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Friday, 2 December 2016

BLACK DAY FOR PALESTINE: Remembering 29th November, 1947.

Remembering 29th November, 1947
The Black Day For Palestine!

Anglo-American Block
Created Israel
On Palestinian Land

(This was the original proposed partition plan)
On 29th November, 1947, the United Nations
General Assembly voted 33 to 13,
with 10 abstentions and one absent,
in favor of the modified
Palestine Partition Plan. And
Israel was officially created!

(And this is actual real-life partition of today. The Green (Palestine) disappears.)
America and Britain created Israel and they cross the line of all ethics, decency, reason and logic in supporting their illegitimate child. Recent American Presidents have followed the same pattern in policy as if Israel was dictating it to them. They don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed in taking an unreasonable stand on the Palestine-Israel issue.
Obama Administration's continued refusal to embrace the facts on the ground and condemn Israel for its ruthless killing of aid workers off the coast of Gaza highlights a fundamental problem with the way in which the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in America is portrayed. Since the mainstream media is owned or controlled by the Jews/Zionists, they are all doing the same anti-Palestine, anti-Arab (and now anti-Muslim) propaganda. The truth is snubbed.

In America and Britain, the premise upon which the Palestine-Israel debate is based on. is fundamentally flawed, and in some cases overtly racist. The American media and the intellectual classes operate within the ‘programmed logic’ that Israel is the victim of Arab aggression and is simply defending itself from hostile neighbors. The Muslim countries are anti-Semitic and hell bent on the destruction of Israel, therefore, they cannot be negotiated with. Israel, the story goes, is a democracy and an ally of the United States and, therefore, justified in anything it does to protect itself. This myth with all its bias prevails in the West.

Joseph Weitz:
In 1948, Joseph Weitz , director of the Jewish National Land Fund and head of the 3rd “Transfer Committee” stated:

“ We must direct our war towards the
removal of as many Arabs as possible
from boundaries of our state.”

Between 1947 and 1949, there were 45 reported massacres including the Yehida Massacre, Al-Sheikh Massacre, Beit Daras Massacre, Dahmesh Massacre, and the better known Deir Yassin Massacre, in which more than 250 people were murdered (25 pregnant women were bayoneted in the abdomen and 52 children were beheaded) as well as the Dawayma Massacre in which 100 people were killed, including children who were murdered by fracturing their heads with sticks.

Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli Prime Minister, 1993:

"No return to the 1967 borders!
No discussion on the Permanent Status (of a Palestinian State)!
No withdrawal from the Jordan Valley!
No negotiations with the PLO!
No to a Palestinian State”!
(Yitzhak Rabin. Israeli Prime Minister – 1993)


Theodor Herzl, Founder of Political Zionism, May 1896:
"Without preparation, I told [Michael von] Newlinsky that we imagine that Palestine would be given to us for £20 million ($100 million [in 1896]). Two million would be given to Palestine on the basis of the capitalization of its present [1896] yield of £80,000 annually. With the other £18 million, we should free Turkey from the Control Commission”.
(Theodor Herzl, founder of political Zionism, 1860 - 1904, from a Personal Diary entry 18th May, 1896).

“We shall endeavor to expel the poor population
(of Palestine) across the border unnoticed,
procuring employment for it in the transit
countries, but denying it any employment in our country”.
(Theodor Herzl, founder of political Zionism, 1860 - 1904,
from a Personal Diary entry 12th June, 1895).

“Israelis' policy is to confiscate Palestinian territory”
– Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter, ex-U.S. President:
“The pre-eminent obstacle to peace is Israel's colonization of Palestine. Israel's occupation of Palestine has obstructed a comprehensive peace agreement in the Holy Land, regardless of whether Palestinians had no formalized government, one headed by Yasser Arafat or Mahmoud Abbas, or with Abbas as president and Hamas controlling the parliament and cabinet."
(Jimmy Carter, U.S. President who negotiated the Camp David peace accord, 1979).

"Israel should end its blockade of Gaza, and Western countries should work to facilitate reconciliation between Hamas and their Palestinian rival, Fatah. As long as Gaza remains isolated, the situation in and around Gaza will remain volatile.
Israel's leaders don't want a Palestinian state,” Carter tells Metro in an exclusive interview.
The Israelis have continued with their massive settlement program in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and the Palestinians say they won't negotiate as long as Israel is continuing to take over their territory, so there's deadlock. The United States is looked upon by the rest of the international community as the primary interlocutor, so the European Union members don't take action. As a result, there's no intermediary who can move things forward and initiate peace talks.

I think the big change is that the Israeli leaders have decided to abandon the two-state solution. Their policy now is to confiscate Palestinian territory, and they've announced publicly that it the Palestinians have to recognize not just Israel but Israel as a Jewish state, even though 20% of the Israeli community is non-Jews.

Netanyahu has also decided that even the Jordan valley has to be under Israeli control. So, those factors indicate quite clearly that Netanyahu has decided that the two-state solution is not what he wants. He wants what is being called Greater Israel, Eretz Israel. That's a new development, and I think everyone recognizes this.
(Courtesy: The Huffington Post and Metro)

Nelson Mandela:
“The Palestinian state cannot be the by-product of the Jewish state, just in order to keep the Jewish purity of Israel. Israel’s racial discrimination is daily life of most Palestinians. Since Israel is a Jewish state, Israeli Jews are able to accrue special rights which non-Jews cannot do. Palestinian Arabs have no place in a “Jewish” state.
Apartheid is a crime against humanity. Israel has deprived millions of Palestinians of their liberty and property. It has perpetuated a system of gross racial discrimination and inequality. It has systematically incarcerated and tortured thousands of Palestinians, contrary to the rules of international law. It has, in particular, waged a war against a civilian population, in particular children.”

"If you want peace and democracy, I will support you.
If you want formal Apartheid, we will not support you.
If you want to support racial discrimination and
ethnic cleansing, we will oppose you."

(Memo to Thomas Friedman about Israel & Palestine, by Nelson Mandela, in Jefferson Corner - America's Speaker's Corner, 28 March 2001.)

George Galloway: Free Palestine!
"Free Palestine, Free Afghanistan, Free Speech" - George Galloway

George Galloway Speaking in Vancouver, British Columbia:

“The Palestinians are the victims of one of 
the greatest crimes of the 20th century 
now bleeding into the 21st century”.

“Israel has broken more U.N. Security Council
Resolutions than all the other countries of
the World combined. They have broken more
international law than all the countries
of the world put together.
The Palestinians who are the victims of terrorism
are called the terrorists, and the Israelis
who are the ‘Terrorists’ are referred to as
the victims by the  Zionist-controlled politicians
and Zionist-controlled media in the West.”
(Speech made at St. Andrew's Wesley United Church, Vancouver, Canada,
Monday, November 21, 2010).

Since the modern civilized world leaders are unable (or honestly unwilling) to solve this chronic problem, the world population, especially the Palestinians and Muslims, are now looking up to the heavens and begging God to intervene. With God, all things are possible. But we should know what happens when God intervenes and delivers justice!


Friday, 25 November 2016

JUSTICE PREVAILS Under Just Rulers Only. Message From The Quran & The Bible.

The Quran & The Bible Deliver
The Same Message of
Righteousness & Justice!

