of the prophets and the
Death penalty decreed for violators:
On the request of the high priest, as recommended by the Roman
governor, the Roman senate declared that Jesus, the son of Mary,
was a prophet of the Jews, and was neither God nor the son of
God. The penalty of death was decreed for those who believed
otherwise. This fact has been mentioned in Chapter 98 of the
Gospel of Barnabas that starts with these words:
‘And having said this, the multitude departed with the priest and
the governor with Herod, having great disputations concerning
Jesus and concerning his doctrine. Whereupon the priest
prayed the governor to write to Rome to the senate the whole
matter, which thing the governor did; wherefore the senate had
compassion on Israel, and decreed that on pain of death none
should call Jesus the Nazarene, prophet of the Jews, either God
or son of God. Which decree was posted up in the Temple,
engraved upon copper.’
Man has been fooling around with scriptures for centuries. The
holy Word of God has been changed by people to suit their
desires and lifestyles. People of the Book have been blaming the
Romans for every evil custom and ritual but the Romans did a
great favor to the believers. They put things straight and even
issued an imperial decree. It is that some Jews and Christians
wanted to believe otherwise, disregarding the Law of God, and
eventually crucified Jesus. The friends of devil disguised as
friends of Moses and Jesus!


“Whoever hates the creature, hates also the Creator.”
---- (Jesus Christ)


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