Justice Prevails Under
Just Rulers Only

Corruption Prevails Under
Corrupt Administrations.
If People Are Corrupt, They
Get Corrupt Leaders.

(M. Javed Naseem)

وَإِذَا قِيلَ لَهُمْ لاَ تُفْسِدُواْ فِى ٱلأَرْضِ قَالُوۤاْ إِنَّمَا نَحْنُ مُصْلِحُونَ
أَلاۤ إِنَّهُمْ هُمُ ٱلْمُفْسِدُونَ وَلَـٰكِن لاَّ يَشْعُرُونَ
“When it is said to them: ‘Make not mischief on
the earth,’ they say: ‘Why, we only want to make
peace!’ Of a surety, they are the ones who make
mischief, but they realize (it) not.”
(al-Quran 2:11-12)

Major religions of the world promote righteousness, social justice and compassion as envisaged by ONE God. But the men in power corrupted that system so that they (and their children too) could stay in power for as long as possible. The crooked gave it different names but the main purpose behind all those fancy names was to grab the power and plunder the wealth manipulating the poor or the weak. Later on, it got worse when, with emancipation, awareness and education, the masses started waking up and coming out in the streets to protest. They started demanding social justice and human rights. The people in power generally don’t like the criticism or opposition, therefore, they resort to violence, torture, shutting off general public by putting them in prisons, even killing them one way or the other so that they could prolong their tenure in power.

Allah commands you not to spread corruption
on the earth. Whatever is between Heavens and
the Earth, belongs to Allah. If you try to disrupt
or destroy the system of Nature, you are on your
way to self-destruction! You cannot be saved!

In today’s world, these greedy, corrupt and power-hungry people call themselves ‘politicians’. To them, politics means grinding your own axe by fooling people with empty promises, lies, deceptions and even betrayals.

Today’s World Leaders:

Our world leaders can more clearly be defined
as greedy, power hungry, criminal, psychopathic,
manipulative, and parasitic in nature. They cannot
lead us to the land of freedom, prosperity,
happiness and peace because they are not
sincere nor honest. They are incompetent,
inept and even inhuman!

The leaders of today are neither honest nor sincere with people. They don’t believe in any ideology. The only ideology they pursue is the money and power. They are not there to lead you to the land of freedom, happiness, success, prosperity and peace. They are out there to take control of your area, your town, your country, your continent and your planet. In other words, they want total control of your lives so that you cannot demand your rights, protest against injustice or suppression. They’ve got guns and bombs, armies of mercenaries to silence you, in case. They want to keep you as slaves!
If we look at the chaotic nature of today’s society and its obvious inequalities, it seems our world leaders are more clearly defined by terms such as greedy, power hungry, criminal, psychopathic, manipulative, and are overall, parasitic in nature. Obviously this is a blanket statement that doesn’t apply to every single person, as there as many honorable community leaders out there — but when we think of our leaders as a whole, in areas such as government, banking, entertainment, and big business, it’s hard not to come to such negative conclusions.
There is concern for justice in our world today. However, to achieve justice for the world, we must better understand how God views it. Here are some verses from the Quran and the Bible for a better understanding of God’s intentions.

إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ يَأْمُرُ بِٱلْعَدْلِ وَٱلإحْسَانِ وَإِيتَآءِ ذِى ٱلْقُرْبَىٰ
وَيَنْهَىٰ عَنِ ٱلْفَحْشَاءِ وَٱلْمُنْكَرِ وَٱلْبَغْىِ يَعِظُكُمْ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَذَكَّرُونَ
“Allah commands justice, the doing of good, and
liberality to kith and kin, and He forbids all shameful
deeds, and injustice and rebellion. He instructs you
that you may receive admonition.”
(al-Quran 16:90)

يَا أَيُّهَآ ٱلَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ كُونُواْ قَوَّامِينَ لِلَّهِ شُهَدَآءَ بِٱلْقِسْطِ
وَلاَ يَجْرِمَنَّكُمْ شَنَآنُ قَوْمٍ عَلَىۤ أَلاَّ تَعْدِلُواْ ٱعْدِلُواْ هُوَ أَقْرَبُ
لِلتَّقْوَىٰ وَٱتَّقُواْ ٱللَّهَ إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ خَبِيرٌ بِمَا تَعْمَلُونَ
“O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah, as
witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others
to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from
justice. Be just, that is next to piety, and fear Allah.
For Allah is well-acquainted with all that you do.”
(al-Quran 5:8)

لَقَدْ أَرْسَلْنَا رُسُلَنَا بِٱلْبَيِّنَاتِ وَأَنزَلْنَا مَعَهُمُ ٱلْكِتَابَ وَٱلْمِيزَانَ لِيَقُومَ ٱلنَّاسُ بِٱلْقِسْطِ
“We sent aforetime our messengers with clear Signs and
sent down with them the Book and the Balance (of Right
and Wrong), that men may stand forth in Justice…”
(al-Quran 57:25)

يَا أَيُّهَا ٱلَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ كُونُواْ قَوَّامِينَ بِٱلْقِسْطِ شُهَدَآءَ لِلَّهِ وَلَوْ
عَلَىۤ أَنْفُسِكُمْ أَوِ ٱلْوَالِدَيْنِ وَٱلأَقْرَبِينَ إِن يَكُنْ غَنِيّاً أَوْ فَقِيراً
فَٱللَّهُ أَوْلَىٰ بِهِمَا فَلاَ تَتَّبِعُواْ ٱلْهَوَىٰ أَن تَعْدِلُواْ وَإِن
تَلْوُواْ أَوْ تُعْرِضُواْ فَإِنَّ ٱللَّهَ كَانَ بِمَا تَعْمَلُونَ خَبِيراً
“O you who believe! Stand out firmly for justice, as
witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your
parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or
poor; for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the
lusts (of your hearts), lest you swerve, and if you
distort (justice) or decline to do justice, verily Allah
is well-acquainted with all that you do.”
(al-Quran 4:135)

وَإِنْ حَكَمْتَ فَٱحْكُمْ بَيْنَهُمْ بِٱلْقِسْطِ إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ يُحِبُّ ٱلْمُقْسِطِينَ
… If you judge, judge in equity between them.
For Allah loves those who judge in equity.”
(al-Quran 5:42)

إِنَّآ أَنْزَلْنَا إِلَيْكَ ٱلْكِتَابَ بِٱلْحَقِّ لِتَحْكُمَ
بَيْنَ ٱلنَّاسِ بِمَآ أَرَاكَ ٱللَّهُ وَلاَ تَكُنْ لِّلْخَآئِنِينَ خَصِيماً
“We have sent down to you the Book in truth, that
you may judge between men, as guided by Allah …”
(al-Quran 4:105)

وَتَمَّتْ كَلِمَةُ رَبِّكَ صِدْقاً وَعَدْلاً لاَّ مُبَدِّلَ لِكَلِمَاتِهِ وَهُوَ ٱلسَّمِيعُ ٱلْعَلِيمُ
“The word of your Lord does find its fulfillment in
truth and in justice. None can change His words, for
He is the One Who hears and knows all.”
(al-Quran 6:115)

وَقُلْ آمَنتُ بِمَآ أَنزَلَ ٱللَّهُ مِن كِتَابٍ وَأُمِرْتُ ِلأَعْدِلَ بَيْنَكُمُ
… Say: "I believe in the Book which Allah
has sent down; and I am commanded to judge
justly between you ...”
(al-Quran 42:15)

The Bible:

Psalms 33:5
“The Lord loves righteousness and justice, the earth is full of his unfailing love.”

Leviticus 19:15
“Do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great, but judge your neighbor fairly.”

Zechariah 7:9
This is what the Lord Almighty said: “Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another.”

Isaiah 1:17
“Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow!”

Luke 18:1-8
“Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. He said: ‘He said: In a certain town there was a judge who neither feared God nor cared what people thought. And there was a widow in that town who kept coming to him with the plea, ‘Grant me justice against my adversary.’ For some time he refused. But finally he said to himself, ‘Even though I don’t fear God or care what people think, yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will see that she gets justice, so that she won’t eventually come and attack me! And the Lord said, ‘Listen to what the unjust judge says. And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”

Isaiah 61:8-9
“For I, the Lord, love justice; I hate robbery and wrongdoing. In my faithfulness I will reward my people and make an everlasting covenant with them. Their descendants will be known among the nations and their offspring among the peoples. All who see them will acknowledge that they are a people the Lord has blessed.”

Micah 6:8
“He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

Psalms 37:27-29
“Turn from evil and do good; then you will dwell in the land forever. For the Lord loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones. Wrongdoers will be completely destroyed; the offspring of the wicked will perish. The righteous will inherit the land and dwell in it forever.”

Amos 5:24
But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!”

Hosea 12:6
“But you must return to your God; maintain love and justice, and wait for your God always.”

Fourteen hundred years ago these commands created a society where rich and poor, friend and foe, Muslim and non-Muslim, the ruler and the ruled, were all treated equally and all of them could count on receiving justice. The Qazis (judges) were independent and no one, including the Khalifah was above the law. If a dispute arose between the Khalifah and an ordinary person, both had to appear in court and provide their evidence. Islamic history is full of stories of this justice that filled the earth wherever Muslims ruled in their golden era.

What Is Justice In Islam?

إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ يَأْمُرُكُمْ أَن تُؤَدُّواْ ٱلأَمَانَاتِ إِلَىۤ أَهْلِهَا وَإِذَا حَكَمْتُمْ
بَيْنَ ٱلنَّاسِ أَن تَحْكُمُواْ بِٱلْعَدْلِ إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ نِعِمَّا يَعِظُكُمْ بِهِ
إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ كَانَ سَمِيعاً بَصِيراً
“Allah commands you to render back your Trusts
to those to whom they are due. And when you judge
between man and man, that you judge with justice.
Verily how excellent is the teaching which He gives
you! For Allah is He Who hears and sees all things.”
(al-Quran 4:58)

During The Time of The Prophet (s.a.w.):
Narrated An-Nu'man bin Bashir:
My mother asked my father to give me a gift from his property and he gave it to me after some hesitation. My mother said that she would not be satisfied unless the Prophet (s.a.w.) was made a witness to it. I being a young boy, my father held me by the hand and took me to the Prophet (s.a.w.). He said to the Prophet, ‘His mother, Bint Rawaha, requested me to give this boy a gift.’
The Prophet (s.a.w.) said, "Do you have other sons besides him?"
He said, "Yes." The Prophet (s.a.w.) said, "Don’t make me a witness to injustice.” 
(Narrated Ash-Shabi that the Prophet (s.a.w.) said, "I will not become a witness to injustice.”).
(Bukhari, Book 48,  Hadith No.818)

During The Time of Caliph Umar (r.a.a.):
Shurayh al-Qaadhi (the judge), narrates that Caliph Umar bin al-Khattaab (r.a.a.), bought a horse from a Bedouin, paid its price and rode off with it. However, after traveling a little distance, the Caliph noticed some kind of defect in the horse, so he returned to the seller and requested him to take it back since it was defective. The man refused, telling the Caliph that the horse was perfectly healthy when it was sold to him. Umar (r.a.a.) asked the man to choose a judge for resolving the dispute. The man suggested Shurayh ibn al-Haarith al-Kindi whom Umar (r.a.a.) accepted.
After the judge listened to the Bedouin’s testimony, he turned to Umar (r.a.a.), asking: “Was the horse normal and healthy when you bought it?”
Umar (r.a.a.) replied: “Yes, it was.”
Shurayh then said: “Then keep what you bought or return it as you took it.”
Umar (r.a.a.) looked at Shurayh in admiration and said: “That’s the way justice should be! I give you the position of Chief Justice of Koofah in Iraq.”
This is Islamic justice, an ordinary Bedouin taking the Caliph to court, deciding which judge to go to and the Caliph accepting the judge’s decision voluntarily.

During The Time of Caliph Ali (r.a.a.):
Ali ibn Abu Talib (r.a.a.) lost a shield that was dear to him and later found it in the hands of a non-Muslim who was selling it in one of Koofah’s markets. Ali (r.a.a.) recognized the shield and said: “This is my shield that fell off my camel on so and so night at such and such time.”
The man answered: “No, this is my shield because it is in my hand.”
Ali (r.a.a.) replied: “No, it is mine since I never sold it or gave it to anyone.”
They decided to take the matter to the Qadhi (judge) and went to the court of judge Shurayh. (This was the same judge who was appointed by Caliph Umar binn Al-Khattab (r.a.a.) many years ago). The judge asked Ali (r.a.a.) for his side of the story. Ali (r.a.a.) claimed that the shield was his and that he had found it with that man. It had fallen off his camel and he had never sold it or given it to anyone.
The judge turned to the other man asking his story. The man said that he did not accuse Ali (r.a.a.) of lying but the shield was his as it was in his hands.
Shurayh turned to Ali (r.a.a.) saying: “I believe you, but we need the testimony of two witnesses to back your story.”
Ali (r.a.a.) said that there was his aide Qanbar and his son Hassan with him, to which the man replied that a son could not testify for the benefit of his father.
Ali (r.a.a.) said: “My God! A man who is promised paradise cannot act as a witness! Have you not heard what the Prophet (s.a.w.) said that Hassan and Hussain would be the leaders of the youths of paradise?
Shurayh said: “Yes, I have, but a son cannot bear witness for his father.”
Then Ali turned to the man and said: “Keep the shield as I have no other witnesses.”
The man, who was a non-Muslim, then said: “O Ali, the shield is yours! What a great religion (Islam)! I can bring the Caliph to the court and get a judge to pass a decision for my benefit! I declare myself a Muslim.”
He told the judge that he was following the army and had seen the shield fall down and picked it up. Ali (r.a.a.) then told the man to keep the shield and, on top of that, he also gave him a horse. That incident changed the life of that man. Soon after, the man was seen under Ali (r.a.a.)’s leadership fighting the Khawaarij.
That’s called justice in Islam!

Islam has prepared its followers to follow this righteous instinct. It is a joy to our spirit to stand and think of the greatness of Islamic justice, how fair Islamic law is to individuals and groups, rulers and the ruled!


Friday, 18 November 2016

THREE CLASSES: Which Class Do You Belong To?

On The Day Of Judgment
You’ll Be Sorted Out In
Three Classes

1. The Foremost in Faith
2. Companions of the Right
3. Companions of the Left

Do You Know
Which Class You Belong To?

(M. Javed Naseem)

وَلَقَدْ صَرَّفْنَا فِى هَـٰذَا ٱلْقُرْآنِ لِلنَّاسِ مِن
كُلِّ مَثَلٍ وَكَانَ ٱلإِنْسَانُ أَكْثَرَ شَيْءٍ جَدَلاً
“We have explained in detail in this Quran, for
the benefit of mankind, every kind of similitude
but man is, in most things, contentious.”
(al-Quran 18:54)

In the Book (the Quran), Allah has made things very clear, straight and easy for us to understand and to follow in our daily life. Unfortunately, man has become crooked and always looks for excuses to not follow the Book. In today’s world, all the information, guidance and awareness is at your finger tips. So, there is no excuse for not doing your homework or research on any subject to dig out the truth.

When Allah is not happy with us, He sends us signals and warning signs so that we change our ways and get back to the right path. But if we continue to defy the nature and show our arrogance by spreading corruption and injustice in the world, Allah punishes us collectively, as a nation, by appointing a corrupt and unjust ruler upon us. Today, if we look around, we only see corrupt and unjust rulers. The solution does not lie in changing the corrupt or evil ruler. The real solution lies in changing ourselves for the better and getting back to the right path detailed for us by God.

ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ ٱلَّذِى أَنْزَلَ عَلَىٰ عَبْدِهِ ٱلْكِتَابَ وَلَمْ يَجْعَل لَّهُ عِوَجَا
قَيِّماً لِّيُنْذِرَ بَأْساً شَدِيداً مِّن لَّدُنْهُ وَيُبَشِّرَ ٱلْمُؤْمِنِينَ
ٱلَّذِينَ يَعْمَلُونَ ٱلصَّالِحَاتِ أَنَّ لَهُمْ أَجْراً حَسَنا مَّاكِثِينَ فِيهِ أَبَداً
“Praise be to Allah, Who has sent to His servant
the Book, and has allowed therein no crookedness.
(He has made it) straight (and clear) in order that
He may warn (the godless) of a terrible punishment
from Him, and that He may give Glad Tidings to
the believers who work righteous deeds, that
they shall have a goodly reward (Paradise),
wherein they shall remain for ever.”
(al-Quran 18:1-3)

Today, everybody knows (or claims to know) what is Right and what is Wrong. If people want, they can separate the Truth from the Lies. The Divine Truth in the form of the Quran is available to everybody for guidance. The only condition is the honesty, sincerity and the will to seek the guidance (the Truth). We make our own choices in life and we should be held responsible for those choices too. Similarly, we reap the rewards of these choices in this world and in the Hereafter. On the Day of Judgment, we would be answering to our Lord Creator for making these choices. It’s entirely up to us to accept or reject the message of Truth.

وَقُلِ ٱلْحَقُّ مِن رَّبِّكُمْ فَمَن شَآءَ فَلْيُؤْمِن وَمَن شَآءَ فَلْيَكْفُرْ إِنَّا
أَعْتَدْنَا لِلظَّالِمِينَ نَاراً أَحَاطَ بِهِمْ سُرَادِقُهَا وَإِن يَسْتَغِيثُواْ يُغَاثُواْ
بِمَآءٍ كَٱلْمُهْلِ يَشْوِى ٱلْوجُوهَ بِئْسَ ٱلشَّرَابُ وَسَآءَتْ مُرْتَفَقاً
“Say: ‘The truth is from your Lord’. Let him who
will believe, and let him who will, reject (it). For
the wrong-doers We have prepared a Fire whose
(smoke and flames), like the walls and roof of a
tent, will hem them in. If they implore relief they
will be granted water like melted brass, that will
scald their faces, how dreadful the drink!
How uncomfortable a couch to recline on!”
(al-Quran 18:29)

Good or Bad, Right or Wrong is the only measure on which our fate hangs on. Our actions speak for themselves and it should be very easy for us (and everybody else too) to ascertain where we are going and what class we belong to. Our good or bad actions will decide where we land after this worldly voyage. When the ‘Book of Guidance’ is freely and readily available to everybody, nobody can say: ‘I didn’t know’. It all depends on whether we are ‘willing’ to do good.

Don’t follow and compete with those who are
corrupt, live in huge mansions and palaces, and
don’t care about the poor and needy. They are
competing for Hell. Do not accompany them!

Eventually, it is the righteousness that will secure a place for you in Paradise. Nothing else matters. And righteousness includes everything the Almighty has commanded us to do and has forbidden us to do. In other words, it means His obedience.

The Premier Class: Those who try to please Allah the best possible way, by obeying all His commands, no matter what, they are in the special class. They have sacrificed most and have suffered most for His cause in this world. They are labeled the ‘Foremost in Faith’. They are the front-runners and they would be enjoying the best seats on the Day of Judgment. Allah is pleased with them and they would be treated like VIPs. Most of them would be early Muslims who suffered most and sacrificed their lives for the sake of establishing Islam and Allah’s way. They stayed away from sins and submit to the Will of God unconditionally. They are rightly called the ‘first and the foremost’.

وَكُنتُمْ أَزْوَاجاً ثَلاَثَةً فَأَصْحَابُ ٱلْمَيْمَنَةِ مَآ أَصْحَابُ ٱلْمَيْمَنَةِ
وَأَصْحَابُ ٱلْمَشْأَمَةِ مَآ أَصْحَابُ ٱلْمَشْأَمَةِ وَٱلسَّابِقُونَ ٱلسَّابِقُونَ
أُوْلَـٰئِكَ ٱلْمُقَرَّبُونَ فِى جَنَّاتِ ٱلنَّعِيمِ ثُلَّةٌ مِّنَ ٱلأَوَّلِينَ وَقَلِيلٌ مِّنَ ٱلآخِرِينَ
“And you shall be sorted out into three classes.
Then (there will be) the Companions of the Right
Hand; What will be the Companions of the Right
Hand? And the Companions of the Left Hand;
what will be the Companions of the Left Hand?
And those Foremost (in Faith) will be Foremost (in
the Hereafter). These will be those nearest to Allah,
in the Garden of Bliss; a number of people from
those of old, and a few from those of later times.”
(al-Quran 56:7-14)

The Regular Class: Most people in Paradise would be from the ‘regular’ class or as in the aviation industry ‘economy/passenger’ class. These are the people (hopefully) like you and me who got lucky with the Mercy and Grace of Allah; whose millions of sins were wiped off by Merciful Allah as a reward of one or more good deeds. We know that on the basis of our good deeds we don’t merit Paradise. We don’t qualify but still hope that our repentance (Istaghfaar) would win the Grace and Mercy of Allah, and His forgiveness will save us from the Hellfire. This group is labeled as ‘Companions of the Right’ – the people who tried to please Allah with all their limitations (sins). 

إِنَّ ٱلَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ وَعَمِلُواْ ٱلصَّالِحَاتِ إِنَّا لاَ نُضِيعُ أَجْرَ مَنْ أَحْسَنَ عَمَلاً
أُوْلَـٰئِكَ لَهُمْ جَنَّاتُ عَدْنٍ تَجْرِى مِن تَحْتِهِمُ ٱلأَنْهَارُ يُحَلَّوْنَ فِيهَا
مِنْ أَسَاوِرَ مِن ذَهَبٍ وَيَلْبَسُونَ ثِيَاباً خُضْراً مِّن سُنْدُسٍ وَإِسْتَبْرَقٍ
مُّتَّكِئِينَ فِيهَا عَلَى ٱلأَرَآئِكِ نِعْمَ ٱلثَّوَابُ وَحَسُنَتْ مُرْتَفَقاً
“As to those who believe and work righteousness,
verily We shall not suffer to perish the reward of
any who do a (single) righteous deed. For them
will be Gardens of Eternity; beneath them rivers
will flow; they will be adorned therein with
bracelets of gold, and they will wear green garments
of fine silk and heavy brocade: They will recline
therein on raised thrones. How good the recompense!
How beautiful a couch to recline on!”
(al-Quran 18:30-31)

The Condemned Class: The last group is called the ‘Companions of the Left’. They are the cursed ones, the rejected ones and those who did not believe in Allah, His dominion and the Day of Judgment. This group contains those who rejected or ignored Allah’s commands and preferred sinful life despite all warnings. This is going to be the biggest group of people and would also include tyrants, unjust rulers, kings, corrupt presidents & prime ministers along with their corrupt cronies and officials who took oath to serve mankind but ended up serving their own interests only. They ignored God in this world and God will ignore them in the Hereafter. People who disobeyed Allah, ridiculed His commands, enjoyed corruption, profited from injustice and never repented, would be in this class. They’ll burn in the Hellfire.

وَأَصْحَابُ ٱلشِّمَالِ مَآ أَصْحَابُ ٱلشِّمَالِ فِى سَمُومٍ وَحَمِيمٍ
وَظِلٍّ مِّن يَحْمُومٍ لاَّ بَارِدٍ وَلاَ كَرِيمٍ إِنَّهُمْ كَانُواْ قَبْلَ ذٰلِكَ مُتْرَفِينَ
وَكَانُواْ يُصِرُّونَ عَلَى ٱلْحِنثِ ٱلْعَظِيمِ
“The Companions of the Left Hand: What will be
the Companions of the Left Hand? (They will be)
in the midst of a Fierce Blast of Fire and in boiling
water, and in the shades of Black Smoke. Nothing
(will there be) to refresh, nor to please. For that
they were wont to be indulged, before that, in
wealth (and luxury), and persisted obstinately
in wickedness supreme!”
(al-Quran 56:41-46)

 We still have time to strive for a better class. It is now or never! With repentance we can win His forgiveness, and with sincere efforts to perform good deeds we can win His Mercy and Grace. And that’s the only shield of protection for us! Good luck!


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Fight Cancer / Diseases With
Natural Foods & Sport

You Are What You Eat!
Fruits & Vegetables Boost
Body’s Immune System

(M. Javed Naseem)

The Best Medicinal Foods Are:
Olive oil, Ginger, Garlic, Onions,
Honey, Fish, Nuts, Tomato, Green
Leafy Veggies, Green/Black Tea,
Turmeric (Haldi), Black Pepper,
Citrus Fruits and season’s Fruits

Man happens to be hasty, careless and not disciplined enough to get along with Nature. He can’t even keep the positive balance in his own activities and food intake with the result that he gets sick. Then he starts looking for the cure for his ailments – a magic in the name of cure that works faster, and ends up using chemical products and medicines that can eventually harm his body’s defense system.

God created man and provided him with cures for all his ailments and diseases, very close to him, in his own area, with local fruits, vegetables, herbs and water. But being so selfish, unappreciative and ungrateful, man always looks on the other side to find those cures and treatments. He forgets the very basic and simple fact that ‘if you eat healthy, you’ll stay healthy’. Eating healthy implies that you pay good attention to your food’s qualitative and quantitative aspects. Keep the balance! Plus (never miss this) sport! Any sporting activity along with healthy diet is essential to keep a healthy body and a healthy mind too! If you are not a sportsman, they simply jog, run or walk. You should walk at least 5km everyday to stay healthy.

Herbs and spices not only lend our foods good taste and flavor but also control the harmful elements that can disturb the normal functioning of our system. There are many herbs, spices and foods that are considered as ‘medicinal’ and ‘preventive’. They can save us from minor colds or headache to the extreme diseases like cancers and ulcers. Your food is your life-saver. You are what you eat!
Healing occurs from the inside out. There are countless healthy foods available to the average modern consumer. Many of these foods—grown locally, eaten in-season, and loaded with nutrients—can help you prevent illness and maintain a healthy body weight, immune system, and more. Some can simply be life-saving medicinal foods.

Lemon Tea (Green/Black)
Green and black teas both contain antioxidants, which may prevent cancer and other diseases. For years research focused on the health properties of green tea. Recent studies indicate that black tea has benefits as well. As a matter of fact, the only difference you feel is the flavor and color, so it's all about personal preference.

“Specific compounds found in lemons (and
other citrus fruits such as grapefruit and
oranges) known as flavonoids and limonoids
may either stop the formation and growth of
cancer cells, or will kill them outright.”


Tea is a tiny little leaf that packs a big health punch. All tea leaves contain flavonoids which are naturally occurring phytochemicals that have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants prevent free radical damage in your body which is thought to be the cause of many chronic diseases. The health benefits associated with drinking tea are numerous. So far we know that regular tea consumption may lower your blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, which can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. It may also reduce your risk of certain cancers (rectal, colon, skin) and is thought to aid in good oral and bone health. On top of all of that, it seems to support at healthy immune system and prevent neurological decline. To get all those benefits in one beverage is pretty amazing! Therefore, drink more tea (but not the Indo-Pak special ‘doodh-patti’ tea)! Use a tea-bag or one spoon loose-tea for one big cup/mug of hot boiling water with a slice of lemon in it for taste and nutrition! You can add sugar to your taste.

Lemon – The Miracle Fruit,
Contains 22 Anti-Cancer Compounds.
Lemon/Citrus Kills Cancer Cells.
It’s Said To Be ‘10,000 Times Stronger
Than Chemotherapy’!

Positive Findings:
Here is some latest information on the benefits of lemon to your health and its role in curing different ailments. Lemon is very cheap and easily available to the common man in all parts of the world.
The lemon tree is known for its varieties of lemon and lime. You can eat the fruit in different ways: you can eat the pulp, juice press, prepare drinks, sorbets, pastries, etc... It is credited with many virtues, but the most interesting is the effect it produces on cysts and tumors. This plant is a proven remedy against cancers of all types. 

Some say it is very useful in all variants of cancer. It is considered also as an anti-microbial spectrum against bacterial infections and fungi; effective against internal parasites and worms; it regulates blood pressure and acts as an anti-depressant; combats stress and nervous disorders. Moreover: 
It is antibacterial
It is antiviral
It aids in digestion
It can be used to treat acne
It helps regulate blood pressure
It fights against parasites and worms
It possesses antidepressant qualities
It helps reduce stress and anxiety

How To Use Lemon:
Just cut 2-3 thin slices of lemon and put it in a cup/jug containing drinking water.  The water will become "alkaline water". Drink for the whole day, just by adding more water. Take it as drinking water everyday. It is good for health.

The Antidote
Ancient Egyptians believed that eating lemons
and drinking lemon juice was an effective protection
against a variety of poisons and the recent scientific
research has confirmed this belief.


Hope-4-Cancer adds:
Dr. Subrata Chakravarty is the Chief Science Officer and member of the Hope4Cancer Executive Team. He writes:
With an increase in reporting by major media outlets discussing the many health benefits of various fruits and vegetables and how they play a part in fighting disease, you may have already heard that lemons cure cancer. While this isn’t completely factual, there have been several studies that purport to show a strong basis in using lemons for cancer treatment. It should also be noted that there are conflicting reports detailing that, while lemons and other citrus fruits do contain cancer-fighting properties, exactly how effective they are against particular types of cancer, has yet to be accurately determined.

Health Benefits of Lemon for Cancer
In addition to the Vitamin C found in lemon juice, which is already a very well known alternative cancer treatment in its own right, the peel of the lemon also offers many health benefits, one of the most important being that lemon peel can help to eradicate toxins in your body. This may be why lemons for cancer are being studied and touted as a great remedy.
The connection between cancer and lemons isn’t something new; for decades, scientists have wondered, “Is lemon a cancer killer?” and have developed numerous studies to determine its validity.
Studies have revealed that lemon extract can successfully destroy malignant cells in a wide range of cancers, including breast cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer. Several research studies also make the claim that lemons can destroy cancer much more effectively than chemotherapy, and in a safer and healthier manner. Additionally, the studies also show that lemon extract therapy only affects malignant cells, leaving healthy cells unharmed.

Lemon for Cancer:
How Much Do I Need to Consume?

So the question you may be asking yourself is, “Do lemons cure cancer and how much lemon do I need to consume on a daily basis?” Before answering this question, it must first be noted that while numerous studies have shown effectiveness in the consumption of lemons as a cancer killer, and is still undergoing a variety of testing and research to even come close to making that assertion.
What is known is that specific compounds found in lemons (and other citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruit) known as flavonoids and limonoids may either stop the formation and growth of cancer cells, or will kill them outright. These studies have mainly been conducted on animals and in laboratory conditions using human breast cancer cells.
In Europe, a study was conducted with participants afflicted with various forms of cancer, in which they consumed 150 grams of citrus four or more times a week. The citrus proved effective in decreasing the risks of cancer by significant percentages, with the exception being breast cancer. However, an American study did show a decrease in the risk of breast cancer in participants using the same portions of citrus—so long as they did not previously undergo hormone replacement therapy.
When consuming citrus, it is also important to not just consume the juice, but also the pulp and the peel, and even the seeds when possible. Further research shows that 75 grams of citrus on a daily basis might be the optimal minimum intake for those wishing to reduce the risks of cancer.

How to Add Lemons to Your Daily Diet
Because lemons are very versatile in a wide variety of dishes, it can be very easy to ensure that you have lemon in at least one of your meals each day. At the very least, you can add lemon juice to water and drink a glass of lemon water every day. This ensures that you get a good dose of Vitamin C. However, because the peel of the lemon actually contains a much larger amount of important vitamins than the juice, it is recommended that you find ways to incorporate the peel into your daily diet as well.
One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to either peel a lemon and place the peel in the freezer, or simply freeze a whole lemon. Then you can grate as needed, adding it to salads, soups, fish, chicken, rice, pasta, and many other dishes. You can add it to seltzer, to smoothies and other drinks.
(Courtesy: )

The Effective Antidote
By Theresa Cheung (From Belief-Net)

Did you know the Ancient Egyptians believed that eating lemons and drinking lemon juice was an effective protection against a variety of poisons, and that recent research has confirmed this belief?
There are many health benefits of lemons that have been known for centuries. The two biggest are lemons’ strong antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers and their use as a weight-loss aid because lemon juice is a digestive aid and liver cleanser. Lemons contain many substances--notably citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, and limonene--that promote immunity and fight infection.
These are well-known health facts about lemons. But there’s so much more to this little yellow fruit. Here are 15 that I’ll bet you didn’t know. Whether you use them in the form of juice, teas, drinks, dressing, poultices or in the bath, take advantage of lemons’ natural healing power.

Medical Precautions:  
If you suffer from heartburn, kidney or gall bladder problems or have a citrus allergy consult your doctor before using these remedies or drinking lemon juice. To protect your teeth enamel, wait at least half an hour before brushing your teeth after chewing, drinking or rinsing with lemon juice. Rubbing lemon juice or oil and drinking lemon juice is not suitable for children under the age of 10. Lemons are effective home remedies for a variety of health concerns but in the case of serious illness always consult your doctor first.

Abolish Acne:
Lemon contains citric acid, which can be effective in treating acne. The vitamin C found in citrus fruits is vital for that healthy glowing skin while its alkaline nature kills some types of bacteria known to cause acne. In addition to drinking lemon juice with water first thing in the morning, here are some suggestions on how to prepare a homemade acne treatment using lemon:
o- With your finger or a cotton ball, apply fresh lemon juice on acne and leave it overnight. Wash with water the following morning. There may be an uncomfortable sensation of burning at first, but it will soon disappear.
o- Mix one part of freshly squeezed lemon juice with an equal part of rose or honey water. Put the mixture on affected areas for at least half an hour. Wash it afterwards with water. This application should be repeated twice daily, ideally in the morning and the evening.
Note: these remedies are safe and natural, but if acne is severe or there are open wounds, consult your doctor first.

Research has shown that lemon balm has a calming effect and therefore may be able to help remove fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness, and tension. It is also believed that inhaling lemon oil helps in increasing concentration and alertness. It can therefore be used as a room freshener in offices to increase the efficiency of the employees. If you’re feeling tense sprinkle a few drops of lemon balm essential oil
(Melissa officinalis) on a handkerchief to inhale.

Canker sore:
The proven antibacterial and antiviral properties of lemons can accelerate the healing process in the case of cankers. Mix the juice of freshly squeezed lemon into a glass of lukewarm water and rinse your mouth with this solution; do this three times a day. There may be a burning sensation when the lemon juice comes into contact with the canker, however, the more frequently you use it, the less burning there will be.

Chills and fevers may be due to a variety of causes, but the lemon is always a helpful remedy. Here is a method that can ease symptoms: add the juice of 1 lemon to a cup of hot water with honey and drink at once, then every 2 hours until the fever or chill subsides.

Cold & Flu:
When you have a cold, the healing power of lemons works both internally, by supplying urgently required vitamin C to your defense cells, and externally, through the application of its antiviral properties to the virus on the mucous membranes in the nose and throat.
At the first indication of a cold – a runny nose or sore throat –try to give your body as much immune-boosting vitamin C as you can so that the virus is eliminated before it gets a chance to take hold. Drink the freshly squeezed juice of 1 lemon in a glass of lukewarm water every 2 hours.

Sore throat:
If you have a sore throat, add the juice of 1 lemon and 1 teaspoon (5ml) of sea salt to 1 cup (250ml) lukewarm water. Gargle three times a day for 1 minute to diminish the burning sensation. If it’s a case of tonsillitis, gargle every 2 hours for at least 30 seconds with the freshly squeezed juice of 1 lemon. Tilt the head back to allow the antibacterial and antiviral properties of the juice to flow into the back of the throat. You can swallow the juice when you have finished gargling thereby benefiting from an immune-boosting vitamin C shot.

Corns & Calluses:
Lemon poultices applied overnight are a good home remedy for corns and calluses. Place a slice of lemon approx 5 mm thick on to the corn, bandage and fasten. Dabbing the affected area with lemon essential oil also helps accelerate the healing process. Take care to only use the undiluted oil on the callused area using a cotton ball or Q- tip, as it is too strong for un-callused skin.

If you suffer from skin infection such as eczema, a lemon wrap may offer relief. Add 8 drops of lemon essential oil to 1 cup (250ml) lukewarm water and 1 tablespoon (15ml) of liquid honey. Honey also has anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the healing power of lemon.
Soak a linen cloth in the liquid, squeeze out the excess, and gently place the cloth on the affected area for 15 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day. Not only will this ease the infection, it will counter the overwhelming urge to scratch.

Long distance walkers, world travelers, and explorers look upon the lemon as a Godsend. When fatigue sets in, they might suck lemon juice by piercing the top of the fruit with a straw, giving themselves a quick-acting medicine and a lovely refreshment.
Explorers also use lemon for protection against many infections of the tropics. A small amount of lemon juice will quench thirst more effectively than many times the amount of water. Experienced travelers declare that when they add lemon juice to ordinary drinking water, in various localities, it acts as an antiseptic and prevents illness due to allergy to different water supplies.
Lemon oil also seems to be able to stimulate brain activity so whenever you feel tired for no reason or are finding it hard to focus or concentrate, add 4 drops of lemon oil to a water-filled aromatherapy lamp. Alternatively, drink a glass of lemon water every few hours.

Lemons can help freshen breath that has gone sour after consuming certain spices, alcohol, cigarettes, or that is caused by insufficient salivation. To keep breath fresh, thoroughly rinse your mouth several times a day with the freshly squeezed juice of 1 lemon in a glass of lukewarm water. Chewing on a lemon slice after every meal will also help.

Garlic and onions have been shown to be effective in the fight against hypertension, and they combine well with the healing power of lemon. Add 3 crushed garlic cloves and 1 chopped onion to 1 quart or cold skimmed or low fat milk or soy milk. Slowly bring to the boil and let it stand for 5 minutes. Pour through a sieve and chill. Add the freshly squeezed juice of 3 lemons and sip throughout the day.
And if you suffer from high cholesterol, don’t forget that the pectin power in lemons along with its other metabolism and circulation boosting nutrients can help lower cholesterol.

Bug Bites:
If the stinger is still in the skin, take it out with a pair of tweezers. Massage 1 to 2 drops of lemon oil, mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey, into the skin around the bite.
To repel insects, add 20 drops of lemon oil to 1 cup (250ml) of water and spray into the air. It smells great and repels insects at the same time. Another home remedy is to place a cotton ball soaked in lemon oil in your bedroom. If you are sitting outside in the evening, apply lemon scent to skin areas not covered in clothing. Or, add 10 drops of lemon oil to 1 ½ oz of sunflower oil and rub into the skin.

Several studies have found that lemon balm combined with other calming herbs (such as valerian, hops, and chamomile) helps reduce anxiety and promote sleep. In a recent double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 18 healthy volunteers received two separate single doses of a standardized lemon balm extract (300 mg and 600 mg) or placebo for 7 days. The 600 mg dose of lemon balm increased mood and significantly increased calmness and alertness.

Even though it tastes bitter, lemon juice has a powerful alkaline effect in the body and is therefore a natural agent against excess acid, which is in part responsible for rheumatism. Drink the freshly squeezed juice of 1 lemon in a glass of lukewarm water 3 times a day and if you experience severe pain add the juice of 2 lemons 3 times a day.
Lemon oil has pain-relieving qualities, so to inhibit inflammation and ease pain, massage the affected area daily with several drops of lemon oil mixed with 1 tablespoon (15ml) jojoba oil.

Save Your Stomach:
Drink the juice of 1 freshly squeezed lemon in a glass of lukewarm water after each meal. The lemon acid will stimulate the production of stomach acid and the activity of stomach muscles.

Lemon oil has vessel-strengthening properties that can help fight varicose and spider veins. For spider veins, take 2 to 3 drops of lemon oil every day and mix in a small bowl with jojoba, avocado or almond oil and massage the affected area.
For varicose veins, add 6 drops of lemon oil to 1 ½ oz (50 ml) wheat germ oil, and 2 drops each of cypress and juniper oil. Use this mixture daily for a gentle massage of the legs from bottom to top, in the direction of the heart. For a vein and vessel-rejuvenating bath add 8 drops of lemon oil to a warm bath. Also add 4 drops of cypress oil blended with 1 tablespoon (15ml) of honey. Soak in the bath for 15 minutes and when you come out, pat your skin dry – don’t rub it.

Med-India adds:
Lemons are extremely popular fruits - it is beneficial when had as lemon water, or applied as skin tonic. Its flavor is delectable in desserts and sorbets and its zest is used for cakes and puddings. With summer setting in, beat the heat with cooling freshness of freshly made lemonade.
This citrus fruit is a rich source of vitamin C, minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and proteins and carbohydrates.

Lemon juice in a glass of warm water relieves nausea, heartburn and constipation. It works as tonic and helps the liver produce more bile, it acts as a blood purifier and clears out parasites. Lemon juice increases peristalsis in the bowels, creating bowel movement and alleviating constipation. A bout of hiccups can be relieved by drinking some lemon juice. It is also a diuretic, good for urinary tract infections – flushes out toxins and bacteria.

Lemon juice is great for sore throats and tonsillitis – gargle with warm water after adding a teaspoon of lemon juice to it. For coughs and colds add some honey and warm water and sip. Half a teaspoon of lemon juice with a cup of warm water- before meals is good for asthma.

Lemon juice is a blood purifier as it helps the body to remove toxins. It also has 22 anti cancer compounds; the limonene present in lemon juice slows the growth of cancerous tumors. After radiation and chemotherapy, it removes remnant traces of radiation and purifies the blood. It perks up the immune system and is good as an anti-depressant.

Lemon juice gently massaged on bleeding gums effectively stops bleeding. And also deals with bad breath.

Lemon juice applied on the face for pimples and black heads is a very popular remedy. It can be mixed with some glycerin and used to clear wrinkles and age spots.

Apply lemon juice on oily and greasy oil for shine and luster.

Add lemon juice to vinegar – 1tablespoon in 1 cup – wash fruits and vegetables with this it helps remove traces of pesticides.

Lemons have a high citric acid content that may irritate your stomach, particularly if you have an ulcer. This acid, even if diluted in water, can damage tooth enamel if consumed in large quantities.

22 Anti-Cancer Compounds In Lemon
By Blanche Levine (From: Natural-Health 365)

Lemons peels have an enormous amount of health benefits, including the ability to boost your immune system; lower cholesterol and, even, help to prevent cancer. Often overlooked, lemon peels offer anti-microbial protection against bacterial (and fungal) infections – helping the body to eliminate internal parasites and worms.
Does your conventional oncologist understand nutrition?
Scientists reveal that phyto-nutrients, found in nature, can outperform chemotherapy without the risk of harming the body. We know lemon peels have some compounds that trigger the immune system and have demonstrated its substances can mitigate certain ailments.
For example, modified citrus pectin (MCP) which comes from the pulp and rinds of citrus fruits has been altered to produce shorter sugar chains – making it more easily absorbed by the digestive system and bloodstream. MCP has been found to inhibit the spread of prostate, breast, and skin cancer to other organs.
Why do citrus fruits have so many health benefits?
Limonoids are chemicals, which are found in citrus peels and are responsible for the bitter taste. Limonoids are capable of slowing cancer cell growth and inducing apoptosis (cell suicide). This research was conducted in labs, which have shown that it worked in vitro and on animals.

Lemons contain 22 anti-cancer compounds, including limonene, citrus pectin and flavonol glycosides – which stop cell division in cancer cells.
According to The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) of Australia, citrus fruits pack a powerful punch – reducing the risk of some cancers by 50 percent. These scientists report that citrus fruits are most protective against stomach, mouth, larynx and pharynx cancers.
Whole food nutrition is great for beauty and natural healing. 
Consuming the entire lemon offers the best results. Most of the plant world contains life-giving substances within the skin, seeds, and pulp. In Ayurvedic medicine, lemon peels are used to detoxify the liver. They also stimulate the appetite by encouraging the release of gastric juices, and contain limonene and at least 45 antioxidant flavonoids, pectin and vitamin C – all known for preventing and reversing cancer.

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A new study has shown for the first time how limonoids, natural compounds present in lemons and other citrus fruit, impede both ER+ and ER- breast cancer cell growth. This sheds new light on the importance of citrus fruit for breast cancer prevention and supports past studies which showed fruit consumption may lower breast cancer risk.
Limonoids show cytotoxic and anti-aromatase effects:
For this study, 14 kilograms of dried lemon seeds were powdered and defatted. Nine different limonoids were extracted from the seeds. Seven showed significant cytotoxicity against ER+ breast cancer cells, while four showed cytotoxicity against ER- cells (decreasing growth/viability by as much as 44 percent). Each limonoid was also tested for its ability to induce programmed cell death of the cancer cells (via caspase-7 activation), and one of the most potent was found to be limonin glucoside - which is by far the most abundant limonoid in citrus juices.

The limonoids were also tested for their ability to inhibit aromatase, which is key in limiting the estrogen that ER+ cells can use for growth. All but one of the limonoids proved to be natural aromatase inhibitors, and again, limonin glucoside was at the forefront as the most potent of them all. Thus, limonoids are not only directly toxic to both ER+ and ER- breast cancer cells, but they also work to deprive ER+ cells of the estrogen needed for growth.

Preventing breast cancer is not the only reason to consume citrus limonoids, though. In the lab, limonoids have shown cytotoxicity to colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, neuroblastoma, leukemia, and others. This opens an important question: How much citrus fruit must we consume for meaningful protection from cancer?
Citrus fruit for cancer prevention:
How much is needed?
A recent case-control study out of Europe showed that consuming four or more 150-gram portions per week of citrus fruit decreased the risks of throat cancer by 58 percent, oral/pharyngeal cancer by 53 percent, stomach cancer by 31 percent, and colorectal cancer by 18 percent. This study did not find a protective effect of citrus against breast cancer, but a recent American study did show that women consuming about 75 grams daily of grapefruit (fruit or juice) saw a 22 percent reduction in breast cancer risk if they had never used hormone replacement therapy. It is noteworthy that the protective level of citrus consumption was nearly identical in both these studies (525-600 grams per week) and could be interpreted as a minimum intake level for meaningful cancer protection. However, it's also important to know the best sources of limonoids if they are key to citrus fruit's anti-cancer properties.

Sources of citrus limonoids - Oranges are best!
While the limonoids in the latest study above were taken from lemon seeds, they are also found in the peel, pulp and juice of all citrus fruits. Citrus juices contain approximately 90 to 300 mg per liter of limonoid glucosides (orange juice: 300 mg/l, grapefruit juice: 200 mg/l, lemon or lime juice: 90 mg/l). Citrus pulp and peel contain up to 500mg/kg of limonoids, so if you freshly squeeze your juice, be sure to include as much pulp as possible. Citrus seeds can contain up to two percent by weight of limonoids, with grapefruit seeds being the richest source.

Taken together, these recent studies suggest that women wanting to reduce breast cancer risk should consume at least 75 grams daily of citrus fruit or juice as part of a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle, and that further benefit may be obtained by concentrating on limonoid-rich orange and grapefruit as whole fruit, or pulp-rich juices.
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So which foods pack the most medicinal punch? Which are tops when it comes to healing disease and illness? You have likely heard of them before, here are the top choices:

Top Medicinal Foods
By Christina Sarich (From Natural Society)

Used throughout the ages for its healing properties, like many other foods, ginger has been linked to:
cancer prevention,
anti-inflammatory benefits,
sore throat, and
upset stomach relief, and more.
Perhaps the simplest and quickest way ginger can provide healing benefits is in the treatment of stomach distress including nausea, heartburn, and bloating. The root is easy to incorporate into your cooking, too.
In one study, Suzanna M. Zick, N.D., M.P.H, enrolled 30 patients and randomly assigned them to two grams of ginger root supplements per day or placebo for 28 days. She had astoundingly positive results. Zick commented that:
“We need to apply the same rigor to the sorts of questions about the effect of ginger root that we apply to other clinical trial research. Interest in this is only going to increase as people look for ways to prevent CANCER that are nontoxic, and improve their quality of life in a cost-effective way.”
Ginger has also destroyed ovarian and prostate cancer in other studies.

Garlic is an immune-boosting powerhouse that is widely used in kitchens around the world. Like ginger, studies have linked the root to anti-cancer benefits. Garlic’s anti-cancer powers are so widely accepted that even the National Cancer Institute (generally only aligning with “conventional” cancer treatments) said, “preliminary studies suggest that garlic consumption may reduce the risk of developing several types of cancer, especially cancers of the gastrointestinal tract.”
Garlic is also a powerful antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal agent.

Green Tea
Like garlic and ginger, green tea also has anti-cancer benefits. Additionally, green tea could speed up weight loss, boost heart health, and prevent diabetes as well.
Manuka Honey
Honey derived from bees who feast on the nectar and pollen of manuka flowers has been found to have prolific antibacterial benefits—even working against antibacterial-resistant infections like MRSA. This magical elixir is also able to heal wounds and potentially fight heart disease.

Turmeric (Haldi)
Gaining popularity in the West due in part to its medicinal benefits, turmeric is most often seen in middle-eastern cuisines and folk medicine. It’s tied to blood sugar management, cancer prevention,  oral health, and even treating depression.

These foods pack some of the most healing benefits of any foods in the world, and they are all widely available. You can find several of them at your local grocery store, health food store, or online. Some of them you may even feel like growing yourself. But no matter how you get them, it’s important you research the benefits of these foods and make them a part of your life